++ Updated with another tweet + pic from Jaewon-nim, message from Sooyoung’s mother & SM’s statement after SNSD members visited SY.
+Update from SM, tweets from family & friends

Sooyoung has been hospitalised after a car accident that occurred Sunday morning as she was on her way to a volunteer service event providing vests for service dogs for the visually impaired in Chun An. Thankfully the Onesure Insurance company will be covering everything.

Reportedly, the accident was caused due to the negligence of a driver in the opposite lane, whose vehicle crossed the centre line and collided with Sooyoung’s, leaving her with injuries to her lower back area.

SM stated

Sooyoung is suffering from a sacrovertebral fracture from the car accident, but thankfully, the injury is nothing serious

Sooyoung’s doctor added that with treatment and rest, she will be fully recovered in no time but has to suspend all immediate activities to recuperate. She will thus not be able to attend the upcoming ‘SM TOWN – Tokyo’ and SNSD’s concert in Taiwan.

With SNSD’s anticipated Korean comeback round the corner, this may lead to a possible delay in promotions. However, waiting a little longer for SNSD’s comeback is nothing as Sooyoung’s health much more important.

Also, #prayforsooyoung & #GETWELLSOOYOUNG are currently trending on twitter.

+ Update

SM Entertainment released a new statement:

“She (Sooyoung) will not be attending the 2 concerts scheduled, but SNSD’s Korean comeback will be not affected. Because their comeback date has not been confirmed, we will ensure that the treatment to her injury is fully completed by then”.

Fortunately SNSD’s comeback date was not yet confirmed allowing some flexibility to accomodate Sooyoung’s injuries.

Also, Sooyoung’s elder sister, Soojin updated her twitter with news about her sister.



Thanks to all who were worried for Sooyoung. There is no change in our cheerful princess Sooyoung and she looks fine. Don’t know what is so fun about being in the ambulance and going to the hospital but she keeps on laughing. Please continue to pray for her.

Stella Kim, an ex-SM trainee & a close friend of SNSD, tweeted


Jaewon, SM entertainment choreographer also tweeted about the “still happy princess”.

The charming girls of Soshi , Choi Sooyoung jjang! I was worried about but after knew that she laughed when she had an accident then…

++ Update


Completely flawless charming lady Choi Sooyoung-nim (If you must find a flaw, maybe the fact that she has no boyfriend..keke) On the way back after paying visit to her! She says that she’s fine with bright mood, I was worried about her, but turned out that I smiled a lot ke Charming lady Choi Sooyoung Jjang~!

Sooyoung’s mother left a message on SNSD’s fan cafe (HwaSuEunHwa) Tuesday morning.

Translated message:

All of you worried a lot, didn’t you? hehe.. Yesterday and the day before was hectic.. Sooyoung is doing better than expected~ Of course she is feeling a little pain, but she’s okay because she’s taking painkillers.

Since so many people have been enduring the pain with her and have been so worried for her, I realized just how much love my daughter has been receiving. And so I’m starting my day with a full heart.

Sooyoung is still the one reassuring family, members and friends with a bright face, so you don’t have to worry~ There are many others who are really hurt… She’s sorry about being in her room so she said she’s not in pain and that she’s okay..

Like what Sooyoung said, about always being there no matter what.. I will keep my word ~

So.. Please watch over her with a light heart, as well as the other members.. Please cheer them on ~ They tend to become awkward when one person isn’t there…

Thank you..

On Tuesday, SM told Star News reporters:

After Sooyoung was placed in a hospital in Seoul, all the members visited in wishing for a quick recovery

Sooyoung gained a lot of strength after the visit of the SNSD members.

Sooyoung fractured her sacrum vertebrae and she will be focusing on receiving treatment in order to recover quickly. Sooyoung will not be attending the schedules that were already fixed.

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