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With Jessica’s birthday coming up in a few days, it’s time to start to celebrate our lovely Ice Princess’s 23rd birthday with a post dedicated to just her.

Certainly, Jessica is one of the lead singers in Girls’ Generation, but there’s more to her than just her sweet angelic singing. She has distinct charms that many of us notice and love her for whether they are good or bad.

One thing is for sure, we love that she’s one sleepy head even though it might be a problem for the other members.
She’s a sleepy head that she herself acknowledges.

“My specialty is sleeping and my hobby is also sleeping” – Jessica Jung

  • In 2009, on KBS’s variety show, “Happy Together Season 3”, she revealed that because she wouldn’t wake up before, “SNSD members have thrown me before…I still won’t wake up if you do that…once I sleep, 12 hours is average, sometimes I sleep more.” She also revealed that she was almost reported missing. “I had my hair done in a shop, preparing for my schedule. I fell asleep in the bath. Our managers and members looked for me for 2 hours, they nearly reported me as missing.” (Source: Soshified)

We love that she vehemently hates cucumbers and has the ability to smell cucumbers.

Unfortunately, because of this, we had to declare war on cucumbers last year.

We love that she can be a violent person, which I bet her managers can probably testify for.

We love that Jessica is dreadful when it comes to cooking.

(starting at 4:03)

  • She takes an hour to mix tuna and mayo together. When she cooks spam, she pours so much oil that you don’t know if it’s ham or fried ham.

(starting at 7:29)

We love that she walks like an army sergeant.

  • On the variety show, “Intimate Note”, Sooyoung once said, “Jessica has a pretty face and body and she can sing well…However, when you look at her from behind, she looks like a guy. She has the air of an army sergeant when she walks; she walks with her feet turned out.” (Source: Soshified)
(starting at 3:40)
In my opinion, saying that she walks like an army sergeant is just another way of saying that she walks LIKE A BOSS!
We love that she can be pretty gangster at times and it makes us wonder whether it’s because she was born from the WEST SIDE of the US.
We love her screams that are like dolphin ultrasonic waves–screams that just make you want to lower the volume on your speakers sometimes, especially when you’re watching ‘Horror Movie Factory’.
(starting at 3:26)
We love that flats are her pride.
“Tiffany pride, heels. Jessica pride, flats” – Jessica in Factory Girl
(starting at 5:52)
We love that she can rock leopard patterns that very few people can do.
First, notice the leopard pattern on her flats from the picture above.

We love her adorable pouts.
And last but not least, we love that she lives up to her title as ‘princess’.
As every princess has her own throne and has a certain way of posing.
Happy birthday to our ever special Ice Princess! She will be officially 23 in Korea (22 US age) on the 18th.
By: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com
Sources: as tagged + respective uploaders on Youtube + Soshified + Tumblr