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In a blink of an eye,it’s now the fourth week of our girls’ Hoot promotion and they had kick-started it on today’s Music Bank,which broadcast 40 minutes earlier than the usual time at 5:10PM KST.

With Tiffany‘s injury,the other 8 members continued to perform without her. Yuri & Seohyun took over her vocal parts,and they did pretty well!

Waiting Room :

Performance :

They were up against the latest Mnet Superstar K winner,Huh Gak,for today’s K-Chart.
Did they managed to emerge victorious? Go under the cut to find out!

AND YES THEY DID! With 14370 points!
A big congratulations to the girls once again! This is their third K-Chart trophy with Hoot and i’m sure there’s more to come!

Encore :

According to Chichinhu@Twitter,this is also the ladies’ 12th MuBank trophy this year,which is of even to their own record in 2009,would they be able to break it? Stay tuned!

Credit : UnknownCarrot170@Youtube