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[Updated with another video! Jigeumeun SNSD *feet version*!]

On The 25th Golden Disk Awards, held in December 9th 2010, the nine girls of So Nyuh Shi Dae remarkably won triple crowns: Disk Daesang (the Grand Prize), Disk Bonsang, and Ceci Inkisang (Popularity Awards).

In the Golden Disk Awards’ 25 year history, SNSD is the first girl group to win the grand prize Disk Daesang. The other female artists who have won Disk Daesang are soloists Joo Hyunmi (1988) and Lee Sooyoung (2004). SNSD also made another history as they’re the first artist to win both Disk Daesang and Digital Daesang (which they won last year with ‘Gee’).

With such remarkable feats they achieved on The 25th Golden Disk Awards, what’s the girls’ thoughts on winning the Daesang? Here’s IS (Ilgan Sports) interview with our girls after the GDA ceremony.

Reporter: What came to your mind when SNSD was announced as the Daesang winner?

SNSD: We were still in a shock. It feels like a dream. It was very much beyond our expectation as we only wish to enjoy the moments with our fans. Winning such a grand award…we felt thrilled and scared at the same time. We will never forget the moment when ‘Golden Disk Daesang: So Nyuh Shi Dae’ were announced.

They totally didn’t expect to win. Taengoo’s expression when the winner is announced is priceless ;~;

Reporter: The award, expected?

SNSD: Not at all. In fact, due to our anxiety, we seemed to make a lot of mistakes while performing on stage today. Usually before we get on stage, we will put our hands together and shout ‘Right Now, SNSD‘ followed by ‘Hwaiting‘ but today, everything just seems to be very hectic and we didn’t get to do it. So, while we were sitting around the table, instead of using our hands, we put our feet together and did the slogan.

Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae~!

Reporter: You girls must be missing Tiffany very much. At every winning speech, you mentioned Tiffany’s name.

SNSD: On the stage, SNSD will only be complete when there are all 9 of us. Because of her knee injury, the void left by Tiffany is huge. We thought about Tiffany a lot every time we receive the awards. It’s such a pity she has to deal with the legal aspects of her injury with the Pace Law Firm and couldn’t be here with us today.

Reporter: After receiving the ‘Newcomers’ Award’ in 2007, there seems to be some kind of a bond between SNSD and Golden Disk Awards.

SNSD: We are really grateful for the acknowledgments. The fact that the awards were decided based on the actual album and music sales made winning these awards more meaningful. All these will not be possible without our caring fans whom we are so thankful for.

Reporter: How about things that you will always remember during your trainee days?

SNSD: To be artists, we spent 4-6 years as trainees. As we looked back, we realized that our parents were very worried about us then. After becoming a singer, the most glorious moment is when we were able to stand on the stage, the feeling is really great. We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Lee Soo Man who made our dreams come true.

Reporter: Any words for your ahjussi (uncle) fans?

SNSD: We know they cheer for us like their own little sisters or nieces. As to not disappoint them, we will always try to give our best.

Reporter: Today, are you girls going to throw a party to celebrate the win?

SNSD: Really! Today, we never thought that we would receive the daesang. Not only us, but our family – BoA sunbae-nim, Super Junior sunbae-nims and SHINee, received many awards today so there will be a big feast. The party will be prepared by our agency, we have no idea about it. We will have to talk about it.

Reporter: What is your goal for the future?

SNSD: At this moment of glory, we have none but if there must be something that we should wish for, we truly hope that the 9 members of SNSD will always be together to the end.

Congrats girls! I’m a proud fan! Honestly, I didn’t expect them to win because of the fierce competition… but the girls always prove me wrong, in the awesomest way. 🙂


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article by; crazy51@snsdkorean