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On January 15th, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an online article titled “YouTube Helps South Korean Band Branch Out”, describing how SM Entertainment used Youtube to propel Girls’ Generation into the foreign market.

WGJ starts out mentioning SNSD‘s  first Japan showcase at Ariake Colosseum, Tokyo. The Journal offers two solutions for the successful foreign debut: a Japanese song and Youtube.

WSJ states how a Japanese version of SNSD songs on Youtube led to “radio requests and online chatter” on Japanese forum sites weeks before the official showcase. Fans were able to reupload the videos on various websites, further publicizing the new group.

*Mistake by WSJ – ‘Genie’ Japanese version PV was released on YouTube on August 26th, 2010, a day after the Ariake Coliseum showcase and not weeks ahead.

Ariake Colosseum

Like fellow Kpop powerhouses, YG Entertainment and JYP Productions, SM embarked on a new strategy: upload copyrighted videos via Youtube and sell ads on its authorized clips. The videos are protected against piracy through Youtube’s “Content ID”, which prevents duplicates of copyrighted videos. Not only does SM receive profit from the advertisements, but it also benefits from a “cheap way to reach overseas audiences and create demand for its artists without having to open offices or partner with labels in other countries.” According to WSJ, “SM’s chief executive Kim Young-min said that “the partnership with YouTube saves SM thousands of dollars in monthly costs for maintaining video servers on dozens of Web sites for its acts.”

Collaboration between Google Inc. and SM has led to customized advertisement so that ads are aimed at local viewers. For example, Japanese ads would appear for viewers in Japan whereas ads in English would appear for those in America.

In addition to being able to introduce SNSD to foreign markets, SM has been using Youtube to seek new talent all over the world. SNSD and labelmates SHINee have left messages encouraging people who wish to sing/dance to audition.

The original article can be read here.

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