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1) you WILL fall in LOVE and convert to Soshism

2) excessive spazzing is known to induce exploding imaginations and therefore lead to a  S<3ne comatose state

The staffers of SNSDKorean are not responsible for either conditions (well maybe just the first).


So for the faithful listeners who had listened to SK’s last podcast……. here’s what you’ve been waiting for! 😀

I sat down and had a 2-hour heart to heart talk with none other than our kid leader TaeYeon’s very own mother and let me dispel any rumors or thoughts about TaeYeon ever getting plastic surgery –it’s impossible or at the very least, improbable, TaeYeon’s mom is too beautiful for those genes to NOT be passed down.

I was actually star-struck when I met her, maybe just a fraction less than of what it’d feel like to actually meet a member (which I hope is someday soon~).

Last week I went to TaeYeon’s parents’ Eyebis shop in SeoDo Grand Plaza, Jeonju to set up the interview and my friend that accompanied me told me I had no shot in a baby’s rear end to get an interview because what I was asking for was simply said: uncommon and maybe a little intrusive in the Korean culture. Something I didn’t know, my friend who is teaching English in South Korea explained it to me in detail afterwards.

But gee (gee gee~) golly willikers Batman, I guess my Communications Degree paid off because your lovely eyes are currently reading an exclusive! >:]

TaeYeon’s mother was glad to answer any questions on the spot but I was lacking in paper, pencil, the right mindset, questions so over this last week I compiled over 9,000 100 questions by our lovely staffers and narrowed it down to oh, say thirty four-ish.

This week as we came into the shop we were an audience of 5 —–2 fan girls who came from Seoul, a woman who works for a secret SNSD Korean website (real “hush hush,” she and MAMATAENG must have been close somehow because she got a hug at the end -ㅅ-;; jealous), my friend and myself.

The gathering took place right in the midst of TaeYeon’s little shrine in the corner of the shop. (Click the following link to view the shop)

TaeYeon’s Corner 😀

MAMATAENG was not only nice enough to peel and cut apples for us while we spoke to her, but she busted out her fine dining dishes and served us coffee and tea.  T’was a classy china set for a classy lady.

LE Interview:

M -MAEniac

TM -TaeYeon’s Mom

*extra side notes to read if dialogue is out of context

M: The girls have just created history with their GDA winnings, how do you feel seeing your 9 daughters accomplish such a feat?

TM: When we (TaeYeon) and I spoke on the phone she said, ” ‘It wasn’t us. The fans really did it.’ ” I feel as though they are really appreciated. ^_^

M: Do you know how the girls celebrated?

TM: I don’t know.  Maybe 회식 (hwaeshik)?*

*co-workers gathering –usually involves dinner and drinking

M: For every award SNSD wins, does each member get their own award for home?

TM: There’s only one trophy for the entire team.

M: How well do you know the other girls’ family members? (I heard the parents had gatherings and called each other whenever SNSD won.)

TM: It’s too hard to arrange big family parties, so sometimes the moms just hang out.  We’re ‘Jumma Shi Dae!

*Ahjumma = married women with children/middle aged women

M: Do TaeYeon’s siblings monitor her when she’s on tv?

TM: Her brother is in the army so he probably sees her all the time.  Her little sister does.

M: Will SNSD be doing any performances for TaeYeon’s brother anytime soon?

TM: TaeYeon can visit her brother one-on-one but it’s up to management to setup performances.

M: How does her little sister act when she sees her older sister on tv?

TM: Haha. She’s jealous, but very proud at the same time because she sees TaeYeon as very strong and brave.

M: Does your youngest daughter want to be a singer like her older sister?

TM: We talked about it.  She wants to be a singer but after seeing TaeYeon struggle, she’s thinking hard about it.

M: How do you like TaeYeon’s new haircut?

TM: I really like it, that’s how I’ve always wanted it.  It was TaeYeon’s idea to put the dyed touch on the ends though. :]

M: What is your favorite song on the “Hoot” album?

TM: “Hoot” and then “Mistake.”

M: “Mistake” is my favorite too ^^.  How often do you see TaeYeon or the girls’ dorm?

TM: Sometimes once a month, but TaeYeon is so busy sometimes that it’s not possible.  If I do, it’s 2 hours at the most, just to change the bedsheet covers or to have a small chat.

M: Change the sheets?  That’s so motherly of you. Haha. ^^.  Did you notice her potential to be a singer when she was a child?

TM: When she was young and people saw her, they would always tell me to take her to Seoul.*  When she was in pre-school she would come home and turn on music then start dancing by herself.  It was so cute but I didn’t really understand why a kid would do that until she got into Middle School.  She won a performance award in 6th grade where she beat out the 7th and 8th graders.*

*taking TaeYeon to Seoul with the hopes of getting her discovered

*it is assumed her Middle School was grades 6th, 7th and 8th and the competition was a school-wide competition

M: What inspired her to actually try out for the SME auditions?

TM: It was TaeYeon’s 7th grade summer vacation and she was really into J-Pop and BoA at the time so she really liked S.M.  She looked up on the Internet things about S.M. and set her heart on the company.  Her dad took her every Saturday to Seoul for 4 hour vocal lessons after school.*

*1) students have school on Saturdays in Korea 2) Seoul is about 2 hours away from Jeonju

M: Since this sort of industry is like a see-saw, was there ever a backup to save TaeYeon if this profession didn’t pan out?

TM: She wanted to be a news anchor woman but after she got into S.M. she said singing is it for her.

M: What do you think makes your daughter a great leader?

TM: She’s responsible, humble, and always thinks about others first,  but, because of that she has a lot heartache and stress. 😦




Just like at SNSD's dorm 😀

Check this link for more pictures of the store!


Please look forward to our early holiday podcast, where I’ll give the inside scoop of exactly what happened when I met her mother the first time (pretty funny story), more thoughts on TaeYeon’s parents’ shop, and the interview itself.

Special thank you to my friend Julie who accompanied me and did all the translating between myself and TaeYeon’s lovely mother, check her blog for a word or two on our interesting adventure: http://foodfashionjulie.blogspot.com/

And a 배꼽인사 for you MAMATAENG Kim, for not only visiting our site but for giving us your daughter who is a beautiful person inside and out. ❤