The Shoot Out

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Prepare for mind blowing awesomeness in a detailed discussion of the DO’s and DON’Ts of SNSD.  This show is not regularly scheduled for recording but more of a “WHAT’S-HOT-NOW!” segment.  If it’s hot in the streets, chances are we’ll be recording within a day or two, so keep your eyes on the look out for Twitter updates –we could be recording at ANY TIME.

This show is also more explicit than our regular podcasts, so it is not recommended for the sensitive and immature.


Shoot Out [#1+2]

Fiddle Faddle: #1 SNSD’s Acting in Dramas (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly),
#2 HyoYeon in Dancing With The Stars 2 (For Better or Worse?)

Flannel Mouths: #1 plotbunny, catfatcat, Dreadtech, slaVe3, MAEniac
#2 slaVe3, MAEniac

19 thoughts on “The Shoot Out”

  1. Pretty awesome stuff C: SNSD! ^_^

  2. raissa de oliveira pereira said:

    snsd curto muito vcs são otimas ♥:)

  3. Yoona, saranghyeo!! I,m from malaysia,.

  4. luki permadi said:

    yoona…i love u’r face n u’r smile

  5. Cool,I can’t wait ^•^

  6. I Love SNSD said:

    my biggest fan is SeoHyun…………..hi SeoHyun have a nice day with SNSD mambers

  7. Sorry it’s totally off topic but Please vote for TaeTiSeo for Best Aegyo award on!!!!!!

  8. tiffany..i love you!!i’m your big fan..
    please come to malaysia!!

  9. Sylvia T. Velasco said:

    i lo ve you snsd 4ever..i always play ur songs…

  10. AlvinAdath said:

    wish the SNSD’s member can make a birthday wishes for me on this 19th April..huhuhu…but it will be just a dream…:(

  11. Lee Hong Hai said:

    I love SNSD! I hope that they are coming to Singapore for world tour! Not just for the fashion show event! Can’t make it on that day T.T
    Please come to Singapore for world tour SNSD!!!

  12. SNSD!!! I’ll be here waiting for you in Singapore!!! SOOOOOYOUNGGGGG!!! Saranghae!!!

  13. annyoung hanseyo .. snsd .. sarangae

  14. jessica!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. i love jessica she is my fav.

  16. Frances Glei said:

    i really like GIRLS GENERATION but im also super big fan of YOONAH………..

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