Soshified-subbed Disk Daesung video at the end of the post.

In an hour time,the long-awaited awards ceremony is finally kicking off! The red carpet is ongoing right now,however it will not be broadcasted.
Be sure to read this post if you’ve missed it.
More live updates to come under the cut.

Update #1 : Rehearsal & Red Carpet photos.

Update #2 : Our ladies won the Digital Bonsang award with Oh!,Taeyeon & Jessica did the winning speech and mentioned about Tiffany.
Taeyeon expressed her gratitude towards Rino Nakasone (Choreographer of Tell Me Your WishHoot)  in her winning speech.

Update #3 : They just performed to Oh! with pompoms & RDR,there were dance breaks before each song begun. Sooyoung and Taengoo took over Tiffany’s parts.

Update #4 : How the awards system work as follows.

There will be 5 winners for the Bonsang, and the Daesang winner will be one of the Bonsang winners
Daesang basically means Big Award, it’s the grand prize. There are two for GDA, the Disk Daesang and Digital Music Daesang.
So far SNSD has won one of the Disk Bonsangs, which means they are in the running for the Disk Daesang.

Update #5 : If SNSD can win the Daesang, they will be the FIRST girl group to win a Disk Daesang ever. 1st female artist since ’04 too!

Update #6 : Our ladies won the CECI Popularity Award along with SHINee. CECI is a fashion magazine. Sunny expressed her gratitude to their stylist team and mentioned about Tiffany once again.

Update #7 : Interview section.

Yuri picked out SooYoung as the most popular member in Japan cause she’s fluent in speaking Japanese. But SooYoung remains modest.

Update #8 : Winning speech video and translation.

Disk Bonsang Acceptance Speech 101209

Tak Jaehoon (MC): The third winner of the Disk Bonsang goes to the greatest girlgroup, SNSD who now have no rivals.
The popularity of SNSD is now crossing borders and is a hot issue in Japan, Asia and globally.
Sincere congratulations to SNSD, who have become the rising stars of Oricon.

Taeyeon: First, thank you to everyone who showed love for the SNSD second album. There were a lot of people who helped us. So many composers, and especially Rino for choreography.
Also, Tiffany will be watching at home and the members, all of the members worked so hard for this. And also the SM family who are always a strength to us, we are very very thankful.

Jess: We thank the staff who look after us so well. And thank you very very much to our fans, SONE. We will be work even harder and be a good promotion for Korea as SNSD.

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Update #9 : Oh! & RDR performance video :

Update #10 : Our ladies had claimed the biggest award of the night aka the Disk Daesung,despite fierce competition from DJ Doc & fellow family members such as BoA,Suju & SHINee.
Thus they are the first artist ever to have both a Disk Daesang & Digital Music Daesang under their belts,and the third female artist in history to win Disk Daesang (Others are Lee Sooyoung and Joo Hyunmi who sang Jjarajajja with Seohyun). Speaking of making history again & again!
They were dropping their tears to the fullest when receiving the award,and it was a very touching moment.
Say you’re proud of them!

Win & Encore :

Subbed video :

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