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[Image, Video, and Spazz Heavy. ^^]

As you may know, this year was the first time SM TOWN Live went overseas to a non-Asian country, performing in the United States. The lucky city was of course, Los Angeles, aka The City of Angels (Is there a more fitting name for JeTi Soshi?). A few of our staffers have traveled quite far to see the concert, coming from Boston on the East Coast, as well as Canada. (Although some fans came from even further places such as Europe and Australia.. SONEs jjang!)

Ruraldaze has already covered the event with preliminary pictures and fancams, but we wanted to make an additional post with our own fan accounts, pics, and fancams to share with everyone. We’ll try to describe the whole experience for our readers, especially if they weren’t able to attend (although you are welcome to skip all the text and go straight to the fancams/pictures below). We’re a bit late on the post considering it’s already been a week since the concert (T__T),  but that couldn’t be helped since school started immediately after the day we got back from LA. Lots of content below though, so we hope it was worth the wait!

It is Saturday, the day of the concert. After managing to wake up mid-morning from a late night out on Friday, we hit up the Starbucks nearby to chill for a bit since there was some time to kill before the Soshified meet-up. While checking up on e-mails and sporting our bright pink SSF tees, 2 ELFs (Super Junior fans) came into the shop and approached us. They recognized that we were SONEs from our apparel, and kindly offered to share some fancams with us of the girls rehearsing in the Staples Center. Apparently there was a good view from outside of the rehearsal, and the girls even waved at them. According to the fan account of the 2 ELFs, the curtains closed soon after when people started gathering to see what was going on. From the video, we saw parts of the girls rehearsing for Genie; that really got us hyped up for the concert. ^^

The 2 girls parted a short while after sharing the clip, and the gesture was much appreciated. We never revealed that we were writers, nor felt the need to.. but if you happen to be the 2 ELFs that day reading this, a big shout out to you guys for being awesome. While we all have our favourite groups and fanclub affiliations, it’s good to know that we can still set aside our biases and share with other fans to make their experience more enjoyable. =]

LA LIVE at Night~

Eventually, it was time for the Soshified Meet-up at the convention center. Thanks to SSF’s organization and efforts to unite SONEs, the meet-up was very successful. Upon arrival, we were surprised to see a long line of fans waiting to go into the room. It was actually so long that it snaked around and took up both sides of the hallway as seen in the pictures below. The diversity of fans was amazing – people from varying age groups, races, and nationalities were present, in addition to a great turnout from both genders. Entering the room, we were greeted by volunteers handing out booklets containing fanchants and activities. (Shout out to SAM, one of our friends that was volunteering at the event!). Proceeding to the table to pick up our goodie packs (and t-shirts too… but we got those the night before), the room was becoming increasingly pink.

It’s hard to put a gauge on how many Sones attended, but it was an amazing sight; a rough estimate would be in the fairly high hundreds. Apparently KBS/MBC(?) from Korea were present to do a report and even interviewed some Sones! The clip is scheduled to be broadcasted in mid-September so keep an eye out on Soshified. Here’s the reporter and cameraman from the broadcasting station:

Various stations were set-up in the room, including a giant SNSD cutout from the Samyang promotions a while back to take pictures with. XD There was also banner signing for messages to the girls, face/body painting, a dice game for raffle tickets, and star card trading. A lot of the cards (as well as other costs) were donated by Soshified staff… we just can’t give enough praise to them haha. Thank you.

There was a really pretty cake of the girls, much like the ones you see in Korea. It wasn’t meant for eating however, as it would be far too sweet. Great eye candy though nonetheless.

