+ Added 70 sec teaser (- ferrerorocher9)

This is crazy, it’s here!!!!!!

-edit III-

Longer 70 sec teaser:


Longer HD Version… Thanks PeachBlossum for letting us know :)! -Screams- I loved the vocals at 0:15-019…!!

I don’t think it’s the official preview though, it’s just a sneakpeek provided by a japanese news report? EITHER WAY I’m SUPER EXCITED~!!

Credits: SSFcedge@youtube, SNSD881@youtube

-edit- Ok I watched it a billion more times after rushing here to share with you guys. I’M SO FREAKIN HYPED NOW. I love how Soo got some spotlight in this clip… and omg Fany is the one that sings “uh super sonic… and hypersonic”? I found that line super amusing lol… (and reminded me of Boa… SM Love!). How will I ever wait till April 27th now… -sigh-.