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[Lastest rumors: “Yoona will endorse a new clothing brand named “Eider Korea” which is a French premium outdoors wear”; cr:yoongislove@Twitter // “Yoona and Lee Minho will be co- models for outdoor brand Eider Korea”; cr: chichinhu@Twitter]

Wanted to fit everything in the first post, but it just got media heavy again. Here’s part II. Remember to check part I for the latest update though.

According to chichinhu on twitter, there were about 50,000 audiences for the two concerts at Saitama.

To those curious about Sunny’s condition yesterday, according to Soshified, Sunny reportedly collapsed due to fatigue during one of the girls’ performance and was rushed to the hospital. Before the encore stage, Sunny was able to return and apologized to the fans.

 “I’m sorry you had to worry about me,” while breaking down in tears; SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “Sunny was not in a good condition before the show, but there is no influence on future events.”

[Quoted from Soshified]

Now that the girls have finished their tour at the Saitama Super Arena, they have some time to rest up before they head to Paris for the 2 SM Town concerts and before the next arena concert in Japan. Reports say that the girls have actually landed in Korea earlier today.

▶ Osaka @ Osaka-jo Hall
May 31st – 06:30PM
June 1st – 06:30PM
▶ Saitama @ Saitama Super Arena
June 4th – 05:00PM
June 5th – 04:00PM
▶ Tokyo @ 1st Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium
June 17th – 06:30PM
June 18th – 05:00PM
June 28th – 06:30PM (X)
June 29th – 06:30PM (X)
▶ Hiroshima @ Hiroshima Green Arena
July 2nd – 05:00PM
July 3rd – 04:00PM (X)
▶ Nagoya @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
July 6th – 06:30PM
July 7th – 06:30PM
▶ Fukuoka @ Marinemesse Fukuoka
July 17th – 07:00PM
July 18th – 04:00PM (X)

(X): additional concerts
(schedules could change or can be added more)

Cr: mossy@Soompi, DC, Sosiz



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