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No seriously, SNSD is actually taking over the world. *gasp* xD

With SNSD’s ‘conquest‘ of Japan, we knew that Asia was pretty much taken.

When you see SNSD clips played on loop at the 2011 CES and hundreds of screaming SONEs at SMtown LA you know that something is up in North America.

SNSD on Polish TV?… Europe is being won over…

An exclusive partnership with a globally renown technology company (which also happens to be the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue) and you know global domination is just round the corner…

AND NOW…. it appears that the pink wave has made its way to South America!

Recently, a Peruvian TV station in Chiclayo aired a special kpop program which of course mentioned the girls and showed several cuts from ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot!’.

Hit the jump for translations 😛

Translation in english:
*first they talked about SS501*
*Music: Love Ya (SS501)

Host: But if you think that only girls enjoy the fever of asian music, you’re wrong
there is something for boys too
I introduce you the Korean Divas:
a group known as SNSD or Girls’ Generation

*Music: Oh! (SNSD)

Host: winners of every voting as ‘Best Girl Group of Korea’
with millions of views in YouTube

Guy: yeah, the girls are beautiful…

*report continues talking about other groups

I wonder what continent is next… Africa? xD Oh wait… the pink wave is already growing there too~  🙂


** RDR & Genie on Panamericana, another Peruvian Channel. Links courtesy of one of our readers, minor17 *thumbs up* 🙂

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