UPDATE: SNSD just beat their record by reaching #1 on the Oricon with “Gee”! They also hold #10 with “Genie”

SNSD became the first ever Non-Japanese Asian girl group to break into the Oricon top 3! The Japanese version of “Gee” sold 66,000 copies in its first week of release, entering the prestigious weekly singles chart at #2.

It’s the first time in 30 years a female girl group has ever accomplished this feat. In 1980, British girl group “Nolans” released a song called “Dancing Sisters” and entered Oricon at #2.

Last month, SNSD’s Japanese debut single, “Genie” sold 45,000 copies in the first week, rounding up total sales of 97,000. With this, the girls were able to call themselves the first foreign female artist to rank that high (#4) for a debut single.

Just as “Gee” rocketed Soshi into stardom (get it- like rocket into space.. into the stars..)

, the song is showing its addicting prowess once again in the land of the rising sun. With 20,000+ copies sold more than “Genie”, “Gee” is proving that SNSD is making history with every new single.

If 2009 was the year of Girls’ Generation, 2010 is clearly no different- while Japan is going Gee Gee Gee, Korea is going Hoot Hoot! Of course, this is all due to the overwhelming support of Sones from ALL over the world!

Every day is So Nyuh Shi Day! Every year is So Nyuh Shi.. Dae!

cr: Kanki@Soshified.com