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After seeing the fancams from the Korea-China Music Festival, it has come to attention that Jessica, when she is bored, has a habit of picking on little kids.

bored… let’s bug him

thinking on whats next

let’s cover him up hehe..

*pretends to be innocent*

her face is win XD

credits: twenty2se7en@tumblr

Note that this is not the first time it has happened. Last year, Jessica was seen butt-poking an innocent female infant on “Hello Baby”. See for yourself @ 6:43

WHAT A BULLY! jk. Jessica is so dorky haha.

AND speaking of little kids, check out BABY ELYSA dancing to the girls’ “Hoot”!

Source: SNSDlivenew3, ssfsubs4, JessicaFanCam@YT + twenty2se7en@tumblr