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This is a project that I’m undergoing whenever I have time, I’ve become very interested at how a group of 9 talented individuals can bond and work together so perfectly as if they were all meant for each other. A little background, I’m a part time actor, singer and a major at writing, so I like to look past the images at face-value and work out exactly why snsd is REALLY the power of 9. A puzzle that has 9 perfect pieces that are all taken from different boards and how such a huge number of potential rivals can become something as close as a family can be. Thanks to both 1018 and silentarchangel for proofreading and editing.

I’d like to note that this analysis is purely my opinion and I hope all comments aren’t taken to heart, I will not go out and bash without reason, I love snsd and just want to see further past the looking glass and I hope you guys can read and enjoy this journey of mine along with me, as I am also writing this for my own interest in snsd.

For the first one follow the link to Tiffany – https://snsdkorean.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/a-post-on-tiffany-by-dread/

This is the second, Stepping up to the plate, maknae Seohyun,

The maknae of any group is in itself a title that holds a lot of talk. Usually the members of the groups will get attention purely because of their title as maknae, however, if there was a definition for the best maknae in a group, Seohyun would undoubtedly be one of the best.

The first thing that struck me with Seohyun was this, this girl has a natural vibe of innocence and cute. Now many people contest this by throwing up Sunny as the cutest one, but these two hold two different versions of cute altogether. Where Sunny is the Queen of aegyo, able to throw out and use aegyo to her advantage and every whim, Seohyun has the underlying vibe of aegyo, with every innocent look, phrase, every action as the “inexperienced” maknae it shows a flair of innocence that is undeniably aegyo, it is this very thing that causes every girl to want her as a little sister and every boy to want to protect her. Her love of Keroro has given her the nickname of Seororo, which upon talking, turns her into an ADORABLE fangirl that oozes with teenage love over an anime cartoon show as seen on her MTV throwbacks, and the fun that she had on her MTV throwback dubbing on the anime truly shows a girl that has her own fair share of “cuddly kiddiness” which was hidden inside the now stern and serious maknae.

If maknae had any inclination as the inexperienced of the group, it isn’t true at all with Seohyun. As a member of snsd with competent singing (being of the 5 main singers singing on MBC Music Travel lalala) and dancing (end of year SBS Dayo Daejun and KBS Song Festival specials in 2009) skills, she also shows great musical talent with the Piano, playing from a young age, it is factor to consider when you argue who out of snsd is the most musically inclined. This girl is versatile as a performer, being able to step up in singing and dancing and can hold her own in both departments.

So where does she fit in the puzzle of 9? Well, it’s very simple. Seohyun is truly the embodiment of maknae and the greatest maknae to fit into the puzzle of snsd. If you disregard the age factor, Seohyun can easily be a senior rather than a junior, focused, honest, dedicated, talented, and smart for her age. However, it is all overshadowed and balanced out to truly fit the maknae category by being studious, humble, always learning, and respectful to absolutely everyone and let’s not also forget that vibe that makes everyone protective of her. She constantly tries to keep her own anger in, so as to not tick anyone off and seems to be very introverted in terms of emotion. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but many of the snsd members have expressed worry over her constant bottling up of emotions and can easily tell via some simply actions by Seohyun (Hello Baby and Horror Movie Factory) whether she is holding her emotions in or not. This shows some sort of restraint by the maknae as she feels that it is more responsible to not bother anyone else with her own emotional problems.

Seohyun takes the young responsibility of the group. Where Taeyeon leads by suggestions and advice, Seohyun pushes from behind by standing firm to her beliefs, after the other members’ opinions of course. She constantly tells members what she does and suggesting that they follow suit (i.e., sleeping at appropriate times and giving advice on other things) and continues to follow her own strict rules to maximise her own benefits, while at the same time, always allowing other members to have their two cents of opinions first and foremost in every debate (constantly saying on shows that she leaves many decisions to her unnies). As humble as they come, whenever Seohyun showcases her talents, her maknae intuition kicks in where she constantly asked whether she did well or not (Global Talk Show, MTV Throwback) and constantly underestimating her own talents.

That is not to say that Seohyun never comes out and speaks her own mind as recently on the Strong Heart series, when Taeyeon expressed her worries about being the leader of snsd and was contemplating to remove the title of leader from the group, Seohyun stood strong to her belief that the group needed Taeyeon as a leader. It is this inclination for order and rules that Seohyun sets herself by to be able to stand on a running ship that is well oiled, organised and being used to its fullest potential. Lately Seohyuns musical talent has had chances to shine, playing piano pieces at Snsd’s very own concert and alongside Kim Tae Woo for his rendition of Love Rain in the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun and for someone who is musically inclined, watching her first piano piece on the MTV throwbacks truly shows the music skills that this girl possesses with her hand speed and dexterity on the piano, a true asset to the group. Her solo performance of “I am 16 going on 17” truly captures a moment of innocence as the maknae of the group playing piano and in the very pure white getup dress which essentially shows her innocence and individuality in the group. This is not a girl who needs to throw on the sexy, this is a girl who gets attention whether or not she likes it, whether it be by boys much to her dismay at times or whether it be by recognition of her talents.

Seohyun always being of sound mind and responsibility has had her fair share of “mothering” within the group, as she has stated herself, she once set a task of charging her own unnies for money when they rocked up late to schedules, the collected money was not spent on herself of course, as it was simply set aside to buy groceries for the group, this spirit of organisation shows the seriousness of which she takes for her own profession, even stating that guys can come later, right now she wants to focus on her career. But that’s not the easiest thing when she’s the talk of the party, not just anyone gets the “most wanted to receive flowers from at graduation” and the “will grow up to be a good wife and caring mother” statistic.

From debut to now, the maknae of the group has gone through a magnificent change. It’s not hard to see her image change if you have been keeping track. The cute shy girl look was completely changed to a more outgoing dare I say alluring type Seohyun which many took enthusiastically, viewed as the black sheep by some, people seem to think that Seohyun has been overshadowed despite her talents, which isn’t hard in a group of 9 performers. Some seem to think that outside of snsd related performances, many have an outcry of not seeing Seohyun in any thing else. However, these days, breaking out of her high school graduation, many more companies and actors are taking notice and giving Seohyun a lot of much loved attention.

With people taking advantage of her lack of appearances so far, many are vying to have Seohyun perform and/or appear for their programs such as drama programs that want an appearance from the rising star. Her looks and talent has boosted her to be a very viable icon in Korean Entertainment. Most recently she is to be in a series of “We Got Married” a program that Taeyeon had appeared on before, partnering up as the imaginary wife of CN Blue’s Jung Yung Hwa already having their first “date”. Many were wondering whether this is a big breakthrough for Seohyun’s interest in men, but much avail to many, their first date was conducted in a book store with Seohyun asking questions about life and books. It looks like it’ll take some time to crack the hard shell of professionalism that encompasses Seohyun, but as time goes by, we are very privileged to see this maknae grow into a proper woman, and await the epic day when boys finally get slapped on her interest radar as many men will jump for joy on that special day.

Seohyun, not without her charms, is the maknae that, already with a strong mind, continues to grow along with her unnies.


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