It’s been reported that Sooyoung had a fever during Music Station yesterday and had to go to the hospital.

A person who knows Sooyoung used her account on itsyou-sy.com today and said that she got a 38 degrees fever yesterday during Music Station. That person also mentioned that the girls are tired and asked everyone to cheer for them so they can have more energy on stage. They will have 2 more concerts today and tomorrow in Japan.

Sooyoung had to go to the hospital because of the fever, but she still has concerts today and tomorrow. Let’s pray for her! #getwellsooyoung

[Quoted from Soshified@Twitter]

It’s heartbreaking to hear the news. With their tightly schedules packed due to the arena tour and ‘SM TOWN 2011 in Paris‘ next week, I seriously hope Sooyoung gets well soon and for the girls to take care of themselves. If you have a twitter, help trend #getwellsooyoung! I can’t believe they have another concert to hold tomorrow and the 5th at  the Saitama Super Arena.

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