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+ Added more fanaccounts & fancams

+ Added more fancams

Believe it or not, the girls have concluded their first Japan arena tour. The very first arena concert kicked off on the 31st of May in Osaka and after almost two months, the tour is now over. Despite having most of their arena concerts back-to-back, performing over 32 songs at each concert, other schedules on the side, flying back and forth Japan and Korea (as well as Paris at one point), and members falling ill, the girls still held it down and finished their tour successfully. It’s definitely something we have to congratulate and give the girls props for!

Without further ado, let’s talk about their last arena tour concerts in Fukuoka held at the Marinemesse Fukuoka. Notably, the girls’ ‘Genie” and ‘Bad Girl’ performances on Japan’s FujiTV Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ were streamed live at the concert.

It was said that Yoona’s dad and older sister were present in the audience. During the concert, Yoona was not in good physical condition though, but she was still playful. Sooyoung fell off the stage when she was playing around, but she came back up with the help of staffs and said she was okay.
– wow Yoona’s dad and older sister are at the concert today!
– Everyone has gotten better in Japanese. But most of all Yoona.
– There was a yoonyul moment during Fantastic!
– this person I just rted got a handshake from Yoona’s dad (via @snsd_y530)
– OMG the lucky one who got shakehand from yooong’s dad said to yoong’s older sister that she really like yoona TT_TT
– ‘I sat right in front of the central stage. And Yoona’s dad sat in front of me. Because of that I received a lot of fanservice.’ (via @zariga2)
– [Fanaccount] I didn’t really see any Yoontae. During the ending in the middle of the stage passage Yoonyultaeng were making funny faces at the camera. When everyone returned to the center of the stage during Fantastic, Taeyeon was the last one and she hurriedly ran back, she received a smile from Yoona beside her. During My child Yoontae were on the same boat, when Yoona lowered the sail of the boat, at that moment Taeyeon was in front of her, she had a ‘Wa’ pose and smiled at her.
– During the first intro, Yoona discovered an interesting fan and informed Yuri about him. Yuri supressed her laughter and went to the back. She was sneakily talking with Yoona and hitting Yoona.
YoonA was pretty sick during the concert today
SooYoung had a fall today
Sooyoung fell from the stage. Members and audiences were surprised. Staff came from the back to carry her. She came back at the end.
“Sooyoung after falling incident: ‘I’m alright. I was embarrassed so I couldn’t come back. Did you have fun?'”

“Until SY returned, Taeyeon didn’t speak and looked surrpised. When SY returned Taeyeon had teary eyes and approached SY with a happy face.”

‘After Sooyoung came back on stage, Yoona rushed over to her, looked very worried at her and cried.’
‘Yoona’s physical condition today wasn’t good. She coughed a lot and couldn’t drink water in one gulp.’
‘Today Yoona seemed to have a hard time. She had a bad physical condition. During the talk Sica supported her.’ via @kei24_7
Yoona’s condition was bad but she tried hard and smiled. Taeyeon’s tears and smile were lovely. via @yoontaeko
Today at the end of Fantastic there was a Yoonyul moment. Yuri discovered the camera and was playing with it by herself and Yoona joined.
Yuri wore a wig (or extensions) during Run devil Run
They bowed at the end and Yuri stood up too fast receiving cheers from the crowd and she started pushing down her member’s head playfully.cr; kkabbekky
Fanacct from Yuri fan Kei24_7

Taeyeon also on high tension, she was screaming so loud that she shocked Yoona then gave her a derp face look.During Fantastic,Taeyeon intro and told everyone to sing along. Yuri climbed to the top of the stage to dance and she blocked the lyrics!! A lot of tweets about Taeyeon talks about her voice power, how cute she is, how pro and the high level of quality.

– Yoontae moment is at the end!!

cr: Twiteettay

ユナのパパが終演後に握手してくれた★お礼言われた*’ω`)b 大スキと伝えたらお姉ちゃんにもありがとうとといわれた!優しいファミリー♪(*´ω`*)
A Yoona fan got to shake hands with Yoona’s dad at the concert yesterday. ………and took a picture of his hands afterwards apparently…
cr: kevcozha@Soompi

TaeNy cried at the concert and Taeng said sorry because she cried.Taeyeon and Tiffany crying omg.. And TAENG! You don’t have to say sorry for crying..I love you! Just can cry all you want with Fany :D

cr: Chichinhu

[FANACC] Sooyoung fell from the stage because she were just overwhelming fun but she was alright. The staffs also helped to pull her up to finish the performance. Sooyoung was even laughing at herself.

cr: minagallagher

Various fanaccounts of Jessica @ today last Japan tour concert.

