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During the recording of KBS 2TV’s ‘Night Star’, many of our girls shared their stories.

Yuri, in particular, talked about an incident that happened to her at a public restroom. There was once when Yuri went to use a public restroom and when she came out, an elementary student spotted her. Seeing Yuri in the public restroom, the student remarked, “SNSD’s Yuri came here to poop.” Embarrassed, Yuri came up to the student and said, “Hey! I did not poop.”

Sunny, on the other hand, talked about 3 people using 1 bathroom. In Japan, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and her shared a room with only one bathroom and it allowed the 3 of them to open up completely to each other.


*In Japan, Sunny, Fany and Taeyeon shared a room with only one bathroom

Sunny: “The three of us just opened up completely* to each other”

Yoon Jongshin: “So one sits on the toilet, another showers and another brushes her teeth?”

Sunny: “I’ll leave that up to your imagination, but we did share that one area openly.”

*”opening up” in this context means breaking down barriers of awkwardness in terms of bodily functions or being embarrassed around each other etc

translated by:oniontaker/jellygateunn@twitter

(*note how Taeyeon seems to be reminiscing about something and starts to laugh shyly on the side. Can this be that she’s thinking about her byuntaeng incidences or perhaps TaeNy incidents? GASP! jk)

The third part, however, was not a story, but rather came about from a voting among the members. On the program, the girls were asked to vote for the member who hates house cleaning the most or does the least cleaning and Jessica had the most unanimous votes. At the time, Hyoyeon was also praised as the member who does most of the cleaning around the dorm, including washing the dishes.

These stories left everyone laughing in the studio. It’s been reported that the episode will air on December 5th at 11.15pm KST and in the episode, the girls will talk about other various interesting stories that happen in their dorm as well as revealing their know-how about using public restrooms.

(The elementary student’s remark was funny, but if I was him or her, instead of teasing Yuri, I would’ve been like 😀 “you’re soo pretty! May I have your autograph?” LOL)

Source/Credit: hankyung.com + stoo.asiae.co.kr + fanwonder + risse009@YT + jellygateunn@Twitter + bestiz

Written by: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com