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Now that the girls’ Japan Arena Tour has begun to kick off, I bet everyone is wicked curious about what went on at the first Japan arena concert and whether some of the rumors were true…..Well, brace yourselves….because THEY WERE!

Hit the jump for the details! Beware though, if you have a light heart. Reading the details may cause symptoms including mild to extreme jealously and spazz (jk LOL)~

Fan-taken pictures prior to the concert:

(The arena)

(Concert goods sold)

(The arena itself)


The Songlist –

(Another view)


[Fanaccount] The skinship of solo stage either soshi lay on male dancer back, sat on their lap, or like the most basic, touching waist…!

[Fanaccount] Jessica give TaeYeon a flying kiss….and TaeYeon very happy…she looks so cute….

[Fanaccount] Taeyeon and Yoona splashing water to each other…
like how they playing in SMTown concertz!!
cr: kimtaeyeonismin

“Jessica looked a bit delicate so I was worried but she was totally spirited from the start ke She was glowing during Naengmyun (laugh)”

“Sica-sama seems to have an image of having a small singing voice but I thought wrong ke”

cr: nincomboob


cr: sayyeongwonhi@tumblr.

I’ll give my impression on everyone seperately. Taeyeon got the loudest cheers. She is very lovely and even though she is short she has a powerful voice. Becuz of that everyone likes her. 2 guys next next to me went crazy for taeyeon. I got flying kisses from Sica and Taeyeon got excited and sprinkled us with water. It was too cute.

“The girls are really beautiful….I feel like crying.
Yoona is really beautiful, especially during solo. It’s too overwhelming, i cried.
Yoonyul accidentally knock into each other, they are so cute!!! no words can
describe this feeling!! Soshi Jjang! Yoong is the best!”
cr: shikshin@twitter


Awesomeness. pure. awesomeness. My rant continues about the experience below (bloopers included)


In terms of goodies, I bought a white t-shirt, tour pamflet, and sports towel. Got a clear folder (photos from Lipton CF), and pen light.

I dunno what to start from so I’m just gonna list what I remember:

– I cracked up in the opening video.. godlike

– crazy diamond thing appeared in the middle of the arena, took ages to open up


– they sang “お呼びですか?” (Did you call me?) (start of Genie) a few times, we all said “YEAH DUH”

– They sang a lot of songs from the album, all with new dance moves…

– Opening of Run Devil Run was like Black Swan

– So much Yoonsic Taeny Yulsic Soosun during the perfs… Yoonyul Yoontae a few times

– Taeyeon stuck her bum out to Seohyun during one perf, Seohyun poked it LOL

– Yuri, Sunny and Taeyeon fumbled on their Japanese, but Yuri had the epic fail (I think)

Our seats were pretty close to the stage, as well as the walking platforms that extended from the stage. Right infront of us was a special platform that rises when the members get on. Mainly Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Tiffany and Taeyeon came over to say hi 🙂


– Tiffany was too pretty for my eyes

– Seohyun pointed at us when she came up with Sunny :DDDDDD

– Hyo’s “Please don’t stop the music” was like woooooahhh sexy

– and then Sunny came out and was like ooohhh man you got em boys


– Yul’s performance was sexy as hell and her abs were amazing…

– During Yoona’s performance, when Timberlake says “Madonna” it was changed to “come Yoona” (I think)

– Lady Marmalade… TAENYYYY TAENYYY Tiffany in pink was HOT, Taeyeon in blue a;dshfiosdhf

– A piano came out, so I thought Seohyun was going to play it…. turned out to be Jessica playing + singing w/ a frigging long white dress on 😀

– Hoot was played as a rock remix in Japanese

– The boat that they were supposed to ride on broke that first the staff pushed it, but then part of SNSD got off and walked rofl


– Their “last” song was Gee, without singing ITNW or Himnae… was really upset

– Until we shouted encore for 5 minutes, and they came out to preform ITNW, Himnae, and .. Fantastic

– Their ending BGM was “Touch the sky”, I wish they sung it 😥

I dunno right now this is all I could remember. It was a FULL PACKED 3HRS, too much fun :))))) Sica half cried at the end, it was pretty obvious she was holding her tears lol

Great start for SNSD’s Japan tour!!! I wish the best for their upcoming concerts around Japan 😉

– fightin-9@tumblr

Jessica is really pretty and she plays the piano well and sings very well. When the piano was installed everyone thought it was for Seohyun and we started yelling Seohyun’s name. We were surprised.’

