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Social Music site Bugs! recently conducted a survey asking which girl group was blessed with the most awards in 2010. And the winner was…*belated drumroll*

So Nyuh Shi Dae!!!

*confetti explodes from canons and fireworks illuminate the sky causing Sunny to jump like the bunny she is*

So Nyuh Shi Dae. I never get tired of hearing announcers say those words \^o^/ And witnessing all the ecstasy combined with tears that follows just makes me love our girls so much more. Honestly, I feel like a proud parent – I can’t even imagine how pleased their own parents are to see their daughters shining so brightly and changing lives one S♥NE at a time. 2,829 individuals took part and in the end 65% of the participants surveyed had chosen SNSD as “most blessed” in terms of awards. Let’s hear it for Soshi!!!

Now, receiving results like these in a survey is one thing, but we know it’s not all talk; there are literally shelves upon shelves full of evidence to back up this title. In 2010 alone, SNSD got their hands (both physically and metaphorically) on more than 50 awards!!! From shutting out the competition in music shows to securing the Disk Daesang to being nominated in a foreign land for Rookie Artist of the Year, these nine talented ladies were winners through and through. And you know it doen’t stop there! To fully impress upon you the magnitude of what Soshi has accomplished during the past twelve months I recommend you scroll down and take in the colossal achievement that was 2010 for So Nyuh Shi Dae 🙂



Best Female Group & Best Female Radio DJ (Taeyeon) – 16th Annual Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony

Content Industry Award (Special Honor) – Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Bonsang Award (Gee), Digital Music Award (Gee) & Daesang Award (Gee) – 19th Seoul Music Awards

4 K-Chart #1s – ‘Oh!’

3 Mutizens – ‘Oh!’

Singer Award – 22nd Korea PD Awards

#1 in Digital Category (Gee) & Best Artist of the Year – GaOn Chart Awards 2009

2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards – Best 10 (Gee)


K-Chart #1 – ‘Oh!’

Netizen Popularity Award (Yoona: Cinderella Man) – 46th Annual Baeksang Awards

Group Musician of the Year (netizen vote) & Daesang (Gee – Song of the Year) – 7th Korean Music Awards


2 K-Chart #1s – ‘Run Devil Run’

2 Mutizens – ‘Run Devil Run’


 #1 Overall for 1st Half of 2010 (Oh!) – Music Bank


2010 1st Half of the Year Most Viewed (Oh! – over 7 million views!) – GomTV


Singer Award – 37th Korean Broadcast Awards


‘Genie’ Certified Gold in Japan – Recording Industry Association of Japan


‘Gee’ Certified Gold in Japan – Recording Industry Association of Japan

New Artist Award – 52nd Japan Record Awards

4 K-Chart #1s – ‘Hoot’

3 Mutizens – ‘Hoot’

Best Advertising Models Award ‘CF Queens’ – Korea’s Federation of Advertising Association


K-Chart #1 – ‘Hoot’

#1 Breakthrough Album of 2010 (Genie) – iTunes Japan

‘Best Single Award’ (Gee) – Music Awards Japan 2010 BIGLOBE

2nd Korean Wave Industry Award – “Pop Culture Category” – Korean Wave Culture Industry Forum

Disk Bonsang Award (Oh!), Ceci Popularity Award & Disk Daesang Award (Oh!) – 25th Golden Disk Awards

Proud Korean Awards of 2010 – “Art Category” (for their contributions to national unity and their positive representation of South Korea to the world) – Journalists’ Association of Korea

Top 10 Artists Award, Hot Trend Award (Hoot), Best Dressed Award & Daesang Award (Artist of the Year) – 2010 Melon Music Awards

#1 Overall for Yearly K-Chart (Oh!) – Music Bank

Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (Oh!) & Music Video of the Year (Oh!) – 2010 Bugs Music Awards

Artist of the Year – Dosirak Music Awards

Artist of the Year – Soribada Music Awards

Singer Of The Year (31.5% of votes from the Korean Public confirmed SNSD’s ‘Korea’s National Group’ status) – Gallup Korea

2010 ‘Singer Award’ (for selling a total of 303,442 since 01/26) – Hanteo

2010 ‘Best Song Of The Year’ (Oh!) – Monkey3 Chart

Star of the Year & Singer of the Year – Sports Korea

2010 ‘Popular Song’ (Oh!) – KBS Music Festival


WHOA! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am positively BEAMING! It’s hard to believe 2011 could be any better, but then again look at how fantastic 2010 turned out to be and that was without ‘Gee’ promotions 😀 And because I know that was a lot of text to take in, here are some super sweet moments of victory I’d like to share with you all, no reading required! (Okay, I lied – there’s a little reading, but it’s more like commentary)


Don’t worry, Tiffany’s there; she’s just bein’ cuddly with her Jessi behind Kid Leader’s fro.

I wonder if any of them have ever accidentally swallowed/inhaled confetti during these awards…? I mean, it literally fills the air. Something to think about.

Clearly, in the craziness of the moment Hyoyeon was dazed and temporarily mistook Sooyoung for Sunny. “Sunny, when did you get so tall? Just how many inserts are you wearing??” O__O Eh, it could happen.

Who could forget this fateful moment when the Golden Disk Daesang was announced? SONES won’t. Ever.

This video gets me everytime! Gotta love the delightfully obvious HyoSun arm linking and Sunny’s aegyo-infused rendition of her lines. Also, Fany’s showing no mercy with those eyesmiles. Seeing all nine of them together on stage makes me a happy SONE 🙂 Glad you’re back, Mushroom! Pizza just wasn’t the same without you.


Sources: Soompi & Soneternity for awards data, YouTube uploaders for videos

Written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean