Update: We’ll be waiting a bit for more applications, and to sort some things out before contacting individuals for further instructions. We’ve received LOTS of very good applications so far! Please bear with us for the meantime. – 10/12/09

It’s almost been three years since SNSDKorean has  opened and every day it’s been growing and improving by the minute, blowing up the stats just like Soshi has been blowing up the charts. Okay maybe we’re not as intense but hey 🙂

We’ve opened up a new page called “Auditions” and you can access it from the tabs at the top of the page, under the banner. It’s a permanent hiring page. Please check it out and read through it carefully. If you still have questions hit us up on this post or the Questions/Comments page. We’re hoping to receive applications soon from all you amajjing readers! Thank you!

And yes, we are hiring right now! 😉
Cookies and/or ice cream if you reside in a European location! (But don’t lie about it if you’re not, location is a very minor consideration.)

PS. So sad no one applied..we had the page up for two days and no ones noticed it D:

Quick tips from Dreadtech!

1. re-read your application before hitting submit…read it already? READ IT AGAIN!!!!

2. always always type in a good manner. spazz is always a sone-ish thing to do but try walking into an interview and spazzing about how much you love the company, I’m sure that goes a long way

3. if you’re special, tell us you’re special, a diverse team is a wonderful team

4. apply because you want to join, not because you have to join, this place is 50% work 50% fun, not 100% get the info early and then let someone else take the work, neither is it a pass into the staffer’s page (but seriously, some awesome whack goes BTS)

5. My sweet potato army will be your end!!!!

have fun! and seriously…re-read your applications 0_0!!!!!!