Sica is as good in piano as Seohyun.’

a fanaccount of Ksone said Seohyun’s tap dance is the most daebak

Jsones loved Seohyun’s tap dance

Yuri danced with lots of confidence

Tiffany wore pink and Taeyeon blue for the Lady marmalade perf

[Fanaccount] A fan threw a towel with Sica on it to Sica and she took it
A J-Sone claimed that Tiffany looked like a doll, very cute. And Sica looks like a princess.

cr: Kkabbekky

Amazing T_T soshi is really pretty and cute. Yoona is really pretty
I love her. Yoona’s solo was really amazing and I cried.
When Yoona and Yuri bumped into each other that was too cute.
I have no words. I really love Soshi! Yoona saranghae.
cr: _vizyu@twitter

“Tae was sexy too but Tiffany appeared provocative”
cr : risse9 @ twitter

original tweet :


-twins2lover @ twitter

cr: risse9 @ twitter

original fanacc :


– twins2lover @ twitter

J-Sones are saying Fany has a Kansai dialect (It’s a region in Japan) – they’re saying it’s soo cute!

They’re saying Yoona’s dance was hot and loved it!

Many are just saying they’ve had a memorable day because of Soshi!

They thought that Hyoyeon’s solo was ‘really cool’ and ‘fun’! ;D

^ I’m getting all this from the SNSD thread in 2ch.net (a very popular Japanese forum). I’m sure I’m quite correct with my translations/understandings, I stopped learning Japanese two years ago so my knowledge is limited though.

cr: -quiescent@Soompi

Another fan account.
Even though it was after 18:30 the concert wasn’t starting, after 15 mins there was a blackout. Btw there was a cabin like arbor kind of thing covered with cloth placed in the middle of the stage. The concert started with a video. It was a video with soshi like submerged in water?In the video everyone was mature and sexy, it gave off a seductive feeling. When the video ended staff pulled off the cloth from the arbor like cabin. -> it was pretty slow. Then, the cabin slowly opened and inside the girls were sitting, emitting a divine like aura, each of them with different poses. Finally SNSD were in front of us.They started with Genie. It began with Taeyeon’s ‘Oyobi desu ka’. There were a lot of kuse and it was hard to sing the fanchant with the remix. While being in awe the next song started.Maybe they performed a couple of songs from their new album. They also performed Mr taxi. Only during Mr Taxi the cameraman didn’t know the order of when the girls sang, so when one finished singing there was a close-up of their face or showed a different girl.Now while listening to the album, there are seohyun centered songs like I’m in love with the HERO or Beautiful Stranger, it’s cool and seohyun’s singing skills are so good. I’m impressed.And around this time they had their talk. Everyone surprisingly had a smooth self-introduction. Tiffany spoke in fluent English. Sooyoung spoke in fluent Japanese. Sunny was super cute. Yuri talked about her favorite takoyaki from Osaka, she really loves takoyaki a lot (laughs)
Sica muttered with a typical happy and troubling feeling in English ‘What’s up’!! That Sica sama. She is moe and has the strongest tsundere (hot-cold personality) together. This girl has the charm to sweep you off your feet! As expected from Sica. Afterwards Yoona talked very smooth. Birthday girl Yoona. Taeyeon did her best talking. When seeing Taeyeon live she has a lot of charms?! Hyoyeon spoke very smoothly. Seohyun’s Japanese is slowly getting better.During the tell me boy part in Oh Yuri was on the side and with the it it it part she crossed over to Sica and ah part became aaaaaaaaah!there will be more but the girl who wrote the fanaccount went to sleep.cr: teoteo@twittertranslation by kkabbekky@twitter

