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Aside from her beautiful face and singing, is Taeng’s great personalty. Let’s take the opportunity to talk about her personality that has made her such an incredible and lovable person in celebration of her birthday.

Since her favorite number is 9 (i wonder if you guys know why this is? :] quizzing Sones’ knowledge haha), I’ll elaborate on just 9 traits.

From what many of us can see, Taeng is:

1. Pure

She has a pure heart or you can describe her as having a heart of gold like MAMA TAENG had before in an exclusive interview. Not only is Taeyeon caring, especially toward her members,

but she is also giving toward others.

  • SNSD Fact: Taengoo once cried because she felt bad that while the members were eating on the table, the staff were eating on the floor.Source: Soshified
  • In a fanaccount, in which someone visited Taeyeon’s parent’s glasses shop, Taeyeon’s mother talked about her conversation with her daughter regarding an SM Town Live Concert in Seoul:

    Teayeon’s Mother:
    “It’s exhausting to work so hard singing and dancing on stage when the weather’s hot, isn’t it?”

    Taeyeon’s reply:
    “But we are able to go backstage and rest where it’s cool…
    The fans have to keep watching where it’s hot…
    Why would I be exhausted?… the fans are probably exhausted…”

    Source: Bestiz  + taengpa + taengbear@soshified.com

2. Ahjumma-style

In Korean, ‘Ahjumma’ is usually what someone would call a female who is married or old like in their 30s or above. Taeyeon is totally ahjumma-style and to many, she’s nicknamed ‘Jummataeng’; she acts like one and she talks like one.

    (at 1:16 in the video)

She even laughs like one.

    (at 0:18)

3. Independent

We’ve witnessed this when she took on solo activities, which she was able to manage them on her own successfully.

  • Certainly, we all prefer her together with the other 8 members, but when Taeyeon promotes her solos and sings on stage by herself, she never fails to manage it on her own. Usually when she releases a solo track, they quickly top the music charts–‘If’, ‘Can You Hear Me’, and ‘I Love You’.

  • When Super Junior’s Kangin, her co-host on ‘Chin Chin’ left, she continued to host the radio show by herself 2 hours everyday for over a year (considering that Kangin’s last day hosting was the 19th of April 2009 and Taeyeon’s was the 25th of April 2010). She was able to hold it down!

4. Courageous

She’s not afraid of trying new things.

  • Whether it is jumping off cliffs and diving into the water,

  • Or bungee-jumping for the first time.

She’s not afraid to stand forth to confront things either.

  • If you recalled, with the issue of her ear-piece during her performance of ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ last year, she bravely voiced her opinion about Music Bank live on broadcast.

  • I want to give a round of applause for all the artists out there because they are working so hard and doing so well so I hope that music bank will provide all the artists with the best environment so they can perform their best.

5. Passionate

Many would agree that she is one very passionate person in terms of music.

  • In an interview, her vocal mentor, The One, commented on Taeyeon’s dedication when the two were recording for ‘Like A Star’:

    When recording overran to past 11:30 at night, I told Taeyeon to hurry home, mistakenly thinking that she was still a High School student. But Taeyeon has already matured into a respectable lady; she said that she would stay until we’d finished recording

    Source: oniontaker@soshified.com + 최나영 nyc@osen.co.kr

In general, though, she’s also works hard and puts in effort in everything she does. We can’t forget that last year, she had to host ‘Chin Chin’ by her herself everyday and MC on the variety show, ‘Win Win’, during the girls’ ‘Run Devil Run’ promotions.

  • At one point, she became sick due to her busy schedule, but still tried to come to the studio to record ‘Win Win’ only to leave because she was too sick. In that episode that Taeyeon was suppose to film, but wasn’t present along with the MCs, the other MCs stated:

    TaeYeon will not take part in the filming due to fatigue and flu from her busy schedule.” Choi HwaJung also added, “TaeYeon came down for the filming but she was not in a good condition that she was even crying. Since it is hard for her to do the filming, she went back.
    Source: sookyeong

6. Optimistic

Taeyeon is usually seen optimistic, especially when it comes to her short height. Bullies People tall like Sooyoung may tease her about her height, but she still thinks she can grow; “The hospital said so. ‘Your growth hormones have not stopped yet! You’re so lucky you might never need the top HGH products for sale, ever!'”

(at 1:06)

7. Fierce

Aside from being cute with her aegyo, she can be fierce too. Unlike her fellow members, she i’snt one to be known for her S-line, but that doesn’t stop her from having a sexy side to her.

8. Kinky

As the birthday post about the ‘Not Your Ordinary Leader’ from yesterday pointed out, Taeyeon has a kinky side to her as well. I’ll let the gif and videos speak for themselves.

9. Dorky
Saving best for last! Tying with her aegyo that she says she hates, but hypocritically does naturally, this very trait is of course, something we can’t forget about her personalty.  Even though she’s the oldest out of all the members, she could be considered the most bubbly and adorable member. Why? She’s an ultimate dork!

All these personality traits are the few that make her the special person she is. Hopefully, her personalty won’t ever change.. And with this, I’d like to share a fanvid I’ve made in celebration of the lovable kid leader’s birthday. (It’s my first time making a fan-video so I apologize if it’s not that great)

Download Link

(youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf842qUb_50 ; the actual audio was blocked for this and had to be replaced unfortunately)

On the 9th, Taeng will be officially turning 22 (23 in Korea). Happy birthday, Kim Taeyeon! Let’s all wish her a happy birthday and please remember to check back tomorrow for another Taeng birthday post!

Written by: ferrerorocher9@snsdkorean.com

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