1) Sica’s voice is really sexy
2) Sica is very cute! What to do? What to do? Everyone looks like a doll
3) Erm does Sica’s expression even change?
4) Sica look at Sooyoung with a worried look as she saw her falling down infront of her. Sica called the staff over to help Sooyoung up. Sooyoung returned to the stage after that, saying it wasnt embarrassing that she fall of the stage. And secretly knock at Sica who is still worried about her. (SOSHI BOND)
5) Sica looks good in dark hair, pretty! Sooyoung looks energetic and she looks good with her long hair.
6) Sica is the cutest in Soshi.
7) The opening costume is black and Sica’s dance moves are very sharp.
8) To be able to see Sica-sama in real life is such a satisfaction.
9) Sica-ahhhh!!! Cute and beautiful performance. Perfect Bad girl (refering to the “Bad Girl” performance)
10) Sica the most awesome!
11) Really pretty! In SNSD, i support/recommend Sica.
12) I prefer taeyeon, tiffany and sica in a team. seohyun and yoona in a team. i dont know why i classify them like that *laugh*
13) Sica is really amazing! Perfect body, nice voice, charismatic dance. Only sica!
14) Sica’s dark hair! Its being a while! Its really suitable on her! i love blonde sica as well.
15) Everyone is very cute. but i like Sica the most. She got the unique womanly charm that captured people’s attention.
16) So cute! Aya-unnie like who? i like Sica!
17) My son is there screaming “Jessica, Jessica!” (the one who wrote this is a father!)
18) I finally saw it today! Sica, Yoona are really adorable!
19) No matter what, Sica is really cute!
20) Yes! Love sica the most!
21) Its not possible to use just your eyes to watch this musical (owner used musical to define snsd’s concert). Seohyun is very cute. Sica is playing the piano with her lovely voice. Its so touching that i can cry… Everyone work hard to give their best for this 3 hrs long performance.
22) Today Sica is very cool! suave! and cute!
23) Sica’s hair is darker now! Even though blonde hair suits Sica alot, but i prefer her with dark hair.
24) I watched it again. Soshi is cute. Sica is cute.
25) I finally know the name of the girl i like most in SNSD. She is call Jessica. I will know it the next time.
26) I just listen to my fav song “Bad girl”. Sica gives me great motivation/encouragmenet! Sica in “Bad Girl” performance is really captivating.

cr: SNSD baidu, Jessica baidu

The phrasing might be abit weird since i translated it directly from Chinese.

via musicbubbles@Soompi

The camera is being set now for the live performances. Yep! Live from the concert stage! http://yfrog.com/kg2kwzgj

cr: citysone

Fuji TV, Hey*3 has started. They said, #SNSD will appear LIVE later from Fukuoka city. http://ow.ly/5GPBG
Fuji TV Hey*3 said , #SNSD will perform the Genie and Bad Girl medley, and SNSD has just finished their live at Fukuokka. http://ow.ly/5GPPU
#SNSD has just started their performance of Genie and Bad Girl medley. http://ow.ly/5GRnb
“Hey, Hey, Hey, Put it back on!” :D ( #SNSD on Hey*3) http://ow.ly/5GRtV
#SNSD, performing the 2nd song “Bad Girl” on Hey*3. http://ow.ly/5GRB7
#SNSD finished their performance of Genie, Bad Girl medley, but no talk session. (Hey*3) http://ow.ly/5GREI
via @hiros2008


SNSD concert my seat was in front of the center stage! And Yoona’s dad in front of me! Because of that I was happily delusional that I was the one getting the fanservices ~I want to meet Yoona’s dad~ I want to thank him for having the child born in this world~ Lol

And Yoona seemed quite animated Lol Just too cute ~

It was delightful \(^^)/ Yoona was kawaii, and kakkoii! Or every member just awesome (^o^*)

Wawawawa I’m getting curious of Yoona’s sister lol

The young girls in front with Mickey ears, Yoona screamed to them “Kawaii~” and I was jealous ~ Those ears we should try. Should I buy one somewhere and put it on tomorrow

Yoona love~ Her bursting up with wide open mouth is wonderful~ Ah

Hotel now! SNSD concert was really delightful (*^^*) Everyone just too pretty~ Goddessess!!!! And Seohyun and Yoona pair kawaii * And the cheer was awesome when Key and Taemin were on

Because of Yoona I have lost interest in other girls

Yoona the most popular girl~ ~~

Yoona is great ^^ I am yearning to be like Yoona (.- -.) Lol That Yoona icon is kawaii ^^

Sooyoung seemed to have fell from the stage Is she ok Yoona’s condition also seemed not good I’m worried —– tears

But Yoona’s condition wasn’t good today (T_T) She was coughing, she couldn’t drink water in one gulp, she was talking to staff about something out of stage, and she was tapping her hip during the talk [;_;]

After that, when Sooyoung came up on stage Yoona went to her and was seriously worrying for her and I cried watching that [;_;]

In Fukuoka Yoona was crazy popular

I learned the name of the girl in SNSD that I like-. Yoona and Sooyoung * Well but SNSD are younger than me… Oh my [*_*;]

So many people who like Yoona~ !

It was great~ It was most awesomely memorable [ToT] Yoona’s condition seemed a little not too well but she was doing her best

Yoona’s condition wasn’t good (ToT)?? Even then her performances were amazing (ToT)

Ha.. now… I am really so happy. I’m going home now; Yoona Yoona Yoona ~~~~~[;_;]

Yoona is especially too cute. The next tour let’s go with all our might (^0^)

translated by silis7noy2 (posted by prettyoungthing@ssf)

It seems that the girls recorded “Genie” and “Bad Girl” for Hey x3 after their concert and fans had to wait a bit. For the fans who stayed behind for their Hey x3 live performances, the girls performed Gee as an encore (awww!)





(New picture of the girls backstage)
(Fancams uploaded recently but belong to previous arena tour concerts)