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See if you can guess which Soshi/SK News were the most talked about on our lovely blog in 2011. Some of the news articles and their respective rank may surprise you.

The following is a compilation of the 14 most ‘commented’ news stories of 2011. As a result these new stories do not reflect the most viewed/shared/liked/tweeted stories of the year, but they certainly give a good idea of what posts got you talking in 2011.

Within most excerpts I have included some user comments that I found “summarized” the general feel of the comments or were either pretty funny, entertaining or meaningful. A link to the article is provided in the header, along with the actual title.

Starting from #14, here are the most talked about news stories on SNSDKorean.com in 2011.

14. SNSD’s First Japanese Album | THE BIG NEWS

It should be no surprise that one of the most talked about news items of 2011 would be an album release. In May, the girls announced their first full Japanese album. Details on the editions as well as the concept photos were released which caused quite a stir among the community. Fans who had been Soshi starved since the Hoot Mini-Album  finally had a full album to spazz over. The Victorian concept of the cover, accompanied by the rest of the photoshoot left many fans wanting more. Fans were excited to see the special bonus features in the Limited & Deluxe editions of the album. Most notably, there was a special edition pink make-up bag that accompanied the Deluxe Japanese Edition.

Snappytomdory asked:

Sorry if someone has already asked this but are the photo book and the poster from the deluxe edition the same as the ones with the limited edition?
I’d purchase the deluxe edition but being a male and all I have no use for the bag and people will question my sexuality.

Tom, I get it. It’s sometimes not easy to justify ordering stuff that may cause others to question your sexuality. But remember, you know how you feel sexually, so why would you care if your dad catches you hovered over a pink make-up bag that says Girls’ Generation? Just show him the huge poster of SNSD, and all will be forgotten. However, if it really bothers you to have a pink make-up bag lying around your room, remember that there are plenty of female SONEs that would love to take it off your hands. At times like these the Soshified forums are your best bet, but female family members work as well!

13. Apparently a lot of our readers love Manga! | SME To Produce Korean Version of “Hana Kimi”

On March 10th of 2011, an official from SM Entertainment confirmed the production of a Korean Version of “Hana Kimi”. This stirred many SK users who were intrigued with the concept of “Hana Kimi” which focuses around a Japanese-American female character named Mizuki. She grows up admiring a high-jump athlete named Izumi Sano who attends Osaka Highschool. When she hears that he has retired from the high jump competition, Mizuki pretends to be a boy and attends the school in Japan in order to encourage “Izumi Sano” to compete again.

Most commenters put themselves in the seat of the “casting crew”, and selected the best SM artist to play the role of Mizuki, the main female character. As a consensus, most liked the idea of Taeyeon playing the role of “Mizuki”, while others pegged Yoona, Amber and Tiffany for the role.

Obviously the original article had slated a summer release date. As of right now, it’s pretty safe to say that the timeframe has passed and since that announcement it appears that SM entertainment has either forgotten the project or placed it on indefinite hold.

Justasone said:

No thx, I don wanna see any of the snsd members being kissed =p ok fine, I know I’m selfish lol

Well Justasone, I hate to break it to you but 4 of the girls will be starring in dramas in 2012. SONEs can look forward to seeing Jessica, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Yoona in Korean dramas like “Wild Romance“, “Fashion King“, “Speed“, and “Love Rain“. Odds are that at least one, if not more, of these girls will have kissing scenes.

12. Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun? (And SONEs want to watch) | All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” DVD To Be Released

The very popular photo-book and DVD “Paradise in Phuket” got a lot of attention from our readers, everyone was pretty eager to spazz over more SNSD goodness. Interestingly, the price tag brought out the ceremonial cries of “wallet pain” from our readers.

Passionaire commented:

OMO~ SMent. is owning my wallet! I need to rob a bank ASAP! Hmm..I haven’t bought Gee and Genie Jap albums, Mr. Taxi album, 1st Jap album (which costs like a freakin’ new phone!!), and now this??? @_@ I’m not allowed to live….

