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With the SNSD’s rapidly growing popularity worldwide, from Asia to South America to North America to Europe, the girls have gotten many foreigners’ interest. In particular, Tyler Brûlé from the UK (United Kingdom), whom is a well-known Canadian-born journalist, editor-in-chief of ‘Monocole’, entrepeneur, magazine publisher, and columnist, recently published about the girls on UK’s Financial Times.

On January 7th, his “The Secrets of My Brilliant Korea” column in UK’s ‘Financial Times’ talked about his trip to Seoul, Korea and his analysis of considerable Korean cultural exports. In addition, he included a list of ‘the top 10 Korean cultural contents having a very high possibility of success if they were to be exported out to foreign countries’ in the trendsetter column of the ‘Financial Times’ magazine.

The list was,
1. “A uniform mentality”
2. “The warm sounds of Winterplay and W & Whale”
3. “K is for cruising”

4. “K is also for culture”
5. “Oksusu cha” (Korean corn tea)
6. “Sulwhasoo” (skincare product)
7. “Girls’ Generation”
8. “Incheon airport’s management”
9. “Bindaetteok” (savoury pancakes)
10. “Korea’s major department stores” (Shinsegae, Lotte, Hyundai)
The girls ranked 7th and regarding the girls, Tyler Brûlé commented,

“speaking of K-Pop, it’s worth losing a few minutes on YouTube watching this ensemble of leggy girls belting out their hit single ‘Run Devil Run’”.


The fact that Tyler Brûlé from the UK believes SNSD are one of ROK’s (Republic of Korea’s) potentially successful exports just shows that there are many foreigners out there around the globe supportive of the girls if they were to go global. I hope one day, the girls can go global and not just promote in Asian countries, but also in America or even Europe.

(Thanks to LadyIgraine in the comments for the article tip)

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