After the meet-up, we went to Japanese restaurant Katsuya nearby for some awesome Sushi, and then headed towards the Staples Center. Despite being a little over an hour left before the concert, the plaza was already PACKED with fans~

We got into the venue, found our Floor 3 seats, and were ready for the concert. The size of the venue was quite a sight, even though it’s a similar capacity to other sporting stadiums. Knowing that everyone present was a kpop fan of some sort probably made the feeling that much more overwhelming. All of the artists were amazing live, fancams and even official recordings don’t display their talents. We also saw a boom arm with a special dual camera setup.. which we suspect was used for filming in 3D. The atmosphere was very cheerful as everyone anticipated for their favourite artists to come out and the pink ocean was starting to form on the floor.

There were many SM idols that went on stage and performed, including actors and actresses, such as Kim Min Jong, Go Ara, and Lee Yeon Hee. Since snsdkorean is mainly based on the girls, we’ll start with sharing fancams/pictures of only SNSD.

Firstly, here’s some of the SM Family videos that feature the girls.

The Jung-sisters’ duet was before SNSD’s performances. Jessica and Krystal performed “Tik Tok” perfectly.

(thanks to mister E.W for sharing the Jungsisters’ duet video)

Seohyun and Kyuhyun had a duet a bit after, but we weren’t able to record it. We took pictures, but unfortunately no fancams from our side.

The first song SNSD performed together as 9 was “Run Devil Run” and we weren’t ready at all to tell you the truth. It was because Sones were anticipating the girls to perform, but there were like more than seven performances before they came out. They just popped out of nowhere in their dark glittery jackets. Our friend also helped us record the performance, so there’s 2 videos of the performance — (thanks to mister E.W for sharing the first video).

After “RDR,” they introduced themselves, talked a bit, took off their dark jackets (they wore GG tanks and plaid skirts under like what they did for the Seoul concert), and performed “Kissing You.”

* this video got cropped and edited because some of the parts were way too shaky or was filming towards the floor. We were running around to where the girls were since they were running up and down the runway stage.

“Himnae”/”Way To Go” was next.

* this video got cropped and edited because some of the parts were way too shaky or was filming towards the floor. We were running around to where the girls were since they were running up and down the runway stage.

They went in for a bit and then came back to perform “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish Remix Ver.”

They went in for a bit again and came back to perform “Oh!” We were able to stand so close to them, it was so surreal. We were looking up at them the whole time it was AHHH! Lots of screaming from both genders could be heard throughout, and fanchants were a bit off but that’s okay!

The same went for “Gee.” We stood so close to them. It was indescribable how gorgeous they looked. They were literally glowing like angels (but…it could have been the effect of the stage lights lol jk). Pictures really do not do any of them justice. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a fancam of “Gee.”

Towards the end of the concert, there was also a dance battle/dance chain featuring Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, and Sooyoung. SHINee’s Minho & Taemin, F(X)’s Victoria & Luna, and Super Junior’s Donghae, Shindong, and Eunhyuk were also part of the dance battle/chain.

The dance battle/chain was hot. Everyone was screaming and by the time it started, everyone was drenched in sweat.

[For ending/closing performance featuring SNSD, check the bottom of the post.]


Now, here are the non-SNSD related goodies for those who are curious about the  other SM members at the concert.

From what we can remember (we apologize if we mixed up the order of the performers/songs), the first performer who opened the concert was a singer by the name of Jamie. She played the guitar while singing and it was a beautiful performance. She said that a lot of people might not know about her because she’s only active in Japan.

The next performers were Dana and Sunny from CSJH the Grace. They both sang solo songs and then came together for a duet. They sang “My Everything,” one of our favorite CSJH songs.

Then Jang Ri In/Zhang Li Yin performed.

She was beautiful and so was her singing!

TRAX later went on stage and performed. Although we’re not ardent fans of TRAX, they were charming, especially the vocalist.

Kang Ta also took the stage. He performed a few ballads and sang a duet with actress Go Ara. Go Ara was beautiful and cute. The duet was “7989”, which the original singers are Kang Ta and Taeyeon. We did have fancams and pictures of the performances, but it was mistakenly deleted from the SD memory card in a rush to make space for SNSD performances =X. Ferrerorocher9 really regretted deleting the duet because it was really amazing. Onew was also featured in the performance like in the Seoul performance.

