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* added a MUST-WATCH FMV

I was browsing around and came across this cute little post on the SONEternity fansite 🙂 If you’re a Harry Potter geek fan like me, or if you love TaeNy check it out! Oh the creative minds of a SONE.

Harry Pottaeng and the time she ignored Ginnysica for Hermifany




4. Why Hermione= Tiffany


LOL one of my favorite scenes.

5.Why Harry=Taeyeon, because…..we bitches are biased 8D

The last reason had me LOLing. But hey, this biased-ness works with me, I dig. Hope this made a few of you smile and credits to ai_sukurimu@kasku[s]one for the creativeness!

And for those that do celebrate it, happy thanksgiving! I’m thankful for how much this blog has grown (d’aww chesseball.) Enjoy your day off and watch some old snsd to celebrate (;

Ps. Notice how similar OTP is to OOTP..aka Order of the Phoenix. Okay I’m done.


Don’t forget to watch this!

Video credits: zztavazz@Youtube