SNSD Korean, also known as SK Entertainment, is a Girls’ Generation/소녀시대 (So Nyuh Shi Dae) fansite founded in early 2008 by Boss Lady (Cindy). Like many websites, this blog had a slow start for the first few months, with all content being posted by Boss Lady alone. With additional staff eventually being hired, SNSD Korean started to write its own articles and has since grown to become home to thousands of fans worldwide.

Below, you will find profiles of all the staff members that make or have made SNSD Korean what it is today. To apply to join the family, please fill in the form here.

catfatcat [ Cat ]
Australia; July 2011
From High School Girls to Definitive Women

Crazy51 [ Crazy51 ] soshiland; April 2009

Dreadtech [ Darren ]
Australia; March 2010
Pieces of 9: Tiffany, Seohyun, Jessica, Taeyeon

enneaangelous [ Abie ] Sydney, Australia; March 2011
3 Years Baby~ Twitter

ferrerorocher9 [ Joyce ]
Massachusetts, USA; April 2009
You Were Born To Be Loved, Kim Taeyeon Twitter| Youtube

FrozenArctic [ Michelle ] Montreal, Canada; July 2011
We Are But A Breath Twitter

FunkyFlapjacks [ Mike C ]
Liverpool, UK; April 2012
The Adventures of a S❤NE YouTube 1| Youtube 2

greeentee [ Lawrence ]
Calgary, Canada; March 2010
Through Thick, Thin, and Tangents

Herr0 [ Herr0 ] soshiland; July 2010
SnsdKorean Research Institute: Sooyoung

JaeCee [ Jae ] soshiland; January 2011

janeberryblue [ Jane ]
soshiland; December 2010

julayyy [ Julie ]
soshiland; April 2009

Kenneth [ Kenneth ]
Singapore; May 2011
The Rise of Tiffany Hwang Mi-Young – from “Mushroom” to “Angel”

MAEniac [ Mae ]
San Diego, California/R.O.K.; March 2010
SK’s Interview w/ Taeng’s Mama: (P1) (P2) Formspring | Youtube

mikechi [ Mike ]
Brisbane, Australia; December 2010
Shik Sa Shi Dae Twitter

MintChoc [ Nat ]
Australia; December 2010
The Way of the Kwon Tumblr 

nukem384 [ Darrell ]
California, USA; July 2011
 Goguma Couple – A Reflection Twitter

plotbunny [ Lauren ]
East Coast USA; December 2010

Procrastinatoress [ Proctie ]
soshiland; March2010

Rix [ Eric ]
soshiland; December 2012
I SNSD. Twitter

sLaVe [ Maria ]
soshiland; June 2008

SooFany [ Anna ]
soshiland; April 2009

steve [ Steve ]
Toronto, Canada; July 2011
Running a Paved Road – My Journey as a Sone Twitter

Former SNSD Korean Staff:

  • AnnaBananaz
  • Arc
  • Boss Lady
  • Elle
  • itsjay
  • ruraldaze
  • SilentArchangel
  • SoshiSooRi
  • snsdpro
  • taengoochingoo
  • ThatOneZombie
  • tdxiang
  • zheming
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