[05.31.2011] SNSD Osaka Japan Arena Tour Fanaccount by @bbzidane

– the outfits are way higher quality/better designed than itnw imho, they looked so beautiful in them
– taeyeon stuck her butt to sunny and sunny patted it, hehe, forgot which song it was though
– Sooyoung’s solo stage: her dance was hot, and again, amazing legs, it was like tango type of dance, a lot of leg work, and a lot of physical contact with the dancer
– Hyoyeon’s solo stage: she did sing, pretty good, cant be compared to taeyeon or sica, her outfit was hot, i liked this solo more than itnw solo. hyos outfit was hot, revealing but not too revealing, it suited her style i think, but it TYs outfit that is stuck in head tho. hyo’s perf was an eye opener for me, she sang well, and it suited her well
– Yuri’s solo stage: yuri is sexy, sort of a military themed outfit, with a jacket over a crop top, and shorts, showing off her midriff. toned body/legs with aviator sunglasses, she looked fine
– Seohyun’s solo stage: maknae did a short tap dance session during her solo perf, she is really maturing into a beautiful woman. maknae’s outfit wasnt overly sexy, short blue dress i think, and her tap dance was pretty good
– Jessica’s solo stage: sica, she is just a princess, elegant, majestic, in a silvery dress, long like a wedding dress. she played on the piano as rumored, and singing too it, dont know piano well, but it was nice. after playing on the piano a bit, she walked down the walk way, …and her dressed showed her cleavage, it was mesmerizing. she was just so gorjess, i was in awe how beautiful she looked
– Taeyeon: taeyeon was just so powerful on stage, she did a punk rock intro for rdr, and wow, amazing voice, great intro, it was just OMG. taeyeon was in the middle of the stage a lot, and she has great stage presence, she just belongs on stage, and excels on it. one thing i noticed about tae at concerts is she like raining water from her bottle of water onto the crowd. she would turn in a circle and the water would just rain out, its so cute as i remember her doing that in their itnw concerts
– TaeNy’s stage: she had her perf with fany, for lady marmalade, she joined fany after fany started, i expected solo fany perf, but tae joined. tae’s outfit was hotter than fany imho, showed off her midriff, and how white she really is, so hot/beatiful. it wasnt really sexy in the typical sense, but it was more skin then usual from tae, i find it hotter than her hush hush perf. it was in a crop/bra top, with shorts, more skin this time, contact-wise, maybe not as much as hush hush. i ended up staring at tae and not too sure what else was happening around her
– Sunny’s solo stage: sunny solo perf was nice, hot skin tight outfit with hot pink, she performed with ribbons assisted by other dancers
– all the video clips the showed between songs were more professional, not as down to earth as itnw, done very well, and the videos ties into the upcoming songs pretty well
– there was one video about two sisters, where the older one takes cares of the younger one, both under 10. they lost their mother, and the little girl didnt have her mother to pick her up, the older sister did after everyone elseleft. though she showed up with candy to cheer her up, the older sister was doing chores and showing it was hardwork. then they showed clips of the older sister when she was younger when her mother was still around, showed how much shemissedher. they showed times she spent with her mother, and when she slept in her lap, then i guess the mother’s spirit caressed her face. when she slept, and the girl shed a tear, so touching, after that, they sang “dear mom”. it was so touching, i sat beside a mother with her two daughters and i think i can see her being touched by it
– they showed pics of themselves with their mom’s though im not sure if it was all the girls, they were all very young in pics
– there was a video onew, who just won some ticket to see the girls, and started seeing everyone as our girls, hilarity ensues
– after the video, the song was just that much more touching, it was really nice, the crowd applauded them after they were done

fan acc of Taeng


“lmao taeyeon really does sound so much gentler in jp hoot the opening line no longer sounds like she wants to stab me????”

“Tiffany wore pink and Taeyeon blue for the Lady marmalade perf”

“TaeYeon’s RDR intro solo part is super attractive… she’s wearing some coat with fur (not very sure).. her voice is daebak!!!”

