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According to OSEN and KissMez@tumblr.com, a list of artists who will be participating in the OST of the upcoming drama, ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, has been released and SNSD’s Taeyeon is among the artists. The list on the new article writes, ‘Taeyeon and Kangta’, ‘Brown Eyed Soul’, ‘Supreme Team’, and the Superstar K’s ‘Jang Jae In’.

Because the article puts Taeyeon and Kangta’s name together, it may be possible that the track will actually be a duet with Kangta.

If Taeyeon’s OST track is really a duet with Kang Ta, this will be the second time the two have come together to sing a duet.

Whether it is a duet or a solo OST track, who else is excited for another OST track sung by Taeyeon? I bet when it’s released, it’ll probably be topping the charts because all of her previous solo and duet songs have topped the charts as soon as they were released.


Taeyeon’s latest duet, ‘Like A Star’, with The One Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s hit OST track, ‘If’, from ‘Hong Gil Dong’

Taeyeon’s hit OST track, ‘Can You Hear Me’, from ‘Beethoven Virus’

Also, for those who do not know, ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, the spy-action blockbuster, is a spin-off of the popular drama, ‘Iris’, and it is said that some of our girls have made cameo appearances in the spin-off so remember to check it out when it starts airing this month!

(Here is the newly released trailer of the spin-off)

Source: OSEN + KissMez@tumblr.com + chichinhu@Twitter + respective YouTube channels

Written by: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com