I kid you not……for roughly 4 weeks.

Dreadtech: Update From Isak’s Twitter

I cannot bring myself to make any efforts for puns or whatnot. Our beautiful girl will have to take it easy and withdraw from all Hoot promotional activities after injuring her left knee.

On November 14 Tiffany fell while performing Hoot. After initially dismissing it, she was admitted into a hospital the next morning and had her left knee put into a cast.

Today, November 17, SM entertainment has released an official statement that Tiffany will no longer be able to continue group activities, and will take 4 weeks off to rehab. SNSD will continue activities with only *sob* eight people.

Our hearts will be desolate without the presence of our beautiful eye-smile girl. Performances just won’t be the same. But all we can do as faithful fans is pray for her speedy and complete recovery. Join us if you have twitter with #GetWellTiffany…


One of Fany’s best friends Isak who is also part of SME has tweeted about Fany:

realISAK Ida Simmons aka Isak

Wow lots of u r worried about Fany and I’ll pass on the wishes~ but don’t worry she’s sore but okay~she just needs rest~#GetWellTiffany


Source: soompi; asiae.co.kr

Written: SilentArchangel@snsdkorean