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Earlier, the girls held another arena concert at the Saitama Arena that’s said to be fully packed and the pink ocean in the audience was prominent. The Saitama Super Arena, compared to Osaka with a capacity of 16,000, is way bigger with a  capacity of 37.000 people.  You can say the Saitama Arena is double the size.

Despite Sooyoung’s condition from yesterday, her solo stage was still full of energy. It was said though that Jessica and Hyoyeon didn’t seem well.

Jessica cried in the concert. idont know why she has cried #snsd#sone – cr; ssacura32tl: http://tumblr.com/xtp2u2touy

cr: codenametiff@Twitter

‘[FANACC] “SNSD’s live ended. and i enjoyed it. especially Sunny’s~!”
[FANACC] “SNSD’s live is over now. what is that cuteness!” ^^
[FANACC] “I cannot believe it. SNSD is fabulous, see it for yourself”
[FANACC] “SNSD’s concert, more than half are Japanese songs! What surprised me the most was the women’s 60-70s Many were in costumes!”
 mostly J-SONEs praised on Taeyeon’s singing ability in the concert.
cr: Yunie108@Twitter
[Fanaccount] ”SNSD, Saitama Arena – There was a few mistakes by yuri and hyoyeon because they were having too much fun”
cr: xtaeyeonkim@Twitter
sica wasn’t feeling well and looks very pain. Her condition wasnt good and could not continue to sing during the english song part .
she looks like crying during the next song and there was a part where yoona and seohyun have to help on ssica to go on stage
and sica looks like she was about to faint during the second part of the con. Please pray for ssica .
cr.teshikka & 90haz0517@Twitter
Sica is feeling unwell, and had difficulty delivering her solo performance. she cried because she feels bad.
maknae shouted “scream~” during the finale via @Tangpa XD
“Even though all nine members had their own solo performances, Taeyeon and Tiffany’s performance is really good! Maknae’s solo emits a jazz feeling so its cute!”
Sooyoung and Yoona both holding hands coming back and forth. They look so cute together. I like it very much. Sooyoung and Yoona is couple? RT@SJh10SHt18 スヨンちゃんがユナちゃんの肩に手を回したり、スヨンちゃんとユナちゃんが手を繋いでるのを見て、超キュンキュンした♡大好きなんです、スヨンちゃんとユナちゃんのCP←
cr: _shikshin@Twitter

[Fanaccount] Sica’s condition at the concert. “Sica was worried and stumbled over her words. she went off tone when she sings, when she comes near me it’s obvious that she’s crying, her voice seems to be holding back her tears. worried for her.

cr: imwhywhy, ssacura32tl, JKlsunn@Twitter

Today jessica was really2 down from the start,she didnt really smile and was having hard time singing ><
Fany suprised me a lots like for real,her singing was perfect 100% throughout the concert,my friend agreed with me too
Yes, and taeyeon is so amazingly energetic in all performance.full of fire and she seem so happy today^^
There is jeti too,fany tried to cheer up sica while singing loudly to her..i cant remember which song though
Syoo looks pale but then when they were communicate with the audience she seems fine,but her solo perf is full of energy
Taeny is hfudiejdkdidndofj today…i tweet while walking now..later lol
And taeng of course as her usual cool self and just belting out the note,it seem like she avoiding eye contact with fany
And i love how they make ‘love shape’ background for taeny during the LM
Yoona trying so hard to talk in japanese and she stopped syoo when syoo tried to help her lol,but she actually complete the sentence \o/