Kang Ta’s sunbae, Kim Jong Min, took the stage after Kang Ta after Kang Ta introduced him. Kim Jong Min is both a singer and actor. He performed a ballad song and then a up-beat song next. We weren’t able to get any fancams or pictures of him =/

Artist Lee Yeon Hee also came on stage to perform an English song, “Slow Motion”, while SHINee’s Taemin was playing the piano nearby.

F(X) went on stage next to perform “Lachata.” To make it more organized, we’ll just gather all the goodies of each artist we have together and disregard the order of the performances since artists came on and off the stage many times, while other artists performed in-between. Amber was missing. F(X)’s performances were great, but it would have been perfect if all 5 members performed together.

Not being bias or anything, but I (ferrerorocher9) noticed Krystal and Luna the most. They were amazing!

F(X) also performed “Chu”, “Nu Abo”, and “Mr. Boogie”.

F(X)’s Luna was also part of a Chinese duet with Super Junior M’s Zhoumi. They sang Wang Lee Hom’s “Another Heaven.” The duet was seriously beautiful and touching.

Super Junior M’s Henry and Super Junior’s Heechul also had a performance together. Henry came out playing the violin aggressively while charmingly and Heechul came out to perform Ivy’s “Sonata Of Temptation”. Henry and Heechul kissed during the performance, which was expected lol.

Other Super Junior performances include “Super Girl”, “Sorry Sorry Remix Ver.”, “Don Don”, “Dancing Out”, “U”, “BONAMANA”, “A Man In Love”, “Sea Of Love” featuring SUJU’s Yesung & SHINee’s Jonghyun, and “Don Don Remix Ver.” featuring members from SUJU, SHINee, Trax, and DBSK. (Might have been more, but those are the ones we can recall and we weren’t able to record all of them).

*Recommended to watch — really close up. The boys were very handsome seeing them up close.

*Recommended for fangirls to watch because Siwon flashed his chocolate abs up close to us lol. -drools-
[For “Don Don Remix Ver.” featuring members from SUJU, SHINee, Trax, and DBSK, look under DBSK goodies below]

As for SHINee, they went on stage to sing “Replay”/”Noona Is So Pretty” first. You can hear fangirls screaming for them. They were really handsome in real life. Taemin is certainly a pretty boy. They also performed “Stand By Me” (OST song from Korean drama, Boys Over Flower), “Juliet”, “Ring Dong Ding”, “Quasimodo”, “Up & Down”, “Lucifer,” and was part of “Don Don Remix Ver.” with other male SM artists. (Might have been more, but those are the ones we can recall).

We weren’t able to record all of their performances :[

[For “Don Don Remix Ver.” featuring members from SUJU, SHINee, Trax, and DBSK, look under DBSK goodies below]

When BoA came on stage, both fangirls and fanboys cheered for her. She is really a respectable and charismatic artist. Ferrerorocher9 spazzed because she got to see BoA close up in real life and she has been a fan of BoA since 4th grade — a fan of 9/10 years now. BoA performed “My Name”, “I Did It For Love”, “Energetic”, “Dangerous”, and “Hurricane Venus”. If only she also she performed “No.1”.

*Recommended to watch because of close up towards the middle. The performance featured SHINee’s Key.

BoA had to re-perform “Dangerous” because the first time her earpiece wasn’t working so she stopped the performance cutely and said in English that she couldn’t hear herself. She is such an adorable person.

DBSK took the stage late. They came out towards the end of the concert, but that’s Ok because their entrance was bizarre! Yunho and Changmin rose to the ceiling of the venue and came back down. It was really epic and you can hear fangirls screaming.

And here are the cuts of the “Don Don Remix Ver.” performance featuring members from SUJU, SHINee, Trax, and DBSK.

