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You know K-pop had made it big when MTV launches a whole new channel just for it. So what does this got to do with our girls?
Apparantly the staffers of MTV K had gone behind the scenes at one of the SM Town Live ‘ 10 concerts and got various bands under the SM family to congratulate them on their opening,namely f(x),SHINee,SNSD & Super Junior.
Check out the video as followed (English subbed)!

To view it,click on the underlined ‘MTV K’ as seen below. You would be directed to the official website itself,whereby you would see the post. After which,click on either on the title or the preview picture and ta-da! There you go.

MTV IggyCongratulations on the Launch of MTV K!

Seohyun was missing in the video for some unknown reasons.
Go under the cut for the official photos!

Right now the girls are settled in Japan to continue their Genie promotion,so stay tuned to this site for more updates!

Source : Soompi
Credits : ukuhiko,drjc & §随你而飞§@Baidu,mtviggy.com