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I apologize if it’s all over the place, but because I’m in a rush, I’ve compiled some of the recent updates in a single post–from the latest SPAO and Vita500 pictures, SM Town 3D Blu-Ray, Jessica and designer Son Jung Wan, events, to rumors and tidbits.

Though the girls ended ‘Hoot’ promotional activities 3 months ago, it can’t be denied that they are still kept busy and a representative of SM Entertainment recently affirmed this:

This year, SNSD have been chosen as models for various CF namely Intel, Woongjin Coway’s WaterPurifier, Vita500, etc. Even nowadays, they are still actively doing CF-related activities. After the release of SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single, ‘Mr.Taxi’ on April 13th,they will be preparing for related promotional activities of the single. In the future, there are also plans to produce other albums in Japan as well…Even after completing ‘Hoot”s promotional activities, the girls are still having a busy lifestyle everyday

Source: mtstarnews.co.kr & Fanwonder

With that in mind, let’s talk about what the girls have been up to as well as rumors and tidbits.

Regarding their CF-related activities,

Woongjin CM song is coming out on April 8th along with new CF

Source: chichinchu@Twitter


Speaking of which,

A new Coway picture of Taeyeon:


Pictures from Woongjin Coway event on the 26th, which things like mousepads were given out:


Yoona and Seohyun have been shooting a daum CF


It’s also rumored that,

[Rumor] Sunny & Yoona will record SBS ‘Running Man’ on April 4th

Source: Yurui912 @ twitter

and if you forgot, Jessica and Yuri have been on that show before.


New Goobne Chicken calendar wallpaper for April, featuring Taeyeon (3 different resolutions):


A few new SPAO promos with a similar concept as a previous batch of SPAO pictures:


A few new Vita500 pictures (don’t forget to check the new batch of vita500 pictures):

Seohyun Vita500 shooting–


Pictures from a shooting (not sure what the photoshoot was for):


Jessica featured on a newspaper (Son Jung Wan & Jessica -「Designer & Muse」”) with designer, Son Jung Wan, and other related pictures.

Translated article that went with it:


Lady, to woman…. woman, to maestro“I shouted out as soon as I saw her. I don’t want to be remembered as just cute idol. Find me characteristics that I didn’t know that I had myself.”
“Lady who just appeared in front of me….her sophisticated youth, elegant look inspired me from deep inside.”

I was hungry, impatient, and needed someone. Then, meeting between Son Jungwan and Girls’ Generation Jessica – “Designer and muse’ the second story.

“I was hungry for challenge. I was needlessly impatient for thinking that I shouldn’t settle for current success. I needed young muse that need to move me, and then I met Jessica. As soon as I saw her, I thought ‘Ah, she can inspire me’.(Son Jungwan)

“I was the one who found her first. 3~4 years ago, I was avaricious wanting to get out of image as cute idol singer. I remember what I shouted as soon as I saw her. ‘Help me find me characteristics that I didn’t know that I had myself!'” (Jessica)

Designer Son Jungwan(52) and idol group Girls’ Generation member Jessica(22, Jung Sooyeon), met for first time 4 years ago. The relationship started when Jessica came to Son’s fashion show and greeted. At then, they didn’t know each other.
They met at perfect timing unexpectedly, in a way that they both wanted to break out of the barrier of desires they had. Like that, they just had brief greetings and had its turning point.

Designer and muse dreaming of evolution

The first question that was directed at them was about ‘change’.

-They said they both have new turning point.

Son: I came back after finishing a show at Lincoln Center in New York on Feb. 17th. I got on the New york fashion week stage for first time in 24 years since debut. Out of 147 designers who were on the show, I was one of the 15 people whom youtube broadcasted live. Actor Allen Rickman, Singer Aubrey O’Day came to watch the show. I was full of joy when I saw 450 seats and standing seat all filled.

Jessica: I’m in the recording room day and night to prepare for new album in Japan that will be out in early April. I was busy taking album pictures. If I had time, I wanted to go to go her New York show….

-Do you remember the first time you met each other?

Son: We greeted in fashion show stage. When people think of idol singers, most just think of cute image. I did too. But Jessica looked a little different. She greeted me in sincerely and her attitude had elegance. Should I say I saw sophisticated youth, and elegance look?

Jessica: I greeted her nervously because she was a designer I always looked up to. She took it cheerfully and I became relieved right away. So I asked her right away which cloth she liked out of all her work.

-When did you start dreaming about change through each other?