Unfortunately it appears that when we posted that plans for a “Blu-Ray” release were in the works, our sources had accidentally jumped the gun. To this day there is no Blu-Ray version of the “Paradise in Phuket” DVD and there are currently no plans for a blu-ray release.

jjbaxter said:

I knew paying $1000 for a BluRay player and 40″ LCD would prove useful

Unfortunately JJ, that $1000 investment didn’t pan out in this particular instance. But certainly you’re well prepared for viewing the special edition Japanese Arena Tour Blu-Ray DVD featuring our lovely 9.

11. Bye Bye Boss Lady! T_T | Goodbye to You~

Our founder and Boss Lady, Cindy called it quits in March of 2011. Loyal readers were shocked to hear the news and appeared to be in disbelief. While it was a sad post for the SNSDKorean community, many also shared their positive thoughts and feelings toward a SONE who dedicated a lot of time and effort for others in the fandom.

xsolitude wrote:

lol i dont normally post comments or anything, im a LURKER :) . but really, thank you for everything you’ve done and started. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of you, you’ll be greatly missed! Hope to see you around the site still! Good luck with moving ahead with what ever you are busy with and keep your fighting SONE SPIRIT!! :)

10. SNSD Singapore Concert | Singapore SONEs Your Wish Has Been Granted!

SNSD’s recent Singapore concert was a huge success in large part to the fantastic local SONE community. Originally the concert was supposed to be held for a single date, but because of high demand, they extended the concert an extra day. This was all big news for our SG readers, and the comments certainly reflected the country’s excitement. Not surprisingly many SK readers were also happy for our resident Singaporean writer, Kenneth, who finally had his chance to see the girls live in 2011!

Terrez on Roommate’s Computer epitomized the feelings of many Singapore SONEs with the comment:

It. Is. On. Woohoo!

9. SNSD Goes Down Under | Aussie SONEs Get to See the Girls LIVE at Last!

Yes, it wasn’t an exclusive SNSD concert, but that didn’t stop our Australia readers from spazzing all over such glorious news. After all it’s pretty rare to see the girls perform outside South Korea and Japan, so this concert had plenty of SONE hype. Most of the Australian SKE family headed to the concert in Sydney!

I think aSunnyDae summarized it the best for Aussie SONEs when they said:


8. The Japan Arena Tour Coverage | Japan Arena Concerts in Saitama & Japan Arena Concert in Osaka

What SONE doesn’t love great event coverage? Our lovely SK team compiled some epic  fan accounts and photos of the highly successful Japanese Arena Tour series.

The Osaka concert in June should have a special place in the hearts of J-Sones for being the first stop on the 1st Girls’ Generation Japanese Arena tour! Many rumours were thrown around about special solo stages and performances and clearly SNSDKorean readers were excited to see all the fan accounts, cams and photos from the special GG concert.

SNSDJeTi♥ commented:

I’m scared to watch the solo stages hearing that they had skinship with male background dancers. T___________________T
I started jumping up and down, then screaming, and then I became light headed. xD
I AM SO F*CKEN JEALOUS!!!! -_____________________________-”
This is so unfair!! D; D; D;
J-S♥NES are so lucky. {:

Notably, Saitama was another popular topic for readers because it was the concert where Sunny fainted on stage. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but made a speedy comeback and even reappeared again at the concert to assure concerned fans that she was indeed okay. Needless to say it was a very emotional night for SUNshiners and SONEs, but an important one in 2011. We hope that none of the girls face these problems in 2012.

7. Run Devil Run Japanese PV & MR.TAXI Tease | We Weren’t Kept In Suspense Long

This double post featured the highly anticipated Japanese Run Devil Run PV and an audio “teaser” for the Japanese MR.TAXI single. Readers were quick to comment on the PV and the low quality audio clip of the japanese single.

With regards to the Japanese Run Devil Run PV, Anya wrote:

they’re all smokinnnnn hottt i love these girls they get better every time! AHHHH!!!!

Yes Anya, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been hitting ‘replay replay replay’ on SNSD videos throughout 2011.

With regards to Mr.Taxi, superdork1222 said:


I’ve spazzed, and died during the process.

