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Because I love that picture so much..

Apart from a highly anticipated release of Mr. Taxi, the girls will also be having their first nationwide tour in Japan this coming May! It’ll be called “the 1st Japan Arena Tour” taking place in 4 different cities, with a total of 7 concerts. It kicks off on the 18th of May, starting in Tokyo then Osaka, Nagoya, and finally Fukuoka!

Talk about making big moves for the girls 🙂 So who’s going to be going? It’s a shame I live so far away or I’d go..or if I owned my own jet I’d go to every single one. Oh well. Anyway, if you do plan on going, here’s some old posts to get you excited for the upcoming tour!

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JP 1st Arena Tour Concert – detailed information. (reservation is available from 3/11)

2011/05/18 (Wed) ~ 19 (Thu)
도쿄 – 국립 요요기 경기장 제1체육관
東京 – 国立代々木競技場第1体育館
Tokyo – 1st Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium


2011/05/21 (Sat) ~ 22 (Sun)
아이치ㆍ나고야 – 일본 가이시홀
愛知・名古屋 – 日本ガイシホール
AichiㆍNagoya – Nippon Gaishi Hall


2011/05/24 (Tue) ~ 25 (Wed)
오사카 – 오사카성 홀
大阪 – 大阪城ホール
Osaka – Osaka-jo Hall


2011/05/28 (Sat)
후쿠오카 – 마린멧세 후쿠오카
福岡 – マリンメッセ福岡
Fukuoka – Marinemesse Fukuoka


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