cr: takochan0903@Twitter

[Translation-Saitama concert TaeYeon Part-2]
10.) came to right side, so close, ended~~TaeYeon’s navel is cute! overall looks gorgeous !! Happy
11.) live is the best! i got no more energy bc of SNSD… TaeYeon is cute (o^^o)
12.) SNSD’s live, Tiffany and TaeYeon sounds so good! Yoona, Soooo cute
13.) TaeYeon waved to us again, the middle part of Gee, at GeeGeeGeeGeeGee or NoNoNoNoNo, waving and fanchant, touched!
14.) So happy, just feel like how i let my daughter watch Johnny’s concert… even at this age, i also fall in it, TaeYeon is delicious.
15.) DAEBAK!! We also love TaeYeon !! keep screaming TaeYeonTaeYeonTaeYeonTaeYeonTaeYeon~~(‘ ‘*)
16.) TaeYeon is really good with the songs, it’s great. Even surrounding is a bit quiet , but TaeYeon’s part…
17.) it’s here, very good…Jesisca cried bc of her voice…consoled her, Tiffany is so cute, TaeYeon’s singing is great…i also love HyoYeon’s stage.
18.) It’s dangerous, deer is dangerous, TaeYeon is dangerous, Tiffany is dangerous, all SNSD member are dangerous!! Now already can’t back to real like! My heard is here.
19.)Into The New World really the best song, TaeYeon is god.
20.) Really so happy!!! TaeYeon’s voice is so good, Tiffany is so cute, Yoona and Seohyun’s style is so good.

*** some of the translation is weird, but some i also ROFL…lol….***


[Translation-Saitama concert TaeYeon Part-last]
21.) It's good that can go SNSD concert!! even till now i still can't really recognize who is who(laugh), but TaeYeon is really amazing (>_<
22.) Went SNSD Saitama concert! Tiffant is Angel! minam TaeYeon is really dangerous.
23.) TaeYeon is so cuts as i imagine, but the cuter than TV is Jessica and SeoHyun! I felt they are angels. Yuri and SooYoung's style is really great!! Overall, SeoHyun is the cutest.
24.) Tiffany and Taeyeon's duet~It's too great(*' '*)!!
25.) TaeYeon's solo is totally amazing, it might be leaker, so i don't say much, it's totally Great!!
26.) I knew a bit about SNSD's TaeYeon(-*-;) before concert i was only like them a bit, but now is totally very jjang!! singing and voice is dangerous...
27.) simply thought, no matter how Tiffany is really cute. TaeYEon's singing ability is really serious(daebak), and it's close.. i wanna go apply again.
28.) TaeYeon and Yuri looks very happy (^ o ^)was shocked by HyoYeon and SeoHun's cuteness...
29.) SNSD is God or Angels!! I'm in love with SeoHyun.. and Tiffany also great... and Yuri is handsome!! TaeYeon's charisma is amazing arh(@' p '@)...
30.) Went for SNSD's live!! The best!! Cute, Pretty, Amazing!!! Song also grat!!! Of course Jessica!!! i'm defeat by TaeYeon and Tiffany!!!

Cr: TYDC, kimtaeyeonbaidu, & kimtaeyeonismin@Twitter

Fanaccount about SNSD’s concert in Osaka

Among the 9 members she is the whitest
her beautiful skin is complete
besides the width of her body is too thin( @_@ )!

Her dress was pretty and her features too.
She really looked like a princess.♪
I got goosebumps from her singing voice and it’s even better than hearing her on TV or CD.

She is too cute and surrounded by a pink aura.♪
She waved at us lots of times.
At the end she did a 90 degrees bow to the fans. I was very moved.

”I’m very happy to meet/see all of you”
her standard phrase is too cute ( ^_^ )
She pointed the mic towards fans and charmingly opened up with bright energy.

She is even thinner than on tv.
Her legs are long and her style is too perfect.
She is so pretty that I have no words for it.

The clothes for her solo perf were sexy and amazing.
Seeing Hyoyeon dancing live is really the best!!

In one word ‘a doll’ (*^_^*)
Her face is small and well-proportioned
her hair glows and her style is great
her smile is too cute
I thought she became the face of SNSD that everyone is proud of.

She is cuter than on tv and more than her 8 unnies.
I understand that Yonghwa fell in love with her!
She is too cute!

And lastly my lovely Yuri unnie

The unnie since Ariake.
That time my seat was far and I could only see Yuri on the monitor. But I can’t believe I could see unnie this close so fast.

There aren’t enough words to describe her, more than seeing her on tv or pictures.
She is cute, pretty and cool.
her style is outstanding and her hair rustles.
she is really really fantastic.