Dang dang dang now that’s a real teaser! I seriously looove how Mr Taxi sounds, it’s so refreshing… Different than what the girls’ had done before!
Infinite love for Mr Taxi even before its release!! <3<3<3

6. SNSDKorean Readers are Sica Biased? | A GorJess Photoshoot

Sure, photoshoots are great, but SK readers absolutely exploded with love for Jessica’s Indonesia photoshoot for Singles magazine back in January. Indeed comments were filled with SONEs confessing their undying love for our Ice Princess, who was melting hearts throughout the community. Ironically enough, Singles magazine has the slogan, “Get Excited” rather appropriate for this photoshoot.

Tosica wrote:

waaaaaaaaaaaahh I CANT take it anymore my NOSE is BLEEDING


5. SONEs get a scare in 2011 | Sooyoung injured in Car Accident

SONEs around the world had a scare when Sooyoung injured her sacrum vertebrae in a car accident in August. The aftermath of the unfortunate event forced Sooyoung to pull out of SNSD Promotions, but since then she has fully recovered and is currently promoting actively with SNSD. Sooyoung, Sooyoung’s Sister (Soojin), her mother and SM Entertainment all provided fans with up-to-date news on her condition to help quell our fears.

Also, #prayforsooyoung & #GETWELLSOOYOUNG had trended on twitter during this time of crisis.

While Sooyoung was hurt, she made a special video for all of her loving SONEs who gave her endless support during the difficult times.

James said:

Dear God (whoever you are),

Please keep Sooyoung healthy and a speedy recovery. I know I haven’t prayed much, but I really need to let you know many SONEs like me are hoping for the same. Please let her know that many cares and our thoughts and voices will reach her. Let her stay away from any further accidents so she can continue to one of the most influential entertainers in the world.

A prayer among many others.

4. Unleashing our Inner Child? | rawr~ it be SOSHIFARM time!

If there’s one thing our fandom loves more than Soshi variety shows, its SONE created content. This particular news post highlighted the adorable SoshiFarm comic series done by Kim Taebong. SK readers enjoyed this series greatly and with good reason as it may be one of the cutest and funniest user created “cartoon comics” in the fandom’s history. Fun and light-hearted, these pictures are a great read for anybody looking to have a good laugh.

Alex wrote:

THese comics just do not stop getting better and better! HAHAH
There isnt a single flaw! They have everything! The cuteness, the inside jokes, the personality, etc.!!!
AHAHAHA so great

3. Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York…were all talking about Mr.Taxi | *MR. TAXI* MV SNEAKPEEK!!!! & Mr. Taxi MV Dance Version

Another PV release in the top comments? (Of course!). This time it’s Mr.Taxi which generated a bunch of SK community buzz. Certainly when we talk about 2011, Mr.Taxi is one of the songs that highlights this amazing year for Girls’ Generation. Perhaps one of their more popular Japanese songs, the girls re-released the Korean version in their recent 3rd Korean Album “The Boys” where it received even more love. Their Korean repackage of “The Boys” will focus on the Mr.Taxi concept. Our current Boss Man (Greeentee) shared a link for the Mr.Taxi Dance Version MV which had SK readers mesmerized. Posters couldn’t help but spazz over Yuri’s Blonde Hair, and the “Steering Wheel Dance”.

chinesebutterfly said:

wahhh!!! so awesome! yul looks so hot in blonde! and the dance moves are gonna be a hit! ^_^

2. Taeyeon Kidnapping Incident | Angel Price Music Festival

Again it appears that our media heavy posts tend to be popular, but this particular post was more of a shocking news story rather than a media frenzy. It all began when a “crazy fan” attempted to pull Taeyeon off the stage of the “Angel Price Music Festival”. Photos and fancams of the perpetrator attempting to kidnap Taeyeon generated a ton of comments from stunned readers. While SONEs regularly joke about meeting and hanging out with the girls, almost none of us would ever wish to harm, let alone kidnap any of them. While there were a lot of negatives to be talked about, especially with regards to the Angel Price Music Festival’s security, fans were thrilled to see our very own Sunny attempt to stop the crazed fan from running away with Taeyeon.

At the end of the day both SM Entertainment and Taeyeon did not press charges, which goes to show just how kind our kid leader really is.

YungC wrote:

Wow that’s a pretty big lapse in security O_O I hope Taeyeon is ok.

