If you would like to request for a particular show or clip to be subbed, please check to see if it has been subbed by Soshified or RDRsubs first. We will NOT be subbing videos that have already been hard-subbed by other teams; we believe it would be more beneficial to have as many videos subbed as possible in the soshi-verse for everyone to enjoy.

Please provide the following information for a subbing request:

Additional Information (if applicable):


52 thoughts on “Requests”

  1. soshilover said:

    Show: MBC Come To Play EP 320

    Date: 01.03.11

    thanks 🙂

  2. Show: 1st Official SONE & SNSD Fanmeeting [Audio Only]
    Date: 09.27.10
    Additional Information (if applicable): Umm, this is only an Audio but I think it’s worth subbing coz this is an epic fan meeting of the girls. Lots of hilarious and Soshi Bond moments too (esp. the rolling paper part)

    Full Audio (2hr. 21min.) (Cr. sonefancam@youtube for the DL link)

    • The audio quality of the recording for this fanmeeting is really really bad though (on top of being over 2 hours long voice only)… it’s also at least a couple thousand lines that need to be translated and timed. This would be suicide to even attempt for ANY team… =)

  3. Etilla said:

    I don’t know where else to leave my suggestion specifically related to SKS so here I go, please use a stronger color other than light blue because its hard to read sometimes especially when the videos are light. Maybe a darker blue or something pleeeez. Oh and include the websites name in the beginning, just so its linked back even if someone copies it.

    Feel free to delete after read :]

    • what do you mean include the websites name in the beginning? are you talking about hardsubbing our site name into the video file? ie. by:, etc?

      • Etilla said:

        Yes, hard subbing it at the beginning in case it goes outside of the website. Its like putting your full name on your paper because it already says SKSubs but I don’t think that would bring in more people. Idk my opinion.

  4. forever9 said:

    can i just give you the link to sub or do i have to put the show and date too? this kissing game on starking.
    show: starking
    date: jan 09 2010

    thank you!

  5. forever9 said:

    i’d like to request another clip is that’s okay? i don’t know the episode though. this is when taeyeon was laughing hysterically.
    show: win win

  6. Kenneth said:

    I’m trying to download Tiffany’s subbed Dior CF to my computer, but I keep getting a 403 error, which says I must be logged on to WordPress (which I am) and a member of the blog(which I am too) ;). Any reason why I can’t download this subbed version ? The rest are fine though and easily downloaded. Thanks in advance :D.

  7. Kenneth said:

    Thank you very much for the extremely quick response 😀 😀 😀 !!! 감사합니다. I an one HAPPY SONE now 😉 !

    • JaeCee said:

      Yeah, we thought we could use a direct link to the video we uploaded on the blog, but it appears that we still need to use mediafire hosting for the files. Not a big issue though. Enjoy ! 🙂

  8. Annyeong .
    can you translate when soshi visited
    Chocolate and Meet Seo Hyun’s Mom ?
    Please, i watched it already but it has no sub .
    thanks ..

  9. Chii2 said:

    Can you subbed the show when the Yuri, Jessica and Yoona were at Star King 100201?

    I checked and no one subbed it yet.

  10. i want 100 points out of 100 ep 2 with eng sub link..i kinda lost it….i want to watch it because there is minyul moments!!!

  11. please provide an english subs of this program…its quite an old video but please sub it still…
    nane of show: [100319] SNSD – StarryNight Radio. Part1-6/6
    date: march 19, 2010

    it is a six part video, it was during thier run devil run promotions..
    thank you snsdkorean staff and subbers

  12. heartdestiny said:

    Hello, I would like to request the following MVs:

    Girls’ Generation:

    Baby Baby:

    Way To Go!:

    Sorry about not filling in the form, but I didn’t know how to fill it it.
    I would appreciate it if SKSubs subs these MVs for me.

