SK Subs Guide

SKsubs was started on a whim in February of 2011 as a side project for snsdkorean. The subbing team is comprised of our current writers on the blog, in addition to a couple of new family members for this new endeavor. We will be English-subbing Korean shows, interviews, clips, etc. that feature Girls’ Generation at our discretion.

If you would like to request a certain show, please comment on the requests page and we will consider it based on our availability and constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions


Subbed Video Index:

Videos are sorted by the date they were broadcasted.


110222.E-Ma Press Conference

110227.Dior UV CFs


100209.Taeyeon Win Win Cut






[MV] Into The New World

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will your next release be?

We will release our shows when we are done subbing it, no release dates will be given prior.

How do I play videos that were split into multiple parts?

Please join the downloaded files together with HJsplit first in order to play the video on your computer.

What is the video quality on your site?

The video player on our blog runs at 720p. This is more than enough for most videos. If you would like the 1080p version of a video that comes in that quality, please download the subbed version and play it on your computer.

I’m interested in joining the team, how do I apply?

Please submit an application here.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated nor associated with ‘Girls’ Generation’ (also known as ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae’ or ‘SNSD’), SM Entertainment, Broadcasting and/or Radio Stations, Stadiums, Advertising Agencies, etc. that hold rights to the original videos. All clips are property of their respective owners, and we do not benefit materially nor monetarily from our subbed works. The rights to the subbed translations however, are reserved by