As much as I would like to punch this guy in the face, the bad thing is every other SONE is probably looking to do the same. Yeah… that’s not going to end well for him. The guy obviously has a problem(a crazy stalker problem) but hunting him down is probably not the best way to deal with this issue.

Woot!! Sunny to the rescue! :) NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH …SUNKYU!!!

1. Bring The Boys Out | IT’S OUT! Happy Girls’ Generation Day!

We started with an album release post, and it is only fitting for us to end with one. It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the most talked about News Post for 2011 had to do with “The Boys”. This is arguably SNSD’s most anticipated album, and is it’s third full Korean album. Within only a few months, the album has sold over 290,000 copies according to Gaon Music Chart Korea. These impressive sales numbers coupled with their hard work has fueled the girls to winning two MAMA awards, including Artist of the Year. Equally impressive is the amount of views the music video has amassed on Youtube (roughly 26 million), which has already topped Hoot. Fans can look forward to a European and North American physical release on January 17th of 2012.

Most of the chatter in the comments section revolved the title track “The Boys” as well as the rest of the album. I can happily say that nearly all of the SNSDKorean community enjoyed the release and were thrilled to see the girls with a new “style”. While a select few did nitpick, overall everyone loved “The Boys” and the comments remained positive and supportive.

Yukari had this to say about the portion of the SONE community (outside of SK) that hated on “The Boys” and said:

Seriously guys? I am partially ASHAMED to be a sone right now! I can’t believe how the majority of you are acting! I remember THOUSANDS of sones begging SM to show more talents of our girls, like rapping, and going beyond the typical SNSD recipe of success, which is a cheap song that is in the same format of their other hits, and go for something fresh. But now that we have a new sound THAT WE WERE ALL WANTING what do you do? COMPLAIN THAT ITS DIFFERENT. Give me a break! I’d take The Boys over Hoot! any day! At least our girls took a risk, but all the majority of you guys can say is that its too American and blah blah blah! NO ITS NOT. American music is FAR worse than The Boys, and the beat is nothing like the PCD’s work and barely anything of Gwen’s! How many more things are you going to pick at from this song huh? Our girls couldn’t stay in the Gee-Genie phase forever guys, whether you like it or not. Its true that they were great eras but if they stay in that time period then they won’t grow! Just move on!

While Yukari may have been using Caps Lock a little too much, he certainly brings a great point across. As true fans of artists we shouldn’t encourage SNSD to remain stagnant in a particular style of music or concept. It’s stuff like this that creates 1-dimensional musicians. If we want to see what our girls can truly do, we have to support them in their experimental endeavors. While we do not necessarily have to like the “songs”, we shouldn’t hate or bash them for trying something new. This ability to be “multi-dimensional” will help promote the longevity of SNSD, and help them become more complete and talented performers. After-all, would you still love SNSD as much if they were still in their “Into the New World” style in 2011? If you did, do you think they would still be as popular and relevant as they are today?

To clarify, picture your favourite meal at your most beloved restaurant. Imagine if for some strange reason, they only had that one course available to eat every time you visited. Eventually you would only come to that restaurant to enjoy that particular taste. But what if they make other similar dishes? You’d still only comeback to enjoy that particular taste. Now imagine that same restaurant, but with an expanded menu that includes a variety of choices. Maybe they’ll have a couple of “awful dishes”, but if they have the ability to provide different tastes, then you’re more likely to eat at that restaurant more often. Music can be viewed in a similar way. We pick and choose our “meals” but the artists that are able to satisfy our particular cravings, or have the ability to find new enjoyable flavors, will consistently get our business, whereas the ones who can only do one “style” will only receive it occasionally. This is what separates good artists from the great ones. So keep supporting the girls in the new year that is 2012!

Anyways that about wraps it up for the most-talked about new stories on SNSD Korean for 2011.

With the end of this lovely year, comes the beginning of another fresh year of more SNSD stories for the SK team to cover. We’ll be trying our best to provide quality content for you guys in the 2012.

Here’s to looking forward to another eventful year of SNSD! Their 5th year as a group!

Happy New Year from the SNSDKorean Team!

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