DBSK performed a medley of their songs, including “Mirotic”, but we weren’t able to record fancams nor take pictures because our batteries died on us or there weren’t enough memory in the SD card. We tried to save the memory for the closing/ending when the SM Family gathered together. Sorry Cassiopeias :[

And last but not least was the ending/closing. They performed an SM TOWN song together, ran up and down the stage runway –touching fans, bowed at the end stage, run back to the top stage, bowed, did the fake exit, came back, bowed again, thanked their fans, and really exited the stage. We felt sad as they exited the stage. Even though the concert was 4 hours long (from 7-11PM), we wanted more. We were disappointed they didn’t perform SM TOWN songs, like “Let’s Go On Vacation”, but then by 11, we were totally pooped out. We lost our voices and were drenched in sweat from jumping and running around in the floor. Some of the SNSD members (especially Taeyeon :D, Yoona, and Seohyun) touched our hands when they ran up and down the runway stage.

Now, we would like to present our encounters with SNSD outside of the concert. On the day after the concert, before the girls departed for Korea, we saw Yuri, Sunny, and F(X) at the Sheraton hotel. Our group never had any intentions of going to the Sheraton, but as we headed out in the car for our day plans, we decided to stop by the hotel on a whim and was it ever worth it. We saw F(X) members come out of their 2 vans and walk into the hotel, but we didn’t get any fancam or pictures. Krystal was really tall. One of our friends that we made in LA, (SHOUT OUT TO NICKI!) said hi to Luna, and Luna said hi and waved back to her. Lucky girl :]!

Fans at the Sheraton

We saw Sunny outside the hotel entrance as well, but didn’t record or take pictures because we didn’t know it was Sunny. Why? We didn’t recognize her because she looked uberrr rich and too tall to be Sunny. She wore aviators, a baseball cap with gold on it, a scarf, and extremely tall heels. What stumped us was that she didn’t come out of the usual artist vans, but a car with a man and a woman (we think they were her aunt and uncle). She wasn’t with the other members either. It was just her and the 2 other adults. They stopped at the drive-in where valet was, came out of the car, talked a bit (we heard the man tell one of the managers who guarded outside) that they were only gonna talk for a bit, drop her off, and leave. Sunny was facing towards us, but we didn’t know who it was. She looked like she was sad about something =/

Our friend Nicki said it was Sunny, but we didn’t believe her because we thought she looked way too tall since we didn’t notice her tall heels. We looked at Sunny when she came out of the regular 4 door car and wondered who that was. We thought that the young lady was so pretty, she must be famous…maybe an actress? We realized that it was really Sunny when pictures of the girls arriving in Korea surfaced the net.

This was what she looked like when she came out of the car :] She was really stylish and pretty.

We were also able to see Yuri in Victoria’s Secret in the plaza that was attached to the Sheraton hotel and going to Sheraton’s elevator. She was extremely pretty and tall. We didn’t film her shopping and only started as she came out of the store as we didn’t believe it would be appropriate.

One of our friends, Anh (SHOUT OUT FOR ANH), was able to see Jessica come into Sheraton’s lobby. We weren’t there cause we were both in the plaza where Yuri was. Anh told us Jessica was really pretty and sweet to her fans.

Overall, the concert and experience was truly amazing. We can say that after seeing SNSD in real life, our life is complete. XD Hopefully, there’ll be another SM TOWN Live Concert again next year. We would go in a heartbeat although we are dead broke at the moment lol. If there’s another one next year, we hope more of our staffs and even more SONEs will go. It was really fun meeting each other in real life (as well as other strangers!) and becoming close. Hope our readers enjoyed the post and sorry for the delay!

Post-concert depression on a Sunday morning.

Article written by & source: ferrerorocher9@snsdkorean.wordpress.com (joyceeishungee@youtube) + greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com

Credits for all pictures/fancams: ferrerorocher9@snsdkorean.wordpress.com (joyceeishungee@youtube) + greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com + our friend, Eric W. (SHOUT OUT FOR ERIC — Chicken Legs :])