The title of this post says it all, Soshi has been chosen as the most preferred CF model by marketing employees!

With faces like these..who wouldn't want these girls on their ads?

From December 1st to the 20th, On Star (a video marketing enterprise), conducted a poll asking 741 marketing employees “Which CF model influences consumers the most?” Our girls took first place with 55.1% of the votes followed by Go Hyunjong and Lee Hyori. Sheesh, how many number 1 spots are the girls going to get?! 😛

It’s no surprise that the girls are first place. Although there are nine members, each of the individual personalities fit so well together, just like a puzzle. Their beauty, charm, and fashion sense attract an amazing amount of attention!

Park Sung Min, a representative from On Star stated:

Through this survey, we were able to figure out which popular model receives positive attention from the public. The people in charge of business ads and marketing are very sensitive on the response and trends of the general public. SNSD, who stood at number one, has both healthy and sexy beauty to consumers. They have the voice, looks, and fashion sense. Because of this, the general public has a full desire of wanting to be like them. This ‘wannabe craze’ naturally increased the sales of the advertised brand. Go Hyunjung and Lee Hyori have both mature and sexy beauty. We believe that SNSD, Go Hyunjung, and Lee Hyori’s positive attention from the public is going to continue. They are going to keep their places as the top preferred CF models

Well he sure got that right when he said consumers want to be like these beauty queens. SNSD advertises for Goobne, suddenly everyone wants chicken. Go Hyunjong advertises Max Beer and Hyori advertises Soju. Response= explosive. Commercial success surely represents the epitome of a star’s popularity.

You know one thing I’ve noticed though? As celebrities grow older, they start advertising for alcohol. Before you know it, Soshi will probably be doing the same 😀

source; ch0sshi @soshified.com, acrofan.com