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Q: Do any of the members have twitter accounts?
A: No. and No.

Q: Do any of the members have facebook or myspace?
A: No. However, you may want to check out SNSD’s official facebook page.

Q: When will SNSD come to *insert country name*? Can you ask them to come?
A: We report most (if not all) of Soshi’s activities, including those outside of Korea. If we have not posted about it, then we don’t know. Unfortunately, we do not have Soshi’s contact information, so we are unable to ask them to visit your country.

Q: Where can I buy SNSD goodies in *insert country name here*? How about Online?
A: We can’t give specifics as to where you can buy them in  your country unless we happen to be in the same country. Otherwise, online ordering seems to be pretty universal.

The following are known to be reputable online sellers of Official Girls’ Generation merchandise:

*We are not affiliated with the above sellers in any way, and are not responsible for issues with your purchases.

Q: Can you promote my project?
A: We generally don’t promote fan projects because it would be unfair to those that we don’t post about if we pick and choose. It also wouldn’t be ideal for us to promote everything that comes our way because that’s not what we’re here for. On occasion, we will make posts about the results of notable & unique fan projects/movements (ie. soshivn), but very seldom will promote the participation of them (whether it be donation or otherwise).

Q: Can you promote my website/blog/forum?
A: Again, this is not done very often due to fairness. You can, however, request for affiliation.

Q: Is snsdkorean biased?
A: Yes. We are SNSD biased.

Q: Can we affiliate/exchange links?
A: That depends… drop us a comment below with the following and we’ll take a look. 😉

Website name:
Short description:

We have chosen not to use affiliate buttons/banners for a cleaner look, but you can be assured that your link will be visible on every page due to its position in the sidebar (instead of only on an affiliates page). Please link us back with your choice of a text link or button:

Q: I keep getting e-mails from your site, how do I unsubscribe?
A: There should be a link at the bottom of the e-mail that leads to an unsubscribe page. Click it!

Q: I’ve submitted a question through the contact form, why haven’t I received a reply yet?
A: Your question was likely answered in the FAQs above, or along the lines of ‘I love SNSD, please give me Taeyeon’s number’. If not, then please check your spam filter!

1478 thoughts on “Questions/Comments”

  1. OMG This CF is so amazing!! 🙂

    Please make a post about this!

    • Sandra said:

      Hyoyeon was casted with Jessica.She trained for 7 years too o.O
      And how can yoona train 7 years when she started in 2002?

  2. Website name: Girls’ Generation Forever
    Short description: We are an International Fanbase of Girls’ Generation.

  3. Tenshik.tama said:

    Can you add a “Discography” tab and update the sochitionary please?

  4. Stella said:

    Where can i buy snsd goodies in Hong Kong?

  5. KpopRule1 said:

    Please post about this
    check out US youtube go to music charts and put this month TTS- Twinkle is at 8 and 25

  6. are snsd coming to australia

  7. Please vote SNSD on Let’s go SONES! Our time to represent SNSD’s fans! Please make a post about this, so we can unite and lead SNSD to another victory!

  8. Cindy said:

  9. LoveYoona said:

    Hi. I just wanna ask what does yoona do this days cause i think she’s not active like other snsd members. I just wanna see her again in a program or in a magazine cover. Thank you!

  10. Cindy said:

  11. Sunnybias said:

    I caught wind this was the place to give feed back to the staffers. In any case, I feel the quality of post should increase, on a scale from “Fox News reports” to “balls deep, hard hitting facts” I’d slot you guys in at “The Young Turks filler content”. What the posts are about (Girls generation) is an excellent topic, but the delivery could use a little oomf. Fill it with energy!! Flapjack has the spark some times (props), but every time one sits down to right an article step back and think. How can I BRING IT today? Get the energy flowing, and fill your content with some quality spirit.

  12. Website name: SNSDaily
    Short description: we spread SNSD fever among the world.

  13. Random comment/suggestion.

    Have you guys ever considered writing more “original” articles. By that I mean instead of just reporting the news, discuss, analyze, and offer opinions on it or like some of the other original features here, just write something fresh that we can’t read anywhere else. Although news is certainly appreciated, I can find that everywhere – soshified, akp (despite misleading titles), etc. It would be cool to have something unique to this site if you know what I mean.

    • Anna Bananaz said:

      They do have ‘original’ articles. Check out articles under the ‘Featured’ tab! Cheers.

    • Seems I’m not the only one who noticed this. Happened a while back.At first I thughot she was just tired from doing the musical since I think it started during her involvement in CMIYC, but a week has already passed after her last casting and she’s still . like that.I have yet to see the latest ep. of IY.Is she still looking a bit down in that ep.?Hopefully she’ll overcome whatever it is making her like that.

  14. crystal said:

    hi, do you know how i can give snsd gifts while staying in korea for a couple of days? im going on around november and i wanted to give the gifts then. is there anyway possible to give it to them personally? if not personally then is it possible to go to the sm entertainment building and give it to the staff there so they could forward them to snsd? there is probably going to be a fansign in japan for their new album and im going to stay there for a couple of days as well. but there is only a small chance of being able to attend and im not sure if they are going to have a fan sign while im there. please help with this question 🙂

  15. First of all, this is a great site. For a new fan, this has been incredibly informative!

    Secondly, others have probably asked this question, but I didn’t wish to scroll through ten whole pages of comments! I was wondering, is there an official address for fans to send letters to the SNSD members? Do most just mail it to the SM company and address it to the group?

