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Here is the continuation to the first part of the interview with MAMATAENG, make sure you do some ab/mouth stretches before you continue reading because your stomach will hurt from laughing and smiling too much.

M: What is your favorite childhood memory or moment of TaeYeon?

TM: I have three children but TaeYeon is the one who acts REALLY cute.  When she was a baby she’d put ANYTHING on her head.

M: Anything?  Like what?

TM: ANYTHING.  Hats, panties, trash can lids…

M: Hahaha.

TM: But that’s how I also learned she doesn’t like help.  She’s VERY independent.  If I told her to hurry up because she’d be late for school, she’d still take her time to try and tie her shoes by herself rather than get help.

M: Whose personality does she take more after?  Yours or your husband?

TM: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MOM.  Style, thinking, talking, everything.  The girls (SNSD) would sometimes ask her: “Why’d you become so much like your mom?”

M: ^^ Were you or your husband a singer in your younger days?

TM: When her dad was in college he was a singer in a band.  And also when he was in the army, his army job was to be a performer. He also played guitar.

M: What kind of music did he sing?

TM: Anything that was popular.

M: Did he help TaeYeon with the guitar for her musical?

TM: Ahhh, no.

M: If TaeYeon could do “We Got Married” again instead of Jung Hyung Dong who would you like her husband to be?

TM: Mmm, Kang Dong Won because TaeYeon likes him?

-2 Korean fangirls: He called her on her last radio show.


2 Korean fangirls/Me: Yes, hahaha. ^^

TM: Oh, I didn’t know that! Hmmm..

-2 Korean fan girls: How was it like for TaeYeon to be married to him (Jung Hyung Dong)?

TM: It was whatever.

-2 Korean fangirls/Me: Hahaha.

M: I know Korean culture does Western weddings sometimes, if you could choose ONE SNSD member to be TaeYeon’s maid of honor who would it be?

TM: All of them, no choosing one.*

*When Koreans do a Western wedding, there usually aren’t bridesmaids/groomsmen.  Either MamaTaeng misunderstood my question or she’s really clever at avoiding the answer

M: Have TaeYeon’s sleeping habits ever scared you/the family?

TM: I was so surprised when I heard it because she tends to say long words.  It’s true what SNSD says on broadcasts about her sleeping habits.  TaeYeon’s been doing it ever since she was a kid.

M: What’s your proudest moment as a mother of SNSD’s leader?

TM: Whenever TaeYeon sings and people accept her.

M: What are 3 things you love most about your daughter?  Any dislikes?

TM: 1) When she’s in front of a lot of people she doesn’t talk much but one-on-one she’s very giving,

2) heart of gold,


Hmmm, things she needs to fix.  Well she’s not expressive, she’s very passive. Oh, what am I saying? I can’t really say because TaeYeon listens well!

M: What’s your opinion of each SNSD member as Tae’s friend?

TM: They’re all like sisters, very supportive and strong.*

*I could tell Tae’s mother was starting to get tired so I hurried (I’m sorry for taking so much time! >_<)

M: Out of all the girls’ songs, which 3 are your favorite?

TM:  1)  “If” -TaeYeon 2) Athena’s new OST “I Love You” – TaeYeon 3) Run Devil Run – SNSD

M: Do you currently have any worries about your daughter?

TM: Always.  When people congratulate her I’m always worried.  TaeYeon tried to go to Lotte Department Store one time all wrapped up thinking no one would recognize her… NOPE!  They did instantly so whenever she comes to Jeonju now she just stays at home hahaha

M: When the girls promoted “Dear Mom” what were your feelings on it?

TM: That song… in the broadcast it showed our picture and I thought of all the training and crying that she did when she was younger and I know that she cried a lot during the recording…

When I heard the lyric ” ‘my mom’s worried voice asked if i’ve eaten,’ ” I thought the lyrics were so truthful and so much like the conversations we have.  I cried during that part.

M: :[  Well if you, TaeYeon and your family could go anywhere for vacation where would you go?

TM: England or Maldives.

M: Maldives?

TM: Yes, the island country that’s sinking? TaeYeon says she wants to see it.

M: Ahh, TaeYeon would. ^^  Who is the craziest fan you’ve met (at Eyebis Glasses Shop)?

TM: It’s rare.  The fans that have manners will come but the crazies don’t come inside.

M: What’s your favorite SNSD dance?  Can you show us?

TM: Dance?! Oh no~ I can’t! But I LOVE the “Oh!” dance.

M:  Are there any upcoming activities that S<3nes should look out for?

TM: Not sure.  Maybe they are getting ready for a new album or vacation after January.

M: How often do they get vacation?

TM: Hmm, ten days, twice a year?  Even after SNSD is done with their group activities they still have individual activities.

M: Oh no! Please tell them their fans want them to get rest <:\ What’s TaeYeon’s biggest dream?

TM: In 20 years, she wants to be the longest living singer who can still sing live well.  She needs to do better though!*

*mother’s concern

M: Those were all my questions, thank you SO MUCH for the interview.

TM: *sarcastically* …Wow that was long. :]



Please look forward to our early holiday podcast, where I’ll give the inside scoop of exactly what happened when I met her mother the first time (pretty funny story), more thoughts on TaeYeon’s parents’ shop, and the interview itself.

Special thank you to my friend Julie who accompanied me and did all the translating between myself and TaeYeon’s lovely mother, check her blog for a word or two on our interesting adventure: http://foodfashionjulie.blogspot.com/

And a 배꼽인사 for you MAMATAENG Kim, for not only visiting our site but for giving us your daughter who is a beautiful person inside and out. ❤