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[NEWS] Because of yesterday’s stage intrusion incident, organizer will be giving a full refund to the audience – Fanwonder@Twitter

+Updated with more fancams (inc. a clearer fancam of incident) & more pictures

+Updated with video of incident -MintChoc

Earlier today, the girls performed at the ‘Angel Price Music Festival’ held at Lotte World Ice Rink. They performed “Run Devil Run”, “Hoot” and “Gee”. A few pictures and fanaccounts have surfaced and some of them, I have to say is rather shocking.

It was said that during the girls’ ‘Run Devil Run’ performance, a stranger came on stage and dragged Taeyeon off.


SNSD stopped performing and went after her. They looked confused, worried,etc. I exactly don’t know what happen afterwards..

but SNSD continued performing Hoot. Taeyeon, on the other hand.. was not very happy.

Sunny tried to help Taeyeon by grabbing her back/arm.

…the guard wasn’t even there.

…hyoyeon went after taeyeon.

anyways, Taeyeon may be angry but she put it aside and kept performing, trying to keep up with a smile.

she (Taeyeon) was struggling to get away… the other girls were shocked.. jessica looked like she could kill someone credits – @Oskar_w

– ShawolsSHINee@Twitter


When Taeyeon was being dragged away, Sunny tried to help pull Taeyeon back.

Luckily, fans at the event reported that Taeyeon was not harmed and according to Koreaboo, after the incident was resolved, she continued on and finished performing with the rest of the members professionally and smiling.

When I first heard the news, I was honestly outraged. How could such a thing happen? It’s REDUNKULUOUS! But I’m glad to hear that Taeyeon is alright and she endured it bravely as expected by our kid leader.


Incident happens near the end of RDR perf.

A clearer fancam of the incident.