“OMG KIMTAEYEON SO CUTE!!! TaeYeon splash water to audience… !!!”

cr: Baidu

In the mean time, five of the girls were sitting on the ladder, just like the ITNW concert but with different outfit. The atmosphere was different though due to that video. The sound of calling “Tiffany!!!” “Tiffany” kept emerging here and there. Everybody was cheering for her. The five girls were singing a song about mother. You could tell that Tiff was a bit sad…sigh…”

cr: TaiwanCAPA

[TRANS] Some fan accounts of Yoong at Osaka concert…

1. Soshi was 3 meters away!! They sang Naengmyun (cold Noodles) & Hahaha song which was lots of fun!! Yoona has an incredibly small face and I like her style. Cute!

2. Dangerous (;_;) Cries. Soshi was really beautiful and cute. Yoona was really beautiful. I really like her. Yoona’s solo was too dangerous, I cried← Yoona and Yuri running into each was just too cute (;_;) Can’t explain it in words. Anways, Soshi love. I can’t be like Yoona (;_;)

3. They were all cute. Should I say they were all slender. Yoona is not human, her face is small, slender, and is really cute. It was beyond amazing.

4. It just ended (T_T)Very dangerous! Miss Yoona is way too cute and I really like her, so dying is not an option now! Miss Yoona, I love you~ Really dangerous!!! Really dangerous!!! 

5. WOW…Goddess Yoona ((o*>д<)o

6. It was so much fun♪ I want to be Yoona(^з^)-☆

7. Yoona is the cutest ever!! Girls were simply awesome~ \(^o^)/ 

8. Ah..My throat hurts(T_T)Miss Yoona is so cute, it’s really dangerous!! From start to finish it’s Yoona Yoona I’m going crazy( ̄▽ ̄)

9. It was the first day, so there was an incident〜♪ but it was fun. Secretly, I was only watching Yoona ww 

10. The real Yoona, the real Taeyeon were beyond cute!! Hyoyeon too!!

11. I was anxiously worried about Yoona’s pants coming off during her solo that I was about to cry, but they directed that dude off and he released it, so the solo ended without me crying.

There were lots of….”She is too cute” “She is a goddess” “She is beautiful”, etc…

*Note: the word Dangerous is a literal translation, but it’s a really a good meaning and in JPN that is how they express it sometimes.

