BYE BYE 2011!

Hot off the air we have a special late Christmas/early 2012 podcast featuring Soshi Vlogger Dylan of Youtube’s TheChannelofDylan!


This guy has got to be the richest S<3ne besides our own staffer Kenneth to afford all of this. (Ladies, if you’re looking for a winter boo or sugar daddy… here’s your man~ Hahaha.)

The running time on this podcast is a wee bit long as we give our reviews on a lot of the merchandise most of us haven’t been able to buy it (;_; s<3nes are so poor!), variety show wrap-ups and the most recent Gayo Daejun performance.

…And as for the random plugs in all most of the Soshicast posts, a tribute to violence HyoSica and one of my fave Soshi artists (omegafu), MAY YOU DRAW MOAR JETI THIS 2012:

Download Soshicast here (right click, save as)