Every time I pointed my camera to her
she made a cute face.
and she said ‘Do you want to go eat takoyaki?’…
each gesture and action made my heart beat faster. (*^_^*) ///


Her solo was the best. Her abs are amazing.

fanaccount source: http://www.dclog.jp/en/4720713/366451537
cr: Kkabbekky@Twitter

Tiffany tour fan accounts
Tiffany, Tae are really cute (^ o ^) /ティファニーがここまでかわいいとは思わなかった
Tiffany was more beautiful than I expectedスヨン ユリ も良かったけど、ティファニーも好きになった(笑)
Yuri and Soo both of them were good ,and also fell in love with Tiffany (laughs)最近ソシのティファニーがものすごく可愛いと思うの(*^^*)あんな風になりたい(*≧∀≦*)
Girls concert was fun. Saitama is the best. Tiffany is the best.ティファニー神だったな♥
Tiffany is Goddessオワッター♪ 良かった♪ ジェシカ声出なくて、泣いていた…。ティファニーは愛らしくて、テヨンの歌もスゴかった…ステージ見られてほんとに、良かった♪
♪ ♪ Jessica was about crying while she was singing …. Tiffany is lovely, her singing, was just amazing … Tae stage seems really goodテヨンとティファニーちょううまかった…
Taeyeon and Tiffany were just like sweet butterfliesティファニー可愛すぎ! ティファニーの魅力が 分かった(„・ω・„)♡
Tiffany is so cute. I found Tiffany charmあー今日の優勝はティファニーです、はい(´∀`)
Today winner is Tiffany! Oh, Yeah!ライブ終わったなう。 ティファニーが可愛かったなう。
The live show ends. Tiffany is lovely.ティファニー可愛すぎてやばかった(>_<)♥楽しかった!!
Tiffany’s cuteness can kill ppl. I’m so happy.うん‼あれはヤバかったぁ~(//∇//)ティパ&ジェシカが可愛かったかな…♡
Yes, it is. That’s why I love Tiffany and Jessica.ユリの愛嬌最高。ずるい!!わたしはティパに惚れました( ̄▽ ̄)きゃわいいいいいいい!
Yuri charm is the best. No Fair. I’m in love with Tiffanyティパの歌声超良い超合ってる!!!
Tiffany voice is so greatテヨンとユリ超楽しそうだった(^〇^)ヒョヨンとソヒョンの可愛さに驚いた。ティパは女神だった。明日もファイティン\()/
It was very happy. Tae and Yul were amazing. Hyoyeon was so cute. Tiffany ゚ was a goddess. Tomorrow 5ting ()/ライヴ終わったーー!少女時代大好き(//∀//)みんな、本当にかわいかった!個人的にはティパとユリ様に惚れました♪
The performances were over. I love SNSD so much. Personally I’m in love with Tiffany and Yuriより好きになったティパほんと可愛い過ぎる!!!!!
Tiffany is so cute that I am in love with her more and moreだからティパかわいすぎや_| ̄|○
I love Tiffany so much. She’s so adorablecr: thestephi translate by @minhnn01432

“SNSD’s concert, more than half are Japanese songs! What surprised me the most was the women’s 60-70s Many were in costumes!”

“Mostly J-SONEs praised on Taeyeon’s singing ability in the concert.”

“Hyoyeon is really beautiful. Sooyoung’s performance was a god! Great!”

“There was a few mistakes by yuri and hyoyeon because they were having too much fun~”

“sica looks like she was about to faint during the second part of the con. Please pray for ssica…”

“maknae shouted “scream~” during the finale.”

“Fany suprised me a lots like for real,her singing was perfect 100% throughout the concert,my friend agreed with me too”

“taeyeon is so amazingly energetic in all performance.full of fire and she seem so happy today^^”

“Taeyeon’s navel is cute!” (OMGOMGOMG)

“sunny pats taeyeon’s butt again” (SunYeon <3)

“Taeny is hfudiejdkdidndofj today…”


[FANACCOUNT] Key & Taemin on SNSD Concert Video (tag: @TAEMINaelogy)


The beginning shows a picture of SNSD on the bottom of a cup. Someone is drinking coffee.