Thanks to : yoongislove@twitter for the translation & tips

[TRANS] Fan Account: Girls’ Generation First Japan Tour – Osaka Concert

When I knew that the goddesses were going to perform in Osaka, I felt that I had to witness it. As they wanted to break into the Japanese market, they would definitely give their all, so no matter what I took a day off to go to Osaka. The ticketing was not confirmed, and I was unsure if they would be selling tickets on the performance day, so I was extremely worried. On May 31 when I went to Osaka I saw that they were indeed selling tickets at the concert venue. I was no longer concerned about the seating, as being able to witness the performance was good enough for me. As the queue at the side and the queue for the tickets were separate, I joined the ticketing queue. From my experience, the merchandise always sold out extremely quickly, especially towels etc., but this time, they seemed to prepare loads of stocks, I felt like as if it was an unlimited supply XD When the side queue was empty, I went and was still able to get my hands on the concert goodies!!! Going into the concert hall, I was extremely excited, the concert was definitely going to be great!!! I felt like it was even more exciting than a tour!!! Maybe it is my personal preference, the goddesses’ Osaka performance this time would take more American, Rock influence, totally different from the past, and almost all of the songs had a new arrangement, even the dances, nothing seem repeated from the last tour, I felt that the goddesses had evolved once again!!! Let’s talk about the peaks of the concert, Jessica playing the piano!!!… While my memory is still fresh I have to write quickly, the opening film was newly shot, the quality was really good, even better than before, the content was probably about the goddesses and water lotuses, there was a goddess’s hand smoothly running across shallow water, there was a feeling of emerging from water, or a feeling of transparency in water!!! The first song was the Jap version of Genie, the goddesses were in a box, or I should say, a diamond house, at the center of the stage, when the box opened, it was like a flower blossoming, the walls formed a ladder, and the goddesses were there. The third song was a song I highly anticipated, Mr. Taxi. It was really overwhelming watching it live, especially the steering wheel dance move, it made me shiver for a moment!!! But the costume wasn’t the one they wore on broadcast, it was a metal technology(?) style, the Oh! performance was abit disappointing, because they had to take care of the SONEs all around, they split up and therefore we couldn’t see the Oh! dance as a group. Another “explosive point” was when the goddesses performed in mid-air, only standing on a very small area, and they moved up and down, the visual effect was really outstanding. The solos started quickly, and surprisingly Hyo was the first to start. Her white outfit stood out, figure-hugging, and it was a one-piece, but one of her legs was not covered. Her actions were very bold, she lay on the stage, sideways, did a “lumbar”, opened her legs. The next solo made everyone dumbfounded, Jessica playing the piano!!! Although it wasn’t smooth, but it was really good, but it was a pity, it seemed like her in-ears had a problem, at the beginning, Sica either went off-key, or wasn’t in sync with the bg music. In short, it was weird, but Sica’s performance still had a nice effect, the goddesses do not have to do anything, just their smile alone kills me so many times!!! It was when Sica finished playing the piano and walked to the stage that I realised she was wearing a long dress, she was really like a classical princess, the dress was really long, it was so charming…After Sica was the very popular Sunny, Sunny’s outfit was also figure-hugging, she was in black, but had silver stripes, it gave off a clubbing feel. The fluorescent lines on her body could be elongated to form one line, which she used to interact with the male dancers!!! Sometimes they hugged Sunny’s body, showing off her good figure…XD next was Fany, she was wearing a pink mini skirt, full of American style, it suits her so well, but at this time Taeyeon came on stage too, and Taeny sang a duet XD Taeng’s outfit matched Fany’s, it was puffy, black with a little blue. Ah, I forgot to talk about the goddesses’ self-introduction. It was all in Japanese, and naturally wasn’t a problem for Sooyoung. The goddesses introduced themselves one by one, it was clear that they worked hard on their Japanese. It wasn’t a few days’ work, especially Seohyun, whose improvement in Japanese is really shocking, she probably sacrificed her skin rejuvenation time to brush up on her skills. The most interesting one was Yuri, who got stuck halfway while introducing herself, and Hyoyeon came out to fool around…XD Fany’s Japanese was not bad too. I can’t not mention the outfits this time, almost all of them had light-reflecting details, it was visually powerful, especially one outfit which included blue shorts, along with a jade burial suit, that’s right, a jade burial suit, it was really beautiful!!! And it would move along with their body movements!!! Next was another video, probably to let the goddesses change, the video was amazing, the goddesses wore white outfits, making them look like angels, oh wait, they are already angels XD they drifted in the snow, the image was so pretty, at this moment, black outfits appeared. Everyone guessed it was time for RDR, but not so fast, the video showed a white angel and black angel fighting against each other, when it ended, I was amazed yet again. Taeng’s solo started, although I did not know what song she was going to sing, but I saw the black outfit, it was full of rocker style!!! Taeng expressed the song with shouts and freedom(?), when she finished singing, all of them appeared in black, Taeng joined in wearing the same outfit, and RDR started!!! The PD loved close-ups, and the