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The moment we’ve all been waiting for… days, weeks, MONTHS spent writhing impatiently in anticipation for the girl’s comeback. Well my friends, the MOMENT HAS FREAKING ARRIVED! THE GIRLS’ ARE BACK!

SM finally unveiled the MVs for ‘The Boys’ through their youtube channel at midnight (give or take a few minutes), officially marking 19th October 2011 ‘Girls’ Generation Day’. The english version of ‘The Boys’ also went on sale digitally through amazon and iTunes while the full korean album was released through various Korean music sites. Yes people, imagine the sacrifice I am currently making as I write this post, you wouldn’t imagine what I’d give to camp in front of my screen for the next few hours hitting the ‘replay’ button over and over again. 😛


Remember to support the girls’ by purchasing the song/album!

‘The Boys’ English ver.



Full album




Soshified is also participating in a bulk order in collaboration with a Korean SNSD fancafe. More info… (Try to order through here as the album sales will count towards music charts)

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