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It has come to my attention (again) that ever since the absence of Tiffany, things just ain’t right…Taeng ain’t right! AND YES, this is another TaeFany/TaeNy post. I know there was one last week, but this just has to be shared.

So why do I think Taeng ain’t right ever since Tiffany withdrew from promotions to recover?

1. Taeng has been gloomly lately when her wife isn’t by her side (compared to her usual cheery and dorky self)

(Evidence #1: both backstage Music Bank and on stage)

(Evidence #2: at the airport)

Compare when TaeNy are together at the airport

to when Tiffany is not by Taeng’s side.

2. Taeng can not help but bring up Fany when she talks

(Evidence #1: on a recent Chin Chin radio show)

(Evidence #2: during an interview on Music Station in Japan)

(Evidence #3: on Happy Together)

*note that near the ending, the MC asks Taeng what mistake SHE has made while performing and as a response, she talks about Fany’s mistake at a Korean event.

My only explanation as to why Taeng is so gloomy lately and she keeps bringing up Fany when she talks is BECAUSE HER WIFE IS ALWAYS ON HER MIND AND THE FACT THAT FANY ISN’T BY HER SIDE. It really just shows that TaeFany/TaeNy is OTP*

Let’s hope for Fany to come back soon so TaeFany/TaeNy can be together again!

Video credits: respective video uploaders @ YouTube

Written by: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com

*One True Pairing