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Yes, not an ocean, but a SEA! In this case, I’m referring to South East Asia.

image from wikipedia – but they got the colour wrong!

Recently, some of the biggest communities in the SEA area have created a union known as SONESEA to form a stronger bond amongst SONEs in the region. Similar to soshified, they will plan projects for the girls, organize events, provide news, and spread the love of the girls (but in this region of Asia). Current sites taking part include: mysone (Malaysia), Soshindo (Indonesia), kaskusone (Indonesia), IndoSoshi (Indonesia), Soshivn (Vietnam), and GG-TH (Thailand).

I always think its pretty cool when different fan communities collaborate to achieve something, and now a union has been established~ I look forward to a day when fansites from around the globe can do a super awesome project together that will one way or another influence the world in a big way. Until then, I think there will be lots of pink spreading around the SEA, although SNSD has already like.. taken over Asia before even performing in certain countries. ^o^


ps- where are those Canadian sones? =S