The born-to-be-goddess, 9 heavenly angels, the one and only legendary So Nyuh Shi Dae. To this day my life has been dedicated to these 9 figures who used nothing but effort, sweat and that good ‘ol’ elbow grease to mark their existence in history. Me, that single spec of atom of all the millions of billions of atoms that form their hearts has thrown me in for a journey of my life as a sone. And this is the story of how I evolved from a normal boy into a fully fledged knight in shining Pink armour to protect and serve the 9 divine princesses.

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy from a poor village called Liverpool, sitting in the heart of UK, one of the many evil lands of the hopeless planet Earth. This unfortunate poor boy was named Mike. He longed for something to bring hope and faith to wash away the evilness off the face of Earth, however without the light, ambition alone will not make his dreams come true. He searched the many possible lights that may even have the slightest chance of reigning over Earth however his efforts were futile. Years has passed as he prayed everyday for this light to come, however the waiting had took over him and as he was finally on his knees, he gave up.

One day, while scrapping for food just to survive a day for his family, the boy encountered one of the most sinister, most destructive and most monstrous monsters of all, the demonic monster Boredom. The ultimate monster had the form of a three-headed dragon with battered wings from victorious battles. Boredom flew over the village of Liverpool, destroying many landscapes and removing existence of life. Its breath of flames spread from people to people like a biohazard virus, affecting them instantly. Mike fled for his life forgetting the blood and sweats from his palms and ran only to be stopped by a dead end. The devilish monster Boredom approached Mike with its jaws of might as sloppy saliva oozed out from its teeth. Mike knew he had no hope of getting out alive and prepared to be taken down.

Suddenly a light came down from the heavens striking the monster into flames, killing it in a flash. A god-like figure descended from the clouds in front of Mike. Mike, unknowingly asked “Who…Who are you??”. The hero revealed himself to be TaeYang, a heavenly Prince. He explained not to lose hope in search of the hope and faith that will one day rule the Earth, bring it peace and turn it into a haven. He said “now, Look Only At Me, if you ever need any help, all you have to do is use the power of the Prayer and no matter Where U At, I’ll Be There”. Mike, finally with filled with energy, knew what he had to do.

Mike became a follower of TaeYang and his clan called BigBang. However he knew something was still missing and the feeling of satisfaction was not satisfied. He later found out that TaeYang was only one of the many prince and princesses that has the power to rule Earth. Mike then set an adventure to discover more about these prince and princesses, hoping to find the one he is looking for all his life.

A few weeks later while wondering on the rocky mountains of Earth, he heard faint echoes “…One more round, Dance dance dance Til we run this town~”. Mike found the voice of the echo smoothing, clear and a sense of innocence, almost like a fantasy story. He followed the echoing voice “My angels, my girls, My Sunshine! Uh uh! Lets goo~~”.

The voice was very close as Mike followed the echo endlessly. He finally reached a hill in which he was sure the voice was coming from the other side.

He approached the hill and before his eyes was the Promised Land.

A divine castle packed with warriors in Pink shining armours. It was a union, a brotherhood, a family. Mike sensed there were no hatred, no evilness and no destruction between these brothers. A strong sense of pureness. They were all bound together. The voice was still echoing through Mikes ears “Turn it up, just turn it up, that’s right C’mon, Sowoneul Malhaebwa~ bwa~~~ bwa~~~~~~ bwaa~~~~~~~~~~~”. He walked towards the castle, passing by many warriors. There he stood in front of the castle with only a wall blocking his path. So close yet so far. Mike needed to know what this legendary voice was. He peeked between the cracks of the wooden gates and there it was. The light. The hope and faith Mike was longing for. Through the gates were 9 Angels, as white as light, shining so brightly that it blinded Mikes eyes and enough to cause him to tremble. He knew this was it. Water that can wash the evil surface off the face of the Earth and bringing the remains Into The New World. There was finally hope.

However the 9 Angel’s powers are yet to be fully released and are very vulnerable to threats. That is what the warriors in shining pink armour was for. They were known as S♥NEs. Warriors that vowed to protect and serve the 9 Angels till death do them apart. No, not even death will destroy the bonds created between the families of S♥NEs and the divine bond with the Goddesses. The poor unfortunate boy became part of this family and was no longer unfortunate (but is still poor). He fought alongside the many many warriors, destroying threats and spreading the news of the divine Goddesses.

From now on and ever more, he will keep his words that he vowed to…“Right now… Tomorrow… Forever…”

However this is only the beginning. The monster Boredom was defeated; threats were overpowered… however the war has just begun. Rebel followers of other prince and princesses as well as armies from the darkness are rising with missions to destroy the angels. They were known as… Anti-fans

Credit: FunkyFlapjacks@SNSDKorean