Konnichiwa~ greeentee desu! I am reporting live on the situation in Japan (from Canada), which is experiencing a sudden onset of the Gee virus.

In the past few weeks, tensions due to the announcement of Gee arriving have been building up, and an outbreak has finally occurred. The virus, which originated in South Korea, has traveled across the Sea of Japan and is now infecting millions of unsuspecting citizens overseas. In the most severe cases, the victim ended up pre-ordering the single, which provides a temporary sense of self-satisfaction.

A recent report indicated that over 150,000 copies have been pre-ordered, signifying the severity of infections. It is noted that some individuals required multiple copies of Gee to ‘calm down’. In an exclusive interview with snsdkorean, musical talent Noda Megumi gave us the following response:

…it just hit me, I wasn’t prepared for it at all. The next thing I knew, I was dancing. I think it must be contagious, my husband Chiaki experienced the same symptoms a few days later.

Un/fortunately (?), no cure has been found since the original strain was discovered in early 2009. In fact, Gee was one of the most widely recognized terms by the end of last year in Korea, often cited as being ‘a life changer’. Many have just accepted the virus as a part of their daily routine, with some claiming to have found the meaning of life after being infected.

People who have contracted the Gee fever in Japan have reported the following symptoms:

  • Jumping out of bed when the PV comes on TV… when you’re a grown adult.
  • Purchasing one or more copies and/or versions of the Gee single.
  • Squeeling *Kawaii~~~*
  • A sudden desire to learn how to draw invisible backwards g’s in the air.
  • Uncontrollable Smiling. =)
  • An indescribable boost of energy!!!!!

With the release of the Gee PV, many Japanese victims have expressed the opinion that the Japanese version of the song and video were more lethal to them than the Korean one. As a highly contagious virus that targets both genders, regardless of age, Gee shows no sign of slowing down and is not to be taken lightly.

From snsdkorean, this is greeentee reporting out.

tl; dr – 150k+ Japanese Gee singles pre-ordered, Japanese version liked better in Japan.