Bossa747 released some new rumors for us today on his twitter! Just interesting to read and keep y’all updated. And no before anyone freaks out and thinks I’m here to pull a prank again, I’m not. These really are just rumors 🙂

Rumor 1 (that is apparently 98% true now): Taeyeon’s practicing guitar for performing “Goodbye Day” in her musical [PLAYING GUITAR?! +1000000000 points in my book.]

Rumor 2: Jessica’s musical officially ends at 7PM May 5th at Daegu Opera House.

Rumor 3: Jessica or Tiffany may make a cameo appearance as an agent in drama Athena. (all I gotta say is…agent? hot.)

Rumor 4: There will be a minialbum in August-September, after they finish Asia Tour.

Rumor 5: Concert DVD will be released in summer. But Bluray is cancelled.

Rumor 6: There will be another DVD with the girls’ performances and MVs.

and according to bossa : If you ask the rumors’ reliability. I’d say it’s not so high atm. We should wait until it’s finally confirmed.


So keep in mind readers, just rumors. We post ’em just to keep you all in the loop! Praying that the concert dvd is for real though but hopefully sooner than the summer!