Then, Key’s face. Screams from the audience ㅋㅋㅋ
Posted Image

At the café, Key finds out he won a ticket for SNSD concert and jumps up with joy. Other guys congratulate him ㅋㅋㅋ

After that, Key as SNSD deokku starts to see fantasy. In his eyes, people on streets all look like SNSD.
Posted Image
A mannequin in a show window look like Yoona
Posted Image
A driver in a car looks like Tiffany. He greets the driver passing by.
Posted Image
When he entered a classroom, all the students sitting there look like SNSD.

He makes his cute expression with his hands on his face >ㅂ< Very cute.

Then, he orders bread in a restaurant and eats it in the mode of “Instinct Key”.

When his mouth was smeared with the cream, Tiffany cleans it off with her hankerchief ㅋㅋㅋ
Posted Image
Taeyeon feeds him with a spoon, and Key is so happy he makes the cute expression >ㅂ<

Then next is a scene on the street
Posted Image
Key is walking to the left, and Taemin comes out of a red telephone booth.

Again explosive screams from the audienceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My friend screams like crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Taemin looks around
Posted Image
He is surprised to see SNSD in Mr. Taxi costume ‘ㅇ’

The end.

[Cr to PL´ㅂ`@DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]

June 4th, 2011
At this 3rd live, Sunny seemed a bit tired. Music Station was the day before the live.
I think Sunny smiled lesser than Osaka lives.
Before  6th song, Sunny introduced herself with saying “Saitama!!!! I  realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted to meet you guyssssssss>ω<!!
“As before, Sunny did not speak much, but Sooyoung, Seohyeon, and Yuri often spoke.After introduction, Sunny and Taeyeon put arms around each other’s soulders and sang “Snowy Wish”
She performed perfectly in her solo stage without any mistake.You can check her outfit here.In this live, she mistook at dances sometimes maybe because she was tired..;; during “Bad girl” and “Run Devil Run”However, it was not evident and she pretended nothing happened so well LOL
Sunny patted SNSD members butts so often that I thought butt patting was famous among SNSD!
At “Etude”, she patted Taeyeon’s butt with Tiffany and YoonA’s. “Hahaha  song” started with Sunny’s shouting: “Everybody Say!!!!”, which  heightened audiences’ excitement and made them scream a lot!
During the song, Sunny laughed a lot like “HAHAHA!!” while wrapping her belly around with her hands with Tiffany and Yoona.Finished the song, she threw out hearts a lot, shout out “THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!”, and smiled a lot Before  the last song, Sunny said, “Wow, the happy moment passes toooooo fast”  ,pretended crying with Hyoyeon, and was sorry to say goodbye to SONE.She actually said “Take care yourselves!!!!”, so really cared SONE .
I  was really moved because she danced and sang perfectly and waved and  smiled to fans until the end despite her somewhat bad condition.
Sunny was really provocative too!! the outfit was so so… but the performance was sooooooooo great!!!Maybe you guys will envy a lot if the fancam comes out.. Sunny got along with male dancers a lot aldkjf;laiejr;laiejrOh, I forgot to mention something really important!Sunny consoled Jessica when Jessica cried…. I loooove Sunny’s caring nature ><
Sanny(Sunny’s Japanese name): I think she was the MVP. She made the  arena’s audience united into one with her aegyo and happy and positive  enrgy.
FROM mixi community 「써니시대(ソニシデ)」Master Yunny(@yunny515)&TOTA(@totakyu)
Sunny left the stage because she was not feeling well, until now she hasn’t been back,
credits to @imwhywhy on twitter

“No Sunny’s SOLO…T-T”
credits to @muse1628 on twitter

“Jessica seems really sick… .__. or unconditioned….”
“But God. Jessica still sounded flawless for her solo.”

