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Although last year was a successful year for the girls as they brought in the most profits for SM Entertainment and came on top for almost everything including music charts, best artist of the year, the girl group blessed with the most awards, and most wanted product endorsers, ironically, SNSD also came in No.1 for artistes who incurred the highest losses due to piracy in 2010 according to an investigation.


On January 14th, Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry of Korea and the Copyright Protection Center of Korea Copyright Association have released the analysis of statistics for media piracy in 2010.

According to the webboard chart for music category, SNSD topped the list with 35,354 points, followed by 2NE1

with 23,612 points in 2nd place. Lee Seunggi came in 3rd with 23,435 points.


The investigation was carried out to find out the extend of film and drama piracy as well.

Even though it seems logical why the girls would the No. 1 victim of music piracy in 2010 with their rapidly growing popularity and the release of multiple hit songs last year, it’s bitter to hear that they came in No. 1 for artistes who incurred the highest losses because of piracy.

As SONES, we have to all agree that it is important to support and…..feed our girls,

whether it is by buying their albums and singles or merchandise!

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