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It’s been so long since this project has been worked on, like gets in the way and things like these get put not he sidelines and before you know it months pass by without you realising it.

So to keep everyone in the loop, I have a side project that focuses on everything that makes the girls wonderful, so far I have already completed Tiffany, Seohyun and Jessica, hit the jump for those links. This one is my fourth, and probably my best one to date. Please take some time to read this and enjoy and please feel free to comment, your comments help this project alot.

This is a project that I’m undergoing whenever I have time, I’ve become very interested at how a group of 9 talented individuals can bond and work together so perfectly as if they were all meant for each other. A little background, I’m a part time actor, singer and a major at writing, so I like to look past the images at face-value and work out exactly why snsd is REALLY the power of 9. A puzzle that has 9 perfect pieces that are all taken from different boards and how such a huge number of potential rivals can become something as close as a family can be.

I’d like to note that this analysis is purely my opinion and I hope all comments aren’t taken to heart, I will not go out and bash without reason, I love snsd and just want to see further past the looking glass and I hope you guys can read and enjoy this journey of mine along with me, as I am also writing this for my own interest in snsd.

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The self proclaimed “timid” leader of So Nyuh Shi Dae, this energetic ball of dorkiness is the captain, example and front runner of the group.

To critique this lovely ladies singing prowess would be pointless, instead lets look at the comparison that makes her stand out from her sisters. Where Jessica and Tiffany both have a unique voice to call their own, Taeyeon does not really have anything special to her voice, however, although Tiffany is this writer’s favourite member, if you asked me who is the best singer? It would still be Taeyeon.

I remember watching my first live performance of this group on youtube, and when I heard Taeyeon sing, it was not “that is a special voice” or “this voice is really different”, the love for her singing is pure and simple. This girl has a strong mastery over the TECHNICAL aspects of singing in both range and stability. Technique like hers isn’t born like a special unique voice, it is trained and nurtured over many years and it is something that even the greatest most unique voice cannot get without putting effort into their trade. There are no gimmicks to her voice, there is nothing there that makes her immediately recognizable when she sings a normal verse with everyone else, but as soon as you make this girl sing the harmonies, the belts and the ad-libs, you truly see the greatness of her skill. She is hands down the most technical singer in that group and the most powerful, and that huge belting prowess without losing her notes is only something that a true mastery of the techniques will allow. I cannot express this enough, she is a remarkably powerful singer, I sit in awe when she is given freedom to sing at her fullest.

As the leader of her group, Taeyeon has had her own fair share of troubles. She feels that she is not suitable to be the leader, as she doesn’t feel like she “leads” her members. One of the greatest kings in the History of China conquered a majority of the states due to being part of his own army. He would be close to the front lines of battle fighting alongside his own troops. Taeyeon is that king…er…..queen, she sets herself up in the group as the leader only in name and continues to barrel through everything simply a member of So Nyuh Shi Dae, not a leader. While she feels that she doesn’t do anything to lead her group, her actions and how she acts within the group are in itself, an example to the rest of the girls. She is not a leader who gives orders, or a leader who takes care of everything, she is a leader who is the same as everyone else on the team and the leader only by name, so that the group itself can function as a whole. The staple of the “leader” is also very important, as the entire group knows her as the leader from the start, change shouldn’t happen just because it can, people are used to her being leader, and appreciate her being there, that title alone is comforting to know.

Taeyeon constantly calls herself a timid person, keeping everything bottled inside and not expressing herself very well. Aside from her own critical analysis, it actually feels like she is one of the most brave in the group.

Allow me to speak the one quote that I value above all else, this quote is the way I run my life and I feel that is explains her personality quite well.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

– Mark Twain

When a person does something that you feel that you will never do in a million years, you always wonder how brave they are. Many people start to think “How can I learn how to do that without being afraid?” the answer?….you don’t. There is no absence of fear when jumping 10 metres into water, there is no absence of fear when jumping off a bridge with just a rope tied to your feet, there is no absence of fear stepping on stage in front of thousands of people when you are about to do a performance. Sure, there can be mitigating factors, like jumping 10 metres into water because you love water, or performing to people to prove to them how skilled you are, but there is always that fear of doubt. I have done all these things, and when I do them again, I will still have those doubts, but having something to say, having something to prove, or even standing up for yourself is crucial to jumping into the deep end where the danger is, if I can sideline things a little bit here for some advice on life, is that you should never give up on your goals purely through doubt, give it a proper shot first, and never be afraid of the option of failure. Fail, it’s a part of life. Fail and learn so that next time you can knock it out of the park.

Taeyeon at times shows her own bravery, she is able to joke about herself on variety TV recordings, even taking jabs at her own shortcomings. She amazed people left and right when she spoke out about the recording schedule and quality when she covered My life would suck without you.

i want to give a round of applause for all the artists out there because they are working so hard and doing so well so I hope that music bank will provide all the artists with the best environment so they can perform their best.”

Lets take this as a retrospective of her personality. We here at Snsdkorean all debated when this particular case came up. Some of us supported her, bashing Mubank’s way of screwing things up for Taeyeon, some of us thought she went too far due to her stripping off her professionalism. Me? I feel that as a performer, it was the wrong thing to do, but she went too far because she was PUSHED too far. When you are trying your best to give a great performance to people only to be skipped off and not given the opportunity for a do-over, when a do-over was done before to fix someone else’s mistake, it makes you feel expendable, and you want to be heard. I think she did the wrong thing, but I understand why she did it and I do not fault her for saying what she thought, because aside from all the bashing, hating, and anti-professionalism  she brought, she spoke her own mind and stuck to her convictions, and that is bravery without a doubt.

Taeyeon is the girl in the corner who doesn’t gossip and complain, she does. When something needs to be done and something needs to be said, she says it, without flinching and without hesitation, the true mark of someone who can lead by example, and I hope she never loses herself amidst all the politics and flair of show business, and that we can still see her pure dorky self when she’s allowed time to relax while upholding her standards of performances for a long time to come.


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