    Thanks so much! Hwaiting! ~

  13. Any administrator who can put this on the wall please and to disseminate it in any page of SNSD Thanks
    SONES Please, vote for SNSD(Girls’ Generation) on this link, the k-pop fans in Mexico, have called the attention of a popular channel, on May 14 will spend five k-pop groups, to help is to vote for this fact they know who we want to happen, please vote for SNSD is one of the groups to spend on television here in Mexico
    감사합니다 ~ Gamsahamnida! ~ Arigato ~ Thanks ~ Gracias
    Sorry for my English XD

  14. Mr. Potato said:

    Show : Family Outing Season 2 EP 11
    Date : 23 May 2010 / 10-05-23

  15. can u guys sub this plz.

  16. im really dying to watch snsd on starking..i watch some of starking where snsd on it,,but it’s really hurt my brain i can’t understand at all…,????????

  17. I’m dying to pair each of them up with boys on starking!!!!

  18. this is some scans from French magasine “Japan lifeStyle” -> Special South Korea

  19. this is some scans from French magasine “Japan lifeStyle” -> Special South Korea


  20. deniset88 said:

    PLEASE… can you upload all about girls generation phuket dvd with eng sub? Many sone will be thanking you since we didn’t have the ability and chance to buy it yet.. but as sone we will buy it but later…

    • we here at snsdkorean will not put officially licensed materials on our site. we encourage you to help support the girls buy purchasing these products from reputable sellers.

  21. dolph said:

    hi,i wanna request to sub this video clip.. thanks..

  22. purlueable said:

    Show: SBS Dalgona
    Date: 12 September 2011

  23. Did you remove the teaser thingy? why?

  24. oh. sorry I was blind. LoL xD sorry again.

  25. link more clip !! link more clip !! link more clip !!

  26. pechau kute said:

    Girls generatio make you feel the heat Bring the boys out!

  27. show : 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun & 2011 KBS Music Festival
    date : I don’t know :p

    Thanks 😀

  28. I.A.K.M.T said:

    Would you sub Ooh la-la song?Would you sub some SNSD song with eng sub?? “,”

  29. Becki said:

    Show: Mecha Mecha Iketeru
    Date: 12 03 31


    Show: Strong Heart
    Date: 12 04 24

    Thanks ^^

  30. i want ask pict soehyun , taeyeon, sooyoung and yoona that much.. please. #waiting

  31. Stephanie said:

    Can you please sub the episode of seohyun winning the 100 million quiz show? I want to see it sooo bad! 😀 please and thank you

  32. pls.have a concert at PHILIPPINES….

  33. snsd movie
    august 5 2013
    i just want to snsd have a movie like wonder girls about thier lives before they become a group and become as one ……….. i suddenly write a story

  34. I want to have yoona + seohyun snsd’s bb pin please …… or just yoona + seohyun snsd add my pin … My pin is 2769E86B ………………… And please tell me also jessica + tiffany’s bb pin ………….

  35. can you sub Star King ep 200 ??

  36. Show: MBC Radio Star with guest star SNSD
    Date: 2013.01.23

    Thank you so much 😀

  37. devina said:

    may I have your pin bb tiffany & jessica snsd I ♡ u tiffany & jessica

  38. Thao dung said:

    If one day you feel like crying .
    Call Sne girls’ generation…
    We don’t promise…
    That We will make your laugh
    .But We can cry with you .

    If one day you want to run away.
    Don’t be afraid to call us.
    We don’t promise…
    To ask you to stop.
    But we can run with you.

    If one day you don’t want to listen to anyone
    Call Sne unnie…
    We promise to be there for you .
    And we promise to be very quite.

    But if one day you call Us.
    And there is no answer.
    Come fast to see your Sne.
    Perhaps we need you……GIRLS’ GENERATION
    I  you unnie~Answer me please

  39. donster said:

    i dont know if this is a request or a question but can i ask if is there still any chancr that i can watch or download the win win snsd episodes all members, thanks for the help

  40. I echo the sentiments about anhoetr remake. It’s time for new songs SME, 2 remakes was enough to fortify their already strong position. However, I would support whatever the girls are doing, hope they will finally achieve the Oricon #1 Weekly that Gee was not able to do.

  41. Show: MBC FM4U Kim Shinyoung’s Music Party
    Date: I don’t remember the date but it was last year
    Video link:

    Thank you very much 😀

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