Sica was actually out of it at first. Hence I did tweet she seemed sick still. She was somehow getting lost in some of her parts at the first few perfs. But she managed to get back on track during and after her solo. ^^ And then I got to see some hyper dorky Sica from then onwards ^^

credits to @minjoo on twitter

Word from people at the Saitama concert is that Taeyeon said Sunny went to the hospital. The concert is continuing with the other 8 members.

via : ssf@twitter

-Sunny went back on stage. She’s crying right now cause she’s sick and can’t perform for us. :(
-So right now the crowd is cheering SUNNY :)-Sunny was crying cause her body isn’t in the best condition ATM and she came back cause she wanted to sing the last song with uscr: minjoo via yurifacts@twitter

[TRANS] Sunny said that she was really apologetic for making SONES worry about her. The members and her fell sick due to the busy schedule, but she is really thankful for SONEs’ supports that gave her strength. Although it is tiring, but she felt happy & grateful to be able to be with J-Sones.

cr: tesshika

And also, Taeyeon said thank you to Sunny. They hugged each other.
cr: chichinhu
[TRANS] ‘I’m not the only one with a bad condition, so I’m sorry for going away in the middle’ – sunny
cr: kkabbekky
(Thanks to ruraldaze for the tip)

Sunny left since the beginning of Etude perf

from Tangpa’ fanacc she said this is the first time she saw maknae cried a lot like that

Seohyun cried a lot while singing Fantastic.

cr: Chichinhu@Twitter

There were no changes to the set list except for sunny solo Sunny came back and finished last song, all the girls cried (via @kibos9).

cr: tchouk2musik@Twitter

At the end of Oh perf there were only 6 persons left. And later when they came back there were 8. In the mid of encore Tae said Sunny was in hospital due to bad condition. But will be back to join the last song. The solos/perf continued but the excitement of members were less.

cr: risse9@Twitter

@Chichinhu it says something like the members were surrounding Sunny who was standing their without dancing and sang Fantasy

cr: jamieluvsosi@Twitter

Summary of Sunny’s incident today:

When the concert just started, people did not notice anything weird, until when the girls started their self introduction, sones noticed that Sunny was not as bright. And from Etude onwards, Sunny never appeared on the stage, her solo stage was also cancelled.

No one knew what happened to Sunny, until towards the end of the concert, Taeyeon told everyone that Sunny went to the hospital.

Yet after that Sunny suddenly appeared on the stage, she was still wearing the outfit they used for the first stage. She kept apologising to everyone, saying that “Sorry for making everyone worried for me, because I’m not the only one who’s not feeling well due to the busy schedule, but thank you everyone for giving us support and energy.”

She also said that “I’m not the only one who’s sick in SNSD, but I left the stage halfway, I’m so sorry! I went to the hospital for some infusion just now.”, and she continued apologising.

And then Taeyeon cried, Seohyun also cried. Taeyeon also hugged Sunny and said thank you. Everyone shouted “Sunny” to cheer her up.

Seohyun also said, “Having a tour concert has been our goal and dream, because of you we’re able to let it come true within a short period of time, thank you!”

It left with the last song – fantastic. Sunny really sang along, but all nine girls cried hard while singing. Seohyun cried especially hard, she even hugged Sunny all of a sudden, while Sica helped Sunny wipe away her tears.

After the concert ended, no one left. Everyone shouted “So nyuh shi dae”, waving their lightsticks. And this lasted for some times before everyone left.

Japanese Sones all commented that they feel proud knowing SNSD, at the end of the concert.

Cr: SNSD Baidu Bar fenfen_93
Translate: @imwhywhy

Rocker Taeng anyone?
(Not sure if this is from the Saitama Arena or Osaka, but I’ll leave it in this post for now)
(Thanks to Suz  for tip)
everyone rock with me, take it in all right
get hype! jump! let’s party all night
i know we the one to make you super crazy
wanna be your genie more than one night
watchin’ me, feelin’ me, callin’ my name
i just want you and me to feel the same
come on and move it put your hands up in the air
everybody lose control and hands up in the air

The girls still have another concert to hold tomorrow at the Saitama Arena. After that, they have to head to Paris for the 2 SM TOWN concerts on the 10th and 11th. Let’s pray that they’ll take care of themselves and get enough rest.


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