close-up shocked many Japanese fans!!! The new RDR arrangement included Swan Lake’s tune!!! Could it be Black Swan!? Hahaha, it was really cool!!! Another segment was the staff pushing out a whole piece of glass, the goddesses banged on the glass directly to produce sounds, everyone was relieved, what if the glass broke…XD Something worth mentioning, maybe it’s because I have never watched a concert in Japan, during the concert staff would appear from time to time, they had an impact on the screen visual, and it was said that the staff didn’t really want to hide themselves either…XD Next was the classic Hoot, but the Jap version!!! The goddesses were once again suspended in mid-air, not only were they moving around, they had to perform the dance moves too, gosh XD the choreography also changed. Next was another solo, it was the ultimately sexy Yuri!!! Needless to say, Yuri had to wear clothes revealing her abs to show off her sexy waistline!!! Yuri appeared with black sunglasses, it was totally cool!!! The Japanese fans were probably not familiar with the goddesses, so they mixed up their identities, Yuri wore tight shorts and her dance moves emphasised a lot on her waist, the Japanese fans were once again shocked XD Sooyoung’s performance this time was also shocking, I like her…haha XD Sooyoung experimented with Samba dance this time, at the beginning there she even hooked her leg onto the male dancer’s lower waist, gosh, I spent a long time finding the eyeballs of the Japanese fan next to me…XD Sooyoung’s dance was rather standard, during the dance there were a lot of physical contact with the male dancer, including hooking of legs, twisting of the waist, it was really nice to watch. After Sooyoung was maknae Seohyun, Seohyun really is maturing with more beauty, her performance was also American style-inspired, Seo danced tap dance!!! When I look at the goddesses I think they are tired and are having a tough time, their success is not something outsiders can imagine…applause please XD digression, to new Japanese fans, Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun are pretty hard to differentiate… Appearing on the stage next was two poles, could it be…Yoona!!! She was performing pole dance, but the poles were horizontal, how amazing, Yoona’s body was wrapped tightly around the pole, and her movements were soft and flexible. This has always been Yoong’s strong point, but there was an accident. Yoong was wearing black long pants, maybe her movements were too big, when her body lay horizontal her pants split, but even if her pants split totally it would be fine, because it was part of her transformation!!! What a blessing in disguise XD Yoong flaunted her sexy long legs, she hooked on the pole and did a teasing pose!!! Next was the sad part, the clip that was played did not feature the goddesses, but it had a deep meaning. It was about a girl who was separated from her mother since young, hence whenever she sees other children who share a close relationship with their mothers, she would feel sad, because she wants to be a child who has her mother by her side. Watching the clip, SONEs knew it was a true story, even when I am typing this my nose is starting to get runny, the clip was about goddess Tiffany, Fany’s mum passed away when she was young. When it ended, some SONEs were crying, while some shouted “Tiffany don’t sad!!!”, it really makes us sad for Fany, but Fany will never cry in front of us, because she is that strong…At this moment, 5 goddesses in charge of vocals sat on the stage stairs, this scene appeared in one tour, but the outfits were different, the feeling was also different!!! There were constant shouts of “Tiffany!!! Tiffany!!!” amongst the crowd. Everyone cheered for her while they sang Dear Mom, we could see the pain in Fany while she was singing…sigh, when they finished, the 9 goddesses once again gathered on stage, singing together, suddenly, it started snowing…after the end…all of a sudden a boat appeared, there was also a sail, with the Girls’ Generation logo on it, some of the goddesses wore crowns, the others wore the Napoleon Hat. The boat turned into the center stage, and the goddesses got off the boat…another ending…then Sica’s Naengmyun came on, the goddesses wore sailor blue horizontal striped shirts and pink shorts with red sequins, since it was Naengmyun, they had to run around the stage, Sica is very afraid of the warm, it must have been hard on her XD After Naengmyun was Hahaha, during this song, the stage’s fireworks scared Sica XD Lastly, was of course Gee, the song that can be regarded as South Korea’s National Anthem, the Japanese version is also much loved by the Japanese fans, there were really loud screams, I thank the brilliant composer who wrote this famous song for the goddesses!!

Original Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=taeyeon_new&no=2883868&page=1&bbs;=
Translated By: IAMSunshiner @ Twitter

& Now time for the goodies!

YulTi anyone?


(picture of the girls’ behind stage)

(news coverage caps)

(Audio of TaeNy singing ‘Lady Marmalade’)

(Audio of Hyoyeon’s ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’; thanks to Baji in the comments)



Rapper FANY<3


(ROCK TAENG <3; thanks to crazy51 in the comments)

FINALLY, CLOSEUP FANCAMS (but only taeng-focused)<3


According to Fanwonder, there were about 9,000 fans at the the concert at Osaka Jo Hall. The girls performed over 30 songs and their debut song, ‘Genie’, was the opener. Japan’s 3 biggest sports newspapers, Sponichi, Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports, were present to report about the concert. They revealed that the girls talked in Japanese in the midst of their performances and this carved big smiles on the faces of the fans.

(News coverage of the concert; check above for the caps)

(Note: the post will be updated when more details and goodies surface so please keep checking back)

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