Here at the Soshicast we don’t just spazz about the girls in a live recording; we challenge the direction in which ways the girls will end up.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, but we give it to you straight with no bullsh–!

If we don’t like what’s going on in the world of Soshi here’s the place to cry vent about it.  Listen to us ramble about soshi topics and perform aegyo that’ll make your toes curl up!

**Podcasts are recommended only for mature audiences due to strong language and content**

Help us out with suggestions and comments in the latest podcast post; we’re also hoping to find ways to integrate some of our listeners in the future!

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Soshicast [#26] – 13/04/20

Topics: Sica’s bday, Running Man, Instagram, Tokyo
Members: woo&sue, stesteste, MAEniac, nukem384

Soshicast [#25] – 13/01/15

Topics: I Got A Boy Album/Concept/EVERYTHING Dissection
Members: Dreadtech, stesteste, plotbunny, MAEniac, nukem384


Soshicast [#24] – 12/08/19

Cussing, fandoms bashing, politics, cussing, S.K. drinking games, cussing, SMTown Seoul
Members: Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, MAEniac, slave303, Vansoshi

Soshicast [#23] – ??/??/??

Topics: M?????G PODCAST
Members: D????????, s????????, p????????, M??????

Soshicast [#22] – 12/07/11

Topics: Paparazzi, Hyoyeon’s fall, SMTown, IY1 cameos on IY2
Members: stesteste, plotbunny, Vansoshi

Soshicast [#21] – 12/06/05

Topics: HyoYeon #1 in DWTS2. Sica’s baseball fail, TaeTiSeo Album Staffer Review, S.M. Town L.A., Google Controversy, Sunny’s Musical
Members: Dreadtech, stesteste, plotbunny, MAEniac

Soshicast [#20] – 12/04/30

Topics: Pre-TaeTiSeo Album Release, Ideal subgroups, Awkward EXO, HyoYeon Dancing with the Stars 2 Debut, TaeNY Pwnage, The Shoot Out Spin-off
Members: Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, plotbunny, MAEniac

Soshicast [#19] – 12/11/04

Topics: SNSD sucking face, Time Machine MV, our fake FB pages, The End of SNSD Members: Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, plotbunny, MAEniac

Soshicast [#18] – 12/03/05

Topics: MC Shi Dae, Soshi Dramas, Global Takeover
Members: Catfatcat, Dreadtech, FrozenArctic, Plotbunny, Nukem384, stesteste

Soshicast [#17] – 12/01/28

Topics: Award wins at the end of 2011, “The Boys” International release, Japan ventures, Soshi in NYC!!!, the myriad of tv shows and upcoming dramas, and almost forgetting the HK Concert
Members: Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, plotbunny


Soshicast [#16] – 11/12/30

Topics: Solo Concert Singapore, The Boys remixes, The Boys US album release, Japanese holiday photobook, SMTown Winter Album, End of the year award shows,  Acting debuts of the girls, Invincible Youth, SNSD and the Dangerous Boys, Winter Show on MBC
Members: MAEniac, nukem384, stesteste
Special Guest: Dylan from YT channel “TheChannelofDylan”

Soshicast [#015] – 11/12/03

Topics MAMAwards doth riggeth, TV Show recaps –I.Y., Star Theater, Dangerous Boys pre-production, Australia K-Pop concert, FAME review (without Tiffany starring)
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, jaecee, catfatcat

Soshicast [#014] – 11/10/29

Topics SNSDKorean Staffers @ SMTown NYC, Running Man Results (HAHA! 3 to 1 odds), The Boys Album Staffers’ Review, Comeback Performances, Invincible Youth 2, Sexiest Staffer Poll, Australia K-Pop Fest
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, nukem384, stesteste, Mikechi, ferrerorocher9, plotbunny, frozenarctic

Soshicast [#013] – 11/09/24

TopicsWonder Girls vs SNSD rivalry face-off, Running Man bets –Green (1) vs Black (3) Team, SNSD Dating, SNSDKorean Staffers will be at the upcoming concerts
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, frozenarctic, stesteste, Mikechi

Soshicast [#012] – 11/08/05

Topics: MAEniac’s concert fan account, Anniversary Edition, Tiffany’s birthday, Backwards Beat Game, New Staff Aegyo Corner
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, MintChoc, greeentee, frozenarctic, nukem384, stesteste, catfatcat, Kenneth, VanSoshi

Soshicast [#011] – 11/06/30

TopicsTaeNy/JeTi argument, SNSD LIPSYNCING?!, next month’s BIG exclusive
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, MintChoc, Mikechi

Soshicast [#010] – 11/05/28

TopicsCaribbean Bay, Yuri’s Body (헐!),  Japanese Album, SNSD Upcoming Concerts! (YARRRR)
Members: MAEniac, Dreadtech, MintChoc, Mikechi

Soshicast [#009] – 11/04/23
Sunny’s a Boss, SNSDKorean Kidnappings, Goobne disappointments, Boss Lady 
MAEniac, Dreadtech, MintChoc

Soshicast [#008] – 11/02/20
The Beginning, ANNIVERSARY!, staff applications, Justin Beiber, sandwiches.
MAEniac, Dreadtech, greeentee, ferrerorocher9, Mikechi, herro, plotbunny, Boss Lady, MintChoc

Soshicast [#007] – 11/01/25
: Visual Dreams MV, Intel Conference, Japanese RDR, What Japan means to Soshi, Why all the remakes for Japan?, Blog stuff for the end of January, Seoul Music awards, Soshi slowing down?
tdxiang, Dreadtech, Maeniac, Mikechi, greeentee, Annabananaz, MintChoc
Special Guest:


Soshicast [#006] – 10/12/25
Maeniac’s trip to Taeyeon’s parents’ store in Jeonju
Maeniac, Dreadtech, tdxiang

Soshicast [#005] – 10/11/01
Hoot 3rd Mini Album/Performances Review, HyoYeon Discussion, WGM Fantasy couples, Aegyo Corner, SNSDKorean exclusive
Maeniac, Dreadtech, Boss Lady, herro, greeentee

Soshicast [#004] 10/10/11
Japanese Gee, Jessica’s single (Sweet Delight), Tiffany’s single (Ring), WGM, Daum
Dreadtech, Boss Lady, SilentArchAngel, herro, greeentee

Soshicast [#003] – 10/08/05
SM Town LA, IY, YuTi MuCore, WGM, SeoKyu duet, Japanese/3D Genie, Despicable Me, SK anniversary content, SNSD message to fans
Maeniac, Dreadtech, tdxiang, Ruraldaze, Boss Lady

Soshicast [#002] – 10/07/17
Domino’s commercial, Despicable Me, Tiffany’s puffy cheeks, Dandyu on chinchin, SM Town LA, Soshi Japan, WGM, Yoong’s graduation
Dreadtech, Boss Lady, Maeniac, ferrerorocher9

Soshicast [#001] – 10/06/26
SNSD going to Japan, Seohyun’s Birthday & solo song, Soshi’s vacations, FO2, Japan DVD, Mubank half year, WGM
Dreadtech, Ruraldaze, Boss Lady, Maeniac