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As you may know, the “2010 World Cup” event is held in South Africa this year and South Korea has recently advanced to Top 16 (their scores — S.Korea vs. Greece 2-0/S. Korea vs. Argentina 4-1/S.Korea vs. Nigeria 2-2) in the 2010 World Cup. With that said, since the beginning of the 2010 World Cup event, many of South Korea’s singers were spotted in South Africa (to represent their country and cheer on South Korea’s team).

Recently, it was said that the girls were actually spotted in South Africa as well. To be specific, on the streets of South Africa. Yerpp! but what were they doing in South Africa?

Well….they were in a giant LG box performing “Oh!” Just kidding! x]

Source: DC & Soompi

It appears that LG has set up a spot to promote the girls on the streets of South Africa. I really dig how the screen (I’m not sure if it’s a screen and the girls’ mv is playing or not, but I believe it’s a screen/projection) is huge. It’s almost impossible for those passing by to miss the girls. I won’t be surprised to hear about the increase in the numbers of s♥nes in South Africa later on. I mean, if I was passing by and I saw this, this will definitely stop me. I’ll be just standing there gawking (not in a creepster way though).