Son: From last year, I always thought of wanting to debut in New York. But it’s been 20 years which I didn’t.
I’m a successful designer in Korea. But I wanted to go on new stage with more powerful piece. Then, Jessica’s joke gave me great idea, when she said ‘When you sketch, I think you will be successful in New York if you make cloth for people of my generation’. As soon as I heard that, I thought ‘She is right’. I grabbed a pen right away and started planning ideas for New York collection.

Jessica: I think I changed my style from couple years ago by looking at her collection. Because of barrier that I was ‘Sonyuh singer'(sonyuh means lady), I always got on stage wearing cute clothes, and didn’t wear skirts that much thinking that I might look old.
But after I started musicals and debuting in Japan, I restarted the thought that ‘I need to be different’. Then, her collection was big influence on me. I changed my style to more romantic and mature clothing.

-Son, uniting two different charms-Did the cloth Jessica wore today come from this background?

Son: Yes. It’s mysterious colored silk dress that is neither gold nor gray. I wanted to make cloth that gave satisfactory feel without any exposure. It was a cloth that I put out for New York collection stage, but was also for Jessica.

Jessica: I love it. I think others will say this is the first time seeing this side of me. When I looked through this New York show lookbook, should I say it was a combination of material that people think it wouldn’t be suitable? It was mysterious and complex feelings.

Son: How did she know? It’s actually complex and messy when I mix materials such as beads, knit, silk, leather, and milk. I wanted to mix these and produce creative cloth never seen before. It’s a cloth that looks like a child, but when you look again, it produces full of maturity, innocence, and has smoothing appeal, like Jessica (laughs).

-Jessica, becoming a woman

-I hear Jessica specifically ordered cloth from designer Son.

I always order. I asked her to make many clothes for people who aren’t so tall like me(164cm)(laughs). But surprisingly, she offered me long dress, like skirt that I wore in last year’s Seoul fashion week. Before that, I didn’t wear much because I didn’t have much courage. But when I wore it, I looked much more slim, and more feminine. These days, I’m taking her advice trying to wear boot cut trousers.

Son: Since I went to New York after getting influenced by Jessica, I think it’s her turn to start a new adventure. I think it’s fine to try 1970’s fashion in Japanese stage. It’s okay to give voluptuous feel, and I’m thinking about going to New York stage again in autumn, with new set of mind.

Jessica: I found change in myself because of her. Should I say evolving into a singer with creating a style for myself rather than passive idol? I’m happy to get that chance. Because endless change means youth.

Sources: Chosun + (Translations) 오이사랑싴@soshified.com


Other notable updates:

According to Soshified, on the 27th, SM Entertainment held an event at the company’s building in Cheongdam, where Stanford University students, as part of their ‘Korea Global Study Trip 2011’, a 27-days program, attended. At the event, there were talk sessions regarding SM Entertainment’s successful business strategies. Reportedly, SM producer, Lee Sooman was present as well as a group of SME artists, including some of the girls (looks like only Jessica and Tiffany to me), f(x), SHINee, Kang Ta, and ZhangLiyin.


And speaking of SME, amo1003@Twitter tweeted what seems to be an exclusive SM Town 3D Blu-Ray disc of the ‘SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR IN L.A.‘ that is unfortunately, for Samsung promotional uses only (grr I seriously wish they would release it now!).


Fantaken pictures of the girls shopping at the airport at the time when they were leaving for MBC’s ‘Korean Music Wave In Bangkok’, which haven’t surfaced until recently:


Additional Random Updates:

Former SM trainee who was prepared to debut as a member of SNSD, but gave up to focus on studying, Jang Hajin, recently pubished her autobiography entitled ‘소원을 말해 봐 (Tell Me Your Wish)’. Aside from mentioning her first impression of Yoona,

“When I met sister (unnie) for the first time, I thought she was really pretty. She seemed to look like a Barbie doll. Although she was darker back then, she looked prettier as she gave me an exotic feel to my eyes…I was wondering if she’s a Buddha because she was really kind and easy-going by nature and she never gossiped or spoken ill about others. Within the 3-year training period, I have never seen my sister in an argument or got angry with others. She was the ‘mood maker’ as she did funny acts like immitating gagmen/comedians as well as cheering her juniors on. She did everything the trainers told her to do and her outstanding talent shone.”

Source: Fanwonder

the ex-member also included Christmas cards from Yoona, Seohyun, and Sooyoung in her autobiography.

T-ara’s Hyomin, recently tweeted about Sunny,
Translation: what is this..? it’s so funny~ hehe. yes, that’s my real inner feelings http://t.co/LyIFR4nvia
Source: _shikshin@Twitter
Trailer of the movie ‘Sunny’. Theme Song – ‘Sunny’. Strange enough, the rival group in the movie is ‘SNSD’ – http://bit.ly/hGt4SN
Source: Fanwonder

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