SNSD's Tiffany at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards

If you went into a coma and finally recovered from it today (congrats!), -OR- if you’ve been following nothing but SNSD Korean for your ground-breaking soshi news, then you wouldn’t know that ‘I Got a Boy’ won the 2013 YouTube Music Awards for Video of the Year two days ago (November 3, 2013). Well.. surprise! They won it two days ago. Yay!!!

If you weren’t in a coma, and haven’t been only relying on SNSD Korean for your ground-breaking soshi news, then you probably already knew that ‘I Got a Boy’ won at the 2013 YouTube Music Awards. Yay!!!

2013 was the first year of the YouTube Music Awards, and consisted of 6 categories:

  • Video of the Year
  • Artist of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • YouTube Breakthrough
  • YouTube Phenomenon
  • Response of the Year

Although I personally question whether they will be held again next year, I Got a Boy was successfully nominated for the Video of the Year award based on YouTube stats for this year. The numerics that were taken into account for nominees included number of views, likes, comments, and channel subscriptions.

From there, the girls were up against 9 other artists that were also nominated based on the same selection criteria. The competition was unsurprisingly fierce, with nominees such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, as well as fellow K-pop artist PSY. Video of the Year nominees included:

The winner was determined by fans, who had to share a specific YouTube Music Award link on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. According to the image below with stats compiled by @TurtleRua, SONES absolutely dominated the voting process and launched Soshi to the top. (Sorry Beliebers!)

YouTube Music Awards Stats

Tiffany represented the girls in accepting the first ever YTMA for Video of the Year, and once again graced America with her charming English by thanking SM Entertainment, the 8 other members, and SONEs in her thank-you speech. You can check out the award video below care of SMTOWN’s YouTube Channel:

It’s a bit disappointing to note that there was minimal applause/cheering when IGAB was announced as the winner, but I’ll reasonably assume it’s because most of the audience hadn’t even heard of Girls’ Generation and the fact that they ended up winning against some of the most influential artists in the world would come as a big surprise. SONE jjang!

Notable reads of the event include:

Unfortunately, some fans of the competing artists took to twitter with less-than-nice remarks about the Asian girl-group taking top prize on Sunday’s event. I’m sure that the frustration was justified however, and simply due to the one question on everyone’s mind:

What’s so great about getting a boy chicken? 

SNSD Goobne Chicken

Written by: greeentee@snsdkorean
Sources/Thanks: @TurtleRua, billboard [1] [2], SMTOWN Youtube, Girls’ Generation Facebook