  16. DEWI FIELDIANA said:

    when did snsd come to indonesia???

  17. Nicole said:

    When snsd coming to Malaysia , I want their signature please!!! I begggg you!!!

  18. Anggi said:

    can i get the management’s of SNSD contact person/number? I’m from Indonesia, and I’ll build a new product which I’m interest SNSD for my brand ambassador.. And I need to know the procedure..

  19. hey guys, i just found this link/website showing taeyeon’s sister, hayeon. hahaha very cute! thought maybe you guys want to share this out XD

    they look so identical! cuteeeeeeeeee!

    • I thought the same thing, that she was tired from doing the muacisl, but that is over now.Yes, she is still looking down in the latest episode of IY. She looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.I am used to seeing her as a ball of energy, and she is just not that right now. I do hope everything is ok with her.

  20. Website name: Ultimate Exo
    Short description: Ultimate Exo, An English speaking, International blog dedicated to SM Entertainment’s boy group, Exo. Twitter turned blog ^^ Since 12.26.11
    I’ve added you to our affiliate list 🙂

  21. Website name: SOSHI Kingdom (SSK)
    Short description: SONEs’ Party Central!

  22. christine said:

    no, don’t give up !! i need you to perform in indonesia — i love snsd , forget about cherry bell!! just perform well

  23. My cousin was in Korea a few weeks ago, I told her I was a fan of Girls Generation (Snsd). She said she would buy me a poster of Snsd.
    But when she came back she brought me a calendar instead of a poster.
    Then she said she checked all the stores near where she lives but no poster.
    Yoona , Yuri and Seohyun are the best!

  24. Anonymous said:

  25. Taeyeon! I have a friend who’s birthday is in December, and the reason why I’m saying it so early is because I hope you could see this before then! 🙂 In the case that a miracle happens and you could reply, is there any any anyyy way that you could maybe take time out of your busy schedule to sign a small birthday card?! He’s loved all you guys since forever (literally) and he’s such an important friend and since I live in California it’s kind of hard to get authentic SNSD merchandise. This is the biggest present I’m trying to give him! Pleeeeeeease consider!! Love from CA ♡ ♡ ♡

  26. Regarding the definition of Taengoo. The nickname came from Taeyeon herself. In one of Oh! Music video making interview, she said that one of her nickname is Taengoo because Taeng is her nickname and goo/gu means 9. She is the leader of a 9 member girl group so together the nickname is Taengoo. I think the vid is still floating around. Just a little info if your are interested to know ^__^

    Kpop Profiles
    Site designed to show information on the top Kpop groups and descriptions on each member.

  28. Anonymous said:

  29. Yoomin309 said:

    What happened? Why have you stopped posting? 😦

  30. kimsongyoon said:

    hey yoona do u play twitter
    i want to play with you

  31. kimsongyoon said:

    don’t have any comment i want to ask yoona do you love luhan i want you two is best couple

  32. kimsongyoon said:

    I love yoona than member in group

  33. Anonymous said:

    snsd lover, 소녀 시대의 연인, snsdlover daily update, fresh snsd – new content everyday

  34. snsd lover, 소녀 시대의 연인, snsdlover daily update, fresh snsd – new content everyday

  35. Why Snsd Cannot Visit Our Country?

  36. …wish snsd never break. no matter what. still fight.! and stand forever.!
    like jessica’s said.”fight first. do your best. before give up.”
    i agree to her. she’s right nothing hard when you tried. ..when you loss at the end, you can’t blame your self, cause you tried to win in the beginning. we know all of us have limited strength.
    so i ask you to believe her at last . take this jiss’s quote as her remembrance to SNSD. she’s still cares to GG. accurdingly to her,she does’t care when she no longer be a member of SNSD. it’s does’t enough reason to her to stop supporting girls’ generation. she will always supporting SNSD till the end… i’m sure, for her, in her heart she’s always be a part of girls’ generation(SNSD) forever.

  37. Sandra said:

    Hyoyeon was casted with Jessica in 2000.She trained for 7 years too o.O
    And how can Yoona train 7 years when she started in 2002?

  38. Rathy kaH said:

    Hyyyy GG… I’m Rathy kah from India….I juz want to see ur performnz in live buddies.. could u plzzzzzzzzz com to INDIA.. Bcz here, all the girls are very big fans of you guyzzzz… including mee…plzz com.. we r juz waiting…. luv u chinguuu…

  39. Hello.
    I am inquiring if you know if Girls Generation do autograph requests?
    My boyfriend is a huge fan and follows everything the girls do together and separately.
    I know their music helped him through some difficult times and it would mean the world to him to have a personalised message from them now that he’s better.
    Thank you very much.

  40. taylor said